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By 2005 it was apparent that with the right story and right appeal, a successful film based on Marvel comic book characters could make millions. Major film studios continued to make sequels to their earlier films, particularly 20th Century Fox's X-Men series and Columbia's Spider-Man, while new franchises were introduced, including Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider. Not every film series would succeed; the Daredevil/Elektra and Punisher series would both grind to a halt following unsuccessful films, showing that comic book adaptations did not guarantee success.

The Rise of Marvel Studios

After the success of X-Men and Spider-Man, and with a stronger financial position, in 2004 Marvel began planning to launch its own film studio and self-finance its own films. After the lengthy process of arranging a deal in which they received finance from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in exchange for the rights to ten Marvel characters, they launched Marvel Studios. This was the first major film studio to be created since DreamWorks SKG in 1994.

Marvel Studios planned to make interconnected films based on the characters they retained the rights to. Marvel also began reacquiring the film rights to their other characters. They announced an ambition plan, labelled Phase One, in which they planned to make a series of films alternating between ones starring new characters never before seen on film and ones with established film characters. The series would culminate in a film bringing all the characters together in 2012.

Elektra (2005)

DirectorRob Bowman
StudioRegency Enterprises1
PlotHaving been resurrected from the dead, Elektra takes a break from being the world's best assassin to ogle over her new widowed next-door neighbour and befriend his daughter. When she is hired to kill them both she learns that the girl, known as 'The Treasure', epitomises the battle between good and ill. Can she defend them from the forces of evil sent against them?
Length97 minutes
Setting21st Century
  • Elektra Natchios, resurrected martial arts expert and assassin (Jennifer Garner)
  • Mark Miller, father of Abigail Miller (Goran Visnjic)
  • Abigail 'Abby' Miller aka 'The Treasure', martial arts prodigy (Kirsten Prout)
  • Kirigi, ninja assassin who killed Elektra's mother, and son of the Master of the Hand (Will Yun Lee)
    • Powers: Superhuman speed and ability to control linen and laundry.
  • Roshi, Master of the Hand (bad ninjas) (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa)
  • Stick, blind martial arts master who leads the Chaste (good ninjas) (Terence Stamp)
    • Powers: Can resurrect people and sense his surroundings.
  • McCabe, Elektra's agent (Colin Cunningham)
  • Typhoid, former Treasure, and member of the Hand (Natassia Malthe)
    • Powers: Can cause disease and death in the living things around her.
  • Tattoo, member of the Hand (Chris Ackerman)
    • Powers: His animal tattoos (eagle, snake, wolf) can come to life
  • Stone, member of the Hand (Bob Sapp)
    • Powers: Super-strong, bulletproof, his body is stone-like.
Related Films
  • Daredevil (2003)
Extended VersionDirector's Cut is 3 minutes longer
CameosBen Affleck as Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil in a deleted scene included on the Director's Cut.

Despite Jennifer Garner's best efforts, there is no denying that this film is poor and it flopped. Unfortunately it was released a year after Catwoman (2004), another dreadful film featuring a female superhero. Unfortunately film studios, rather than taking the lesson that poorly made films with particularly terrible storylines flop, instead came to the conclusion that films about superheroines flop, even though television series featuring heroines such as Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) were very successful. It would not be until Wonder Woman in 2017, 12 years later, that another film focusing on a superheroine would be made.

Fantastic Four (2005)

DirectorTim Story
Studio20th Century Fox
PlotReed Richards, along with his friend Ben Grimm, ex-girlfriend Sue Storm and her brother Johnny, travel to a space station owned by school rival and successful businessman Dr Victor von Doom to investigate cosmic energy. Exposure to this energy all-but destroys the space station and causes them to develop superpowers, while Doom's company collapses. Doom, whose body has mutated into living metal, seeks revenge on the world.
Length106 minutes
Setting21st Century America
Fantastic Four:
  1. Dr Reed Richards aka 'Mr Fantastic' (Ioan Gruffudd)
    • Powers: The ability to stretch his body like rubber
  2. Sue Storm aka 'Invisible Woman' (Jessica Alba)
    • Powers: Invisibility and can create force shields
  3. Johnny Storm aka 'Human Torch' (Chris Evans2)
    • Powers: Can become fire and can fly
  4. Ben Grimm aka 'The Thing' (Michael Chiklis)
    • Powers: Strength and invulnerability
  • Doctor Victor von Doom (Julian McMahon)
    • Powers: His body is organic metal and he can control electricity
  • Alicia Masters (Kerry Washington)
Extended VersionThe extended cut is 20 minutes longer
SequelFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
CameosMr Fantastic impersonates Wolverine
Stan Lee CameoWillie Lumpkin, the postman
Post-Credits SceneEpilogue immediately after 'The End'

This was the second Fantastic Four film to be made, but the first to be released; in 1994 a film had been made cheaply purely to enable the studio to retain its rights to the characters. The film made a profit but overall was considered to be disappointingly lacklustre. An extended edition, which was 20 minutes longer, was also released. This included more scenes featuring the Human Torch, who was the least featured of the four in the original film, as well as more scenes showing Ben's relationship with Alicia. The film's main problem is that none of the characters really do a great deal; there's little heroism and apart from an occasional quiet murder, even less villainy.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

DirectorBrett Ratner
Studio20th Century Fox
PlotA private company called Worthington Labs has developed a 'cure' that can rid mutants of their powers, which can also be used in weapons to cure mutants against their will. Meanwhile Jean Grey, who was believed to have died, is found to be alive but her body is controlled by an evil, all-powerful personality named the Phoenix who disintegrates Cyclops and Professor Xavier. Magneto enlists the Phoenix into the Brotherhood of Mutants, and rises up against the cure. Who will triumph in the final battle at the lab?
Length104 minutes
Setting21st Century United States
  • Charles Xavier aka Professor X (Patrick Stewart)
    • Powers: Telepathy
  • Logan aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
    • Powers: Healing, adamantium skeleton including claws, and heightened senses.
  • Ororo Munroe aka Storm (Halle Berry)
    • Powers: Weather manipulation, allowing her to fly
  • Bobby Drake aka Iceman (Shawn Ashmore)
    • Powers: Can create ice, including ice-sculptures, and reduce the temperature.
  • Dr Hank McCoy aka Beast (Kelsey Grammer)
    • Powers: Strength, agility, fangs and blue fur.
  • Marie aka Rogue (Anna Paquin)
    • Powers: Absorbs memories, life force and other mutants' powers through touch.
  • Scott Summers aka Cyclops (James Marsden)
    • Powers: Uncontrollable laser beams when his eyes are exposed
  • Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat (Ellen Page)
    • Powers: Can walk through walls and 'phase through'3 any solid object.
  • Warren Worthington III aka Angel (Ben Foster)
    • Powers: Has wings and can fly.
  • Jimmy aka Leech (Cameron Bright)
    • Powers: Can neutralise other mutants' powers; his body creates mutant 'cure'
Brotherhood of Mutants
  • Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen)
    • Powers: Ability to manipulate metal objects using magnetism
  • Phoenix, formerly Dr Jean Grey (Famke Janssen)
    • Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy and total destruction.
  • Raven Darkholme aka Mystique (Rebecca Romijn)
    • Powers: Can shapeshift to impersonate anyone else. Also incredibly agile
  • John Allerdyce aka Pyro (Aaron Stanford)
    • Powers: Can control fire.
  • Cain Marko aka Juggernaut (Vinnie Jones)
    • Powers: Is unstoppable when he starts running and can smash through anything.
  • Callisto (Dania Ramirez)
    • Powers: Speed, and can sense other mutants and how powerful they are.
  • James Madrox aka Multiple Man (Eric Dane)
Other Characters
  • Warren Worthington II (Michael Murphy)
  • President of the United States (Josef Sommer)
  • Doctor Moira MacTaggert (Olivia Williams)
Related Films
  • X-Men (2000)
  • X-Men 2 (2003)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
  • X-Men: First Class (2011)
  • The Wolverine (2013)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
  • Deadpool (2016)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
  • Logan (2017)
Stan Lee CameoJean Grey's neighbour with hosepipe
Post-Credits SceneYes

As Bryan Singer, who had directed the first two X-Men films, was busy directing Superman Returns (2006), Brett Ratner was hired to direct instead. Halle Berry had not originally intended to return to appear in this film, but agreed provided she had a stronger role and different wardrobe. This was agreed to, with her character being given much of Cyclops' role. A different actress, Ellen Page, played Kitty Pryde. Moira MacTaggert would later have a more substantial role when played by Rose Byrne in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse. The film has been acknowledged as being the weakest of the first three X-Men films.

Ghost Rider (2007)

DirectorMark Steven Johnson
StudioColumbia Pictures
Plot17-year-old motorbike stunt rider Johnny Blaze is conned into giving his soul to the devil. Years later he has become the world's most successful stunt artist but the devil turns him into the Ghost Rider by night, where his skin is turned into flame. Forced to work as the devil's bounty hunter, he is embroiled in a war between the devil and his rebelling son, Blackheart, who believes that if he can find a contract for a thousand souls he will be able to control the Earth.
Length110 minutes
SettingLate 1980s and early 21st Century America,
  • Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider (Nicolas Cage, Matt Long as Young Johnny)
    • Powers: As the Ghost Rider he is immortal, invulnerable and can burn corrupt souls.
  • Roxanne Simpson, news reporter and love interest (Eva Mendes & Raquel Alessi as Young Roxanne)
  • Blackheart aka Legion (Wes Bentley)
    • Powers: Son of the Devil, he has all the Devil's powers. He has no soul, but can absorb the souls of others
  • Carter Slade aka The Caretaker (Sam Elliott)
    • Powers: Immortal former Ghost Rider who refused to give the devil a contract for a thousand souls
  • Mack, Johnny's best friend and member of his stunt team (Donal Logue)
  • The Devil aka Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda)
    • Powers: Can restore health, grant desires and take souls of those who haven't read or signed contracts.
  • Barton Blaze, Johnny's dying father (Brett Cullen)
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)
Extended VersionYes, 12 minutes longer
  • Rebel Wilson plays Girl in Alley

Another weak film, with the effects, especially of the Ghost Rider's flaming skull, alternating between the horrific and laughable. The plot, in which a contract for the souls of a bunch of random dead villagers would mean that the whole world will be turned into Hell, doesn't make a great deal of sense.

Columbia Pictures acquired the rights to Ghost Rider from Dimension Film. Donal Logue had previously played Quin in Blade (1998) and Sam Elliott had been General Ross in Hulk (2003). The film attracted predominantly negative reviews but was financially successful.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

DirectorSam Raimi
StudioColumbia Pictures
PlotAn alien symbiotic life form crashes in New York around the time that escaped criminal Flint Marko, who killed Peter Parker's uncle, falls into an experimental particle accelerator that turns him into sentient sand. When Harry Osborn, blaming Parker for his father's death, tries to kill Parker he hits his head and loses his memory. Parker, full of pride, wants to marry Mary-Jane but is too preoccupied with being Spider-Man to listen to her after she is fired from working on Broadway. She is also hurt when she sees Parker kissing Gwen Stacy, his attractive lab partner. When Parker learns that Marko is at large, the symbiotic alien bonds with him, creating a black Spider-suit that gives him added strength and aggression, gradually corrupting him. Meanwhile Spider-Man antagonises Parker's rival photographer Eddie Brock by exposing forged photographs and Osborn's memory returns, resulting in him seeking revenge again. After Parker removes the symbiont, it bonds with Brock to form Venom, a creature with similar powers to Spider-Man. Can Spider-Man survive fighting Venom and Sandman alone?
Length134 minutes
Setting21st Century New York
  • Peter Parker aka Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)
    • Powers: After a bite from mutated spider, Parker can climb walls, has enhanced senses and speed and shoots webs for swinging, grabbing and detaining purposes etc
  • Mary-Jane Watson, Parker's love interest (Kirsten Dunst)
  • Harry Osborn aka New Goblin, Parker's best friend who blames Spider-Man for his dad's death (James Franco)
    • Powers: Has enhanced strength and a flying glider just like his father.
  • Flinto Marko aka Sandman, criminal who killed Parker's uncle (Thomas Haden Church)
    • Powers: His body has been turned into sand; he can control any sand nearby.
  • Eddie Brock aka Venom, Peter Parker's photographer rival (Topher Grace)
    • Powers: When bonded with an alien symbiont he has similar powers to Spider-Man and huge fangs.
  • Aunt May Parker, Peter Parker's aunt (Rosemary Harris)
  • J Jonah Jameson, publisher of Daily Bugle, Parker's boss (JK Simmons)
  • Gwen Stacy, Parker's lab partner (Bryce Dallas Howard)
  • Captain George Stacy, Gwen's father and New York Police Captain (James Cromwell)
Related Films
  • Spider-Man (2002)
  • Spider-Man 2 (2004)
  • Hallucination of Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe
  • MaĆ®tre d' (Bruce Campbell)
Stan Lee CameoA man who tells Peter Parker one man can make a difference.

The third Spider-Man film has often been considered to have too many villains who individually have little impact. This was largely as a result of the studio insisting the character of Venom be shoe-horned in as they wished to set up a potential Venom spin-off. Although the symbiont appears at the start, it isn't until an hour later that it has any impact on the plot, and the other characters have even less chance to express themselves. There are some humorous moments with the aggressive, confident Parker who is affected by the symbiont, and Brock's role as Venom neatly compares with Parker's powers as Spider-Man. That said Sandman suffers from a lack of motivation, one minute fighting Spider-Man and the next saying how actually, he doesn't really want to after all.

The trilogy's loose ends are quite neatly tied up overall. Despite being a financial success and another sequel being expected, disagreements between Sony Pictures (who own Columbia Pictures) and director Sam Raimi meant that the expected Spider-Man 4 was never made, and nor was the projected Venom spin-off. Instead by 2012 Sony decided to create a whole new Spider-Man series from scratch, with a new cast and new director, the appropriately-named Marc Webb.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

DirectorTim Story
Studio20th Century Fox
PlotWhenever Reed Richards and Sue Storm try to get married, they have to postpone the wedding to save the world. Despite being determined to actually have a wedding, their attempts are disrupted by the arrival of the Silver Surfer, a being who serves a planet-destroying cloud called Galactus. Meanwhile Victor von Doom is not dead after all, and is working with the military.
Length88 minutes
Setting21st Century Earth, especially New York, London and Shanghai
Fantastic Four:
  1. Dr Reed Richards aka 'Mr Fantastic' (Ioan Gruffudd)
    • Powers: The ability to stretch his body like rubber
  2. Sue Storm aka 'Invisible Woman' (Jessica Alba)
    • Powers: Invisibility and can create force shields
  3. Johnny Storm aka 'Human Torch' (Chris Evans)
    • Powers: Can control fire, can fly, and can swap powers with the others by touch
  4. Ben Grimm aka 'The Thing' (Michael Chiklis)
    • Powers: Strength and invulnerability
  • Norrin Radd aka Silver Surfer (Body: Doug Jones, Voice: Laurence Fishburne)
    • Powers: When standing on his surfboard he can fly, create giant craters and disrupt others' powers.
  • Doctor Victor von Doom (Julian McMahon)
    • Powers: His body is organic metal and he can control electricity
  • Alicia Masters (Kerry Washington)
  • General Hager (Andrew Braugher)
  • Captain Frankie Raye (Beau Garrett)
Sequel ToFantastic Four (2005)
Stan Lee CameoAs himself being refused admission to Sue and Reed's wedding
Post-Credits SceneEpilogue immediately after 'The End'

Although more actually happens in this film than the first one, it had disappointing box office takings, possibly because it was competing against Spider-Man 3. Although there had been plans for a third film in the series as well as a Silver Surfer spin-off, these were quickly dropped. 20th Century Fox tried to restart a new series in 2015 with Fantastic Four, but this also flopped.

Iron Man (2008)

DirectorJon Favreau
StudioMarvel Studios
PlotBillionaire inventor playboy Tony Stark, whose company Stark Industries makes weapons, is wounded and kidnapped in Afghanistan by terrorists. A fellow prisoner implants an electromagnet in his chest in order to stop shrapnel from entering his heart and later helps him build a powered suit of armour which allows him to escape. He learns that his company's weapons have been sold to aid terrorists and builds a more powerful version of his armoured suit to fight terror, becoming a hero known as Iron Man.
Length126 minutes
Setting Marvel Cinematic Universe: Early 21st Century, especially Afghanistan and America
  • Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr)
    • Powers: Invented an iron suit that can fly
  • Lt Colonel James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (Terrence Howard)
  • Obadiah Stane aka Iron Monger, second-in-command of Stark Industries and father figure who develops his own larger, flying iron suit (Jeff Bridges)
  • Peppa Potts, Stark's Personal Assistant (Gwyneth Paltrow)
  • JARVIS, Stark's AI computer system (Paul Bettany)
  • Yinsen, captive doctor who saves Stark's life (Shaun Toub)
  • Phil Coulson, SHIELD agent (Clark Gregg)
  • Christine Everhart, reporter (Leslie Bibb)
  • Happy Hogan, Stark's bodyguard (Jon Favreau
  • Raza, a terrorist who captures Tony Stark and orders him to build a missile (Faran Tahir)
Related FilmsAll Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially:
  • Iron Man 2 (2010)
  • Avengers Assemble (2012)
  • Iron Man 3 (2013)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  • Captain America: Civil War (2016)
CameosNick Fury (Samuel L Jackson)
Stan Lee CameoHimself, mistaken for Hugh Hefner
Post-Credits SceneYes

This was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, in which Marvel self-financed films based on their own characters. They chose Iron Man as a character as it was the most successful character they then owned the rights to that had not had a previous film adaptation. Curiously, much of the filming took place in soundstages once owned by Howard Hughes. An eccentric millionaire playboy with interests in flying, women and film, Hughes was a major inspiration for the character of Tony Stark.

Terrence Howard would be replaced by Don Cheadle in all subsequent films in the series due to a pay dispute; Howard had been the highest-paid member of the cast. The character of Phil Coulson would later get his own television spin-off series, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (2013+).

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

DirectorLouis Leterrier
StudioMarvel Studios
PlotAfter an experiment resulted in him turning into a green monster whenever he is angered, Bruce Banner seeks a cure for his condition while being chased by General Ross and Royal Marine Blonsky who wish to capture him as part of a super soldier programme. Blonsky volunteers to take a serum similar to Banner's to gain enhanced strength. Complicating matters, Ross is the father of Betty, Banner's girlfriend. After biologist Samuel Sterns believes he has found a cure based on Banner's blood, Blonsky becomes increasingly unstable and uses the blood to transform into an even more powerful monster than Hulk.
Length112 minutes
SettingMarvel Cinematic Universe: 21st Century America and Brazil
  • Bruce Banner aka Hulk (Edward Norton4)
    • Powers: Turns into a superhuman green monster when angry.
  • Emil Blonsky aka Abomination (Tim Roth)
    • Powers: Even stronger than the Hulk.
  • Betty Ross, Bruce's girlfriend (Liv Tyler)
  • General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, Betty's father who is out to capture the Hulk (William Hurt)
  • Samuel 'Mr Blue' Sterns, biologist investigating Banner's condition
Related FilmsAll Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr)
  • Stanley (Paul Soles, Banner's voice in The Marvel Superheroes cartoon)
Stan Lee CameoMan poisoned by Bruce Banner's blood in a soft drink
Post-Credits SceneNo5

This film gave the world the word 'requel'6, only for the world to politely ask for the receipt so it could be given back and exchanged for something else. This is generally considered to be the weakest of Marvel's films, and was certainly the least successful at the box office. There was a disagreement over the film's length - although the director had hoped to have a cut that was 20-30 minutes longer, Marvel insisted the film stay under 2 hours. A lot of footage of Banner undergoing the experiment that created Hulk was therefore trimmed into an opening montage. Although the film set up a sequel, Edward Norton would not return to play Hulk - he was replaced by Mark Ruffalo for the Avengers films. In fact to date (2018) the only direct link with other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, other than Stark's cameo and references to the experiments that created Captain America, is Thaddeus Ross' appearance in Captain America: Civil War (2016).

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

DirectorLexi Alexander
StudioLionsgate Entertainment & Marvel Knights
PlotBlood! Guts! Gore! Violence! There is a story somewhere in which The Punisher accidentally kills Donatelli, an undercover FBI agent who was investigating a potential terrorist attack on New York, while trying to eliminate a criminal gang. The gang is led by Billy Russotti who is thrown into a glass-crushing machine. This leaves Russotti's face cut to pieces, leading him to change his name to Jigsaw. Jigsaw seeks revenge on Donatelli's widow and daughter, using them as bait in a trap against the Punisher.
Length103 minutes
SettingEarly 21st Century, New York
  • Frank Castle aka The Punisher, vengeance-seeking vigilante (Ray Stevenson)
  • Billy 'The Beaut' Russotti aka Jigsaw, mob leader (Dominic West)
  • Angela Donatelli, widow of undercover agent (Julie Benz)
  • Paul Budiansky, FBI agent tracking The Punisher (Colin Salmon)
  • James 'Loony Bin Jim' Russotti, Jigsaw's unstable cannibal brother (Doug Hutchinson)
  • Detective Martin Soap, cop tracking The Punisher (Dash Mihok)
  • Linus 'Microchip' Lieberman, The Punisher's friend (Wayne Knight)
  • Grace Donatelli, Angela's daughter (Stephanie Janusauskas)
Related Films
  • The Punisher (2004)

When The Punisher (2004) was in production, Artisan Entertainment was bought out by Lionsgate Entertainment who were keen to release a sequel. However Thomas Jane, disappointed by the Punisher: War Zone script, pulled out. The lead actor was recast, and the new film was considered a reboot rather than a sequel, so although Castle didn't have a murdered daughter in the first film, he does in this one. The film bombed at the box office, earning less than either Elektra (2005) or Howard the Duck (1986), although it had a much lower budget than either. No sequel was made and the rights were allowed to return to Marvel in 2015, when The Punisher became a recurring character in the Daredevil (2015+) television series.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

DirectorGavin Hood
Studio20th Century Fox
PlotIn Victorian Canada, after seeing his biological father, Thomas Logan, kill the man who raised him as a child, young James transforms into a mutant and kills his father. He flees with his half-brother, the savage Victor Creed. Throughout the centuries the brothers enlist to fight in various wars, taking advantage of their invulnerability. During the Vietnam War they are recruited into Team X, a group of mutants led by Major Stryker. Logan resigns after Stryker orders the execution of civilians and leads a quiet life with his girlfriend in Canada. Yet after she is killed by his brother, he allows Stryker to experiment on him to help seek his revenge.
Length107 minutes
SettingCanada, 1845, Vietnam, 21st Century America
Mutant Characters
  • James 'Logan' Howlett aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
    • Powers: Invulnerability and healing. He later gains an adamantium metal skeleton and claws.
  • Victor Creed aka Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber)
    • Powers: Healing, fangs and claws.
  • John Wraith (
    • Powers: Teleportation
  • Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins)
    • Powers: Can manipulate and persuade anyone she touches
  • Chris Bradley (Dominic Monaghan)
    • Powers: Can control electricity and manipulate electrical objects
  • Fred Dukes aka The Blob (Kevin Durand)
    • Powers: Invulnerable layer of fat
  • Remy LeBeau aka Gambit (Taylor Kitsch)
    • Powers: Agility and can make objects he touches explosive
  • Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)
    • Powers: An athletic swordsman
  • Agent Zero (Daniel Henney)
    • Powers: Speed and agility
  • Weapon XI (Scott Adkins)
    • Powers: Healing, athleticism, agility, speed, teleportation, adamantium blades
  • Scott Summers aka Cyclops (Tim Pocock)
    • Powers: Uncontrollable laser beams when his eyes are exposed
Other Characters
  • Major William Stryker (Danny Huston)
Related Films
  • X-Men (2000)
  • X-Men 2 (2003)
  • X-Men III: The Last Stand (2006)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
  • X-Men: First Class (2011)
  • The Wolverine (2013)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
  • Deadpool (2016)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
  • Logan (2017)
  • Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X (Patrick Stewart)
Post-Credits SceneYes

This is generally considered to be the weakest X-Men film to date (2018) and plans for a series of X-Men Origins films, each focusing on an individual character, were quickly abandoned. Sabretooth had previously appeared in X-Men as a savage, mute mutant; here he has a far greater role as Logan's brother, something not mentioned in the earlier film. Brian Cox had played William Stryker in X-Men 2.

The Future

In 2009 the Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment for $4.24 billion, a sign of confidence that the comic book publishing company that had become a major film studio was able to successfully compete with the established players.

1Distributed by 20th Century Fox.2Not the British radio DJ and television presenter.3In the same way that some frequencies of electromagnetic radiation can pass through objects.4Hulk Voice: Lou Ferrigno.5A scene in which Ross meets Tony Stark appears immediately before the credits.6Meaning that this was both a reboot of, and sequel to, the 2003 film Hulk.

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