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The shield of the History, Philosophy and Spirituality faculty of the h2g2 University.
Project: Byzantium
Byzantium: Overview
| Byzantium: Constantine and the Founding of Constantinople
| Byzantium: Justinian and the Nika Riots
| Byzantium: Heraclius and the Persians
| Byzantium: Irene and Iconoclasm
| Byzantium: Constantine Porphyrogenitus
| Byzantium: Basil the Bulgar-Slayer
| Byzantium: Empress Zoe
| Byzantium: The Sack of Constantinople
| Byzantium: Constantine XI and the Fall of Constantinople | Byzantium: The Walls of ConstantinopleThe Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Byzantium: Hagia Sophia

smiley - galaxy

The shield of the History, Philosophy and Spirituality faculty of the h2g2 University.
The Graeco-Persian Wars
The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Combatants | The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Ionian Revolt | The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Battle of Marathon | The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Battle of Thermopylae | The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Battle of Salamis | The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Battle of Plataea | The Graeco-Persian Wars: The Battle of Mycale

The shield of the Arts and Entertainment faculty of the h2g2 University.

'At Parting' by Wang-Wei - the sixth poem used by Gustav Mahler in Das Lied von der Erde - in Chinese characters.

Gustav Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde

Mahler's Symphonic Premières - 1st Symphony

Mahler's Symphonic Premières - 5th Symphony

The Adagietto from Mahler's Fifth Symphony

Gustav Mahler: The Seventh Symphony

Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 8th Symphony: Part 1

Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 8th Symphony: Part 2

Gustav Mahler: The Ninth Symphony

Gustav Mahler: The Tenth Symphony

Gustav Mahler's Only Visit to England - 1892

Gustav Mahler.

The shield of the History, Philosophy and Spirituality faculty of the h2g2 University.
An Introduction to Pharaonic Egypt |
History of Egypt Part 1 - The Rise of Egypt |
History of Egypt Part 2 - Rebuilding |
History of Egypt Part 3 - From the Depths to the Heights |
History of Egypt Part 4 - The Amarna Period |
History of Egypt Part 5 - The Long, Slow Decline |
Egyptian Mummies |
Egyptian Pyramids |
Egyptian Legends and Theology

A statue of Anubis outside the O2 Dome in Greenwich, London.
Egyptian Gods

Mary Shelley - Author

Mary Shelley - The Formative Years |
Mary Shelley - The Decadent Days |
Mary Shelley - The Marriage |
Mary Shelley - The Widow |
Frankenstein - The Legacy

Richard Wagner - Composer

Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle - Introduction

Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle - Das Rheingold

Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle - Die Walküre

Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle - Siegfried

Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle - Götterdämmerung

Matthew Kelly as Giovanni Belzoni seen here at Abu Simbel in 'Egypt: The Temple Of The Sands.'

Belzoni Part 1 | Belzoni Part 2 | Belzoni Part 3

Friedrich Wohler
| Baron Justus von Liebig
| Leopold Gmelin
| Friedrich August Kekule
| Johann Von Baeyer
| Robert Bunsen
| Richard Erlenmeyer
| August Wilhelm von Hofmann
The 1999 India-Pakistan Conflict
Part One
| Part Two
| Part Three
| Part Four
| Part Five
Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Child and Adolescent Mental Health |
Obstetric Mental Health |
Personality Disorders
Sleep Disorders |
Alcohol and Substance Misuse |
Somatoform Disorders
Reactions to Stress and Bereavement |
Psychotic Disorders |
Eating Disorders |
Mood Disorders

The shield of the Arts and Entertainment faculty of the h2g2 University.The American Beatles Albums |
The 1963 Albums |
The 1964 Albums |
The 1965 Albums |
The 1966 Albums
1967 And Beyond |
The Canadian Albums |
Alphabetical Beatles Songs A-M |
Alphabetical Beatles Songs N-Z

Beatles Biopics |
'Birth Of The Beatles' |
'John & Yoko - A Love Story' |
'The Hours And Times' |
'Backbeat' |
'Two Of Us' |
'Nowhere Boy' |
Lennon Naked'

The shield of the Arts and Entertainment faculty of the h2g2 University.Sihouette of a superhero flying across a city skyline.The Christopher Reeve Era Superman Films | 'Superman' - The Film | 'Superman II' - The Film | 'Superman III' - The Film | 'Supergirl' - The Film | 'Superman IV: The Quest For Peace' - The Film

The shield of the History, Philosophy and Spirituality faculty of the h2g2 University.
First Crusade - Jerusalem |
First Crusade - Straying from the Path | First Crusade - Antioch |
First Crusade - Into Muslim Territory |
First Crusade - Setting Out

Kathleen Ferrier, Contralto

Freddie Mercury - Singer/Songwriter and Musician

The South West Coast Path: Exmouth to Sidmouth


The River Avon, Warwickshire, UK

Crêpes Suzette

Hats in Doctor Who

The Great Peal of Bells in Frankfurt am Main

Borage (Starflower)

Early American Trade

Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate

'Bohemian Rhapsody' - The Song

Greyfriars Bobby - a Loyal and Devoted Dog

Jack Nicklaus - Golfer

Aloe Dichotoma - the Quiver Tree

Living With Long Hair

Sir Paul McCartney - Singer/Songwriter1

George Best - The Man, The Legend

Beer, Devon, UK

Watching England in the Football World Cup

17th Century Military Flags

Dawn French - Comedienne and Actress

Hammersmith Bridge, London, UK: A Diva of a Bridge

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - the Band

How to Play Open Mic Nights

A Guide to Basic Chords

Toilet Roll - The Pocket-sized History

'Definitely Maybe' - the Album by Oasis

Bill Bailey - Comedian and Part Troll


Antony Gormley's 'Another Place'

Brainiac: Science Abuse

The Shire Horse

Ant and Dec

The Lily Leaf Beetle

Perfume - Not to be Sniffed at

Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia

Mellified Man

Who Shelled the Nut?

Missouri Compromise

Bread & Butter Pudding


Gibson Guitars: An Overview of the Instruments

What Made Milwaukee Famous?

Smash Hits - the Magazine

Compromise of 1850

'Magical Mystery Tour' - the Album

'Abbey Road' - the Album

'With the Beatles' - the Album

The Hayling Island Billy Railway

Khalil Gibran - The Author of 'The Prophet'

Rooibos (Redbush) Tea

Fanny Brice - Comedienne (1891 - 1951)

François Rabelais - His Bawdy Parts and Naughty Bits

House of the Rising Sun - the History and the Song

The River Don Engine

Bruce Springsteen - Musician: 1985-onwards

Wickford, Essex, UK

Clapham Junction Railway Station, London, UK

Eyewitness Testimony and Cryptozoology (with a lot of help from U2192551)

Peanut Butter River - A Group Game

Resident Evil - Video Game Series


Rimonabant - Anti-obesity Drug


Crêpes Suzette

Fahrenheit - the Video Game

Gin and Bitter Lemon - Tall, Tasty and Refreshing

HomestarRunner.com: the Website

A Guide to the MP3 File Conversion Process

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Pirate Game - A Logic Puzzle

Rosemary's Baby - the Movie

The Gresford Colliery Disaster

The South West Coast Path - Minehead to Porlock

Heaven - The Christian's Blessed Hope

Conditional Statements and Loops in Programming

Crossrail, London, UK

Rope around the Earth

Patrick Lyon, Blacksmith

How To Perform An Exorcism

The Model T Ford - The People's Car

How to Avoid People You Don't Like

The Red-bellied Black Snake

The Long Tail

Perl - the Programming Language

Forgotten Conductors - Ataulfo Argenta

Uno - a Popular Card Game

The Eastern Tiger Snake

Biological Cells: The Bluffer's Guide

Alan Wilson – Blind Owl and Bluesman

The Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia

Victoria Bitter


Microsoft Bob

Pre-Inca Andean Cultures


Sittard, The Netherlands





Steve Clark (1960-1991) - Def Leppard Guitarist

The Great North Run

The Full Moon Names

Mozart - The Catalogue Aria

Royal Parks of London: Richmond Park

Constellations: Antlia

The Ark of the Covenant

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) - Singer/Songwriter

Constellations: Aquarius

Five Christmas Movies

Kilts: How to Wear Them

Winter Birds of The Niagara Gorge


The Woking Martian


How to Fit a Replacement Tap Washer

High Noon

The Death Star

Filing for a Patent

Constellations - Overview

Langston Hughes

Johann Ludwig Burckhart, 'Sheikh Ibrahim'

Soul Coughing - the Band

The First Amendment to the US Constitution

The Nabateans

Albert Ball - World War I Flying Ace

Mehran Karimi Nasseri - In Transit

The Martyrdom Of St Margaret Clitherow

Milk Jiggers

Reims, Marne (France)

Distortion - The Physics of Heavy Metal (with corrections by h5ringer)

David Livingstone - The Missionary, The Explorer

Musical Counterpoint

Constellations: Scutum

The Cooper Formula One Team

The Age of the Plastic Stirrer

Some Ideas for the Short-Term Unemployed

The Hawthorn

The Secret Policeman's Ball

Volk's Electric Railway and Daddy Long-Legs

Climbing Greasy Poles

Fronts, Depressions and Anticyclones

Tips for Backpackers

Christina Ricci - Actress

Marlon Brando - Actor

The Great English Summer

Candiru (the Vampire Fish)

Art School in the UK

Maria von Trapp - From Fact to Fiction

The Pocket Book of Patriotism

Fred Astaire - Dancer and Actor

Constellations: Aries

The Proms That Nearly Weren't

Bat and Trap

Wolfenstein 3D

Roman Military Ranks

How to Take an Inpatient History (UK)

Nottingham Castle - Museum & Art Gallery

Finding Your Way Back To Civilisation

The American Presidency

Benjamin Banneker - Scientist and Astronomer

Floella Benjamin - Activist, Actress and Producer

The Belgian or Flemish Heavy Horse

What Happens When You Drop a Slinky

BRM - The Formula One Team

The Birth of the Book: From Roll to Codex

Korky Paul – Children's Illustrator

Constellations: Lupus

Candide and Other Stories - Voltaire's Oeuvre and Magnum Opus

The Shag

Exploring A Strange City

Malaysian Teapot Worship - The Ayah Pin Cult

Constellations: Auriga

Constellations: Circinus

Constellations: Mensa

Constellations: Dorado

Constellations: Telescopium

Constellations: Tucana

Constellations: Indus

Constellations: Pyxis

Colin Jackson - British Athlete and Broadcaster

Constellations: Octans

Constellations: Volans

Constellations: Puppis

Constellations: Vela

Barnard's Star (with corrections by Gnomon)

Diseases of the Tonsils


Friday the 13th - Unlucky for Some?

Constellations: Triangulum Australe

Isaac Asimov

Constellations: Equuleus

Man of the Dunes: Frank Patrick Herbert Jr

Cocking a Snook

Pumpkin-Potato-Polenta Dumplings

Constellations: Microscopium

Tom Paxton: Singer and Songwriter

The Friesian Heavy Horse

The Importance of British First World War Memorials

New York State Fair

Visiting Tughlakabad Fort in Delhi, India

The Lemming

Constellations: Caelum

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Part Two)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Part Three)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Part Four)

Tasmania, Australia

Uxmal - The Mayan City

Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Class and Citizenship in the Roman Republic

The Escape of Charles II after Worcester

'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain' - the Song

Coastal Redwoods

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Heroes in a Half-shell

The Shellsuit

The English Smoking Ban of 2007

Shell Shock

Florence Foster Jenkins - Vocalist Extraordinaire

Eddie the Eagle

'Maggie Thatcher your boys took one hell of a Beating'

Anton Seidl - Conductor

Talking with Cats

The Chimps' Tea Party

A Time-capsule in the Vaults of the Paris Opera

The Agen Prunes of Lot-et-Garonne

The Princes in the Tower

Down's Syndrome

Giovanni Vigliotto – Polygamist and Con Man

The End of the SS Canberra

The Tree Cathedral, Whipsnade

Sarah Baartman - 'the Hottentot Venus'

Memorable Football Press Conferences

Serving on a Jury in England and Wales

Joseph Merrick - 'The Elephant Man'

Bollywood Cinema 1950-59

Bollywood Cinema 1960-69

The German Shepherd Dog

The Nautilus - a Creature of the Deep

Topsham and the River Exe

The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin - The Evidence

'1' - The Beatles Compilation Album

Goethe and Faust: Part 2

Cuttlefish: Sepia Officinalis

The Respiratory System of Dinosaurs

Bird's Angel Delight

Frozen Treat Cake - A Cool Activity for Hot Dogs

Reducing Food Waste

The 1914 Ludlow Colorado Massacre

Gainsthorpe – a Deserted Medieval Village

Pharaoh Ramses III and the First Labour Strike

Ombra Della Sera - Etruscan Statue

William Shakespeare: Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Henry Dunant and the Founding of the Red Cross

La Merce Festival, Barcelona, Spain


Priory Country Park, Bedford

Globular and Open Clusters

A 19th-Century View of Fever

What Is Art? Constantin Brancusi's Bird or Kitchen Utensil

Carrots - from Seed to Table and Beyond

Peter Sellers - Actor and Goon

North Carolina, USA: The Tarheel and Soul

Zen and the Art of Making Baguettes

Joe Magarac: Folklore Hero or Fakelore Satire?

Benedict Arnold - Part I - The road to Saratoga

Benedict Arnold - Part II- Patriot, War Hero and Traitor

Band of Skulls

Remembering RMS Titanic - Commemorating the Centenary of her Sinking

RMS Titanic - Myths and Mysteries, Facts and Fiction

The Aral Sea

Portal 2 - the Computer Game

Town Line, New York, USA - Last Bastion of the Confederacy

Lighthouses of the Isle of Wight

Armchair Birdwatching

Education and the US Civil War: Confederate Readers and Dixie Spellers

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Novels

Potato and Beetroot Salad

Mooning and Paying Tribute - Cologne's Monument to NASA

Controversial Postboxes of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Masters of the Monarchs' Musick – Part I: 1626 to 1834

High Jump

Sophie Dawes - Queen of Chantilly

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson - The Early Years

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson - The Years of Fame and Glory

Bat People, Sea Serpents, and Hogzilla - Is Seeing Believing?

How to Curry Vegetables

Masters of the Monarchs' Musick – Part 2: 1834 to 1934

Crown Court Trials In England and Wales

Aliens and Cannibals - First Contact in Ecuador, 1956

Advent and Christmas in Austria

James Bond in the Cold War

A Potted History of Bovril

From Ballets russes to Ballet noire: The Spectre of the Rose on Stage and Screen

Sarmale, Romanian Style

Workhouse! Paupers and Idiots in the Grubber

The Legend of Lost Wolverton

Raising a Baby in a Science-Fiction Television Series

Watching Star Wars - What is The Correct Order?

Pemberton's French Wine Coca and the Birth of Coca-Cola

The Birth of the Conch Republic

The Ray Harryhausen Sinbad Films

'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad' - The Film

'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad' - The Film

'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger' - The Film

Old Winchester Hill, Hampshire, UK

Masters of the Monarchs' Musick – Part 3: 1934 to the Present Day

What to do with Dates: Make Sticky Toffee Pudding

Felicette the Cat: A 1963 Space Odyssey (Well, A Short Odyssey)

John Deacon - Bass Guitarist of Queen

Speedy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

How to Make Nearly Bourbon Biscuits

The Guy Paul Morin Case - a Canadian Wrongful Conviction

Shakespeare's Birthday

'Past Masters: Volume One' - the Album

Fruit Cocktail Cake - Sweetened With Fruit Rather Than Sugar

Gheluvelt Park, Worcester

'The Dark Crystal' - the Film

James Bond: The Quick Film Guide

Delta Cephei and the Size of the Universe

'Santa Claus: The Movie' - The Film


The Founding of Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

Walt Disney - Earth's Most Famous Showman

Walt Disney Part 2

Walt Disney Part 3

General William Tecumseh Sherman - an Enigma

William Rowan Hamilton, Mathematician

The Zoar Home: How to Make a Social Difference

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Bender and the Men In Black

Mary Sharmat and Janice Smith: How to Make a Nuclear Difference

The Development of the English County

How to Survive Taking Children to Theme Parks

How to Make a Language Difference - Ms Sheila Michaels

Prats de Mollo, Eastern Pyrenees, France

How to Bake a Perfect Cake with a Silicone Mould

How to Make Your Mark in US History: The Hero and the Soundbite

Candied Peel Made Simple

Ex-pats Guide to Making Christmas Mincemeat

'Past Masters: Volume Two' - the Album

Ada Lovelace - Mathematician and Computer Scientist

Christopher Nolan - Author and Disabled Person

Renaissance Aliens: Fazio Cardano's 1491 Close Encounter

Brian Johnston's Corpse

The Ultimate Disney Classic Animated Film Guide: 1937-1949

Linda McCartney

Fashion Violence: The Straw Hat Riot of 1922

Number Systems Through the Ages

The Top 14 Sights of Istanbul

Alan Hollinghurst - Author

'Walking with Dinosaurs' - the Television Phenomenon

Warhammer 40k - Ancient Races

Warhammer 40k - Alien Aggressors

The Strange Case of the Holy Foreskin

Currywurst - A Classic German Snack

'The New Adventures of Superman' - the Television Series

Flash Gordon - the 1980 Film

Colonel Johnson and the Love Apple: Tomatoes Make History

Experiencing a Solar Eclipse

Mad Jack Fuller and the Belle Tout Lighthouse

Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Doctor Who Enemies: Homo Reptilia

Abraham Lincoln, the Funniest Politician in History

Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK

Why the Far Side of the Moon Looks Different

Dangerous Females: The Flapper Hair Revolution of the 1920s

Why are there no Green or Violet Stars?

The King of Prussia and the Potato Edict of 1756

The Many Centres of a Triangle

The McKinley Assassination: Greed and the Lone Gunman

Giving and Getting Flowers

'Forbidden Planet' - the Movie

The Great Telescope of Birr Castle, Ireland

Walt Disney's Wartime Animation

Algol - the Demon Star

Blasphemy in New Jersey: Robert Ingersoll and the Atheist Tent Revival

Doctor Who Enemies: The Rani

The Freedom to Insult Politicians: Eugene V Debs and the Sedition Act

'Pipes of Peace' - the Music Video

Travelling by Train in the UK - a Wheelchair User's Perspective

Hats in Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

Kaffe Fassett - Artist, Knitter, Stitcher

The Trick that Fooled Einstein

Ghostwriters at Work: Patience Worth, Mark Twain, and Ouija Board Novels

World Museum Liverpool, UK

The Mars/Barsoom Books of Edgar Rice Burroughs

'Primeval' - the Television Series

Terror on the Jet Stream: The Japanese Fire Balloon Campaign of 1944-1945

Willis O'Brien - Creator of Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World

Pavement - the Band

The Gregorian Calendar and 30 February

The Trick that Fooled Churchill

Living on Jupiter

The Boscombe Police Box, Dorset, UK

Superman's Wartime Animation

'The Lost World' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Cinemas in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

From Kolbasa to Grits: What's for Dinner in Space?

Doctor Who's Guide to London Landmarks

Andrew Carnegie: Steel, Money and Culture

Grim's Ditch from Hampshire to Middlesex

Doctor Who Enemies: Ood

A Man and His Horse: Warrior

Male (Role) Models: Macaronis, Flaneurs, Crooners, Bronies

The First Woman in Space - Valentina Tereshkova

Backyard Chicken Coops: An Urban Surprise

A Man and His Donkey: Robert Louis Stevenson and Modestine

The Schlieffen Plan

Death on the Nile, 1155 BCE

Epiphany, a Christian Holiday

How to Make a Proper Russian Table

The Battle Against Ebola

How Do You Sleep at Night with Copulating Insects - The Lennon/McCartney Lyrics War

Love Must Advertise: The Sayers/Cournos Romance

Kurt Gerstein: God's Spy in the Devil's Uniform

Vega - the Summer Sapphire Star

Carnegie Libraries

Doctor Who Enemies: Omega

Spy-Fi and Telefantasy - The British Adventure Series of the 1960s and 70s

'The Riddle of the Sands' by Robert Erskine Childers


Missing, Misplaced and Muddled Monarchs

'The Box of Delights' - the Television Series

Actors, Petroleum, and History: John Wilkes Booth and the Dramatic Oil Company

Mary Croghan Schenley: Love and Real Estate

The Arklow Pyramid, Wicklow, Ireland

Irish Round Towers

The Flour Sack: Depression Fashion Tip

Walking on the Seven Sisters, Sussex, England

Syros - a Greek Island

The Ultimate Disney Classic Animated Film Guide: 1980-1989

The Isle of Wight Terrier Engines

Birkenhead Priory, Wirral, UK

Drinking Your Way Through the Apocalypse: The DIY Fallout Shelter Snack Bar

Doctor Who and the Terror of the Titles

Star Trek Characters: Harry Mudd

Sunsets and why we see the Colours - a Photographer's View

Cryptography - Codes and the Zimmerman Telegram

Pittsburgh Sub Specie Aeternitatis

Wrestling Jacob: Smash Hit of 1742

Esparto Grass (Stipa Tenacissima L)

The Thirteen Club: Debunkers or Mythmakers?

Ireland and What to Call It

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, South Yorkshire, UK

Homemade Baby Food

A Walk in the Cloghoge Valley, County Wicklow, Ireland

Mimar Sinan, the Architect of the Ottoman Empire

Sholom Secunda and Kinky Friedman Sing About the Holocaust

Birkenhead Park, Wirral, UK

'Despicable Me' - the Film

Keep on the Sunny Side - Singing Away the Great Depression

The Undercliff, Isle of Wight, UK

The Chora Church, Istanbul, Turkey

Julian of Norwich's World in a Nutshell: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Galadriel, the Elf-Lady of Lorien

Rover - the Rise and Fall of a Car Manufacturer

'Hogfather' - the Television Series

Doctor Who Enemies: Sil and the Mentors

Charlotte Yonge - Author

Waist Deep in Commie Lies: Janet Greene, the Right's Answer to Joan Baez

'Going Postal' - the Television Series

'Desert Bus for Hope' - Charity Video Gaming Marathon

Almagest - Ptolemy's Guide to the Heavens

'Dad's Army' - the Television Series

Massy's Wood Walk, Dublin Mountains, Ireland

The Evolution of the Dandies

Raising a Family in a Science Fiction Television Series

Advanced Driving - How to Improve Observational Skills

Operation Black Buck

Scouse - a Recipe

There's a Rubber Duck in My Monument: Dalton Trumbo's Statue

The Beatles at the BBC

'Live at the BBC' - the Album

'On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2' - the Album

Towel Day

The Last Battle of the English Civil War, or, Pikes and Muskets on Chesapeake Bay

Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

'Peter's Friends' - the Film

A Transylvanian Abroad: Domjen, Franklin, and the Travelling Electrical Show

The Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China

The Avengers: Cybernauts

'Minions' - the Film

Great Moments in Music History: 'Oh! Susanna' Premieres at the Eagle Ice Cream Saloon

Sir John Moores - 20th Century Entrepreneur

The Tootsie Roll Battle and the Chosin Few

The Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

The Peak District in the UK - a Walk from Glossop to Hadfield via Bleaklow

'Westminster Mass' - a Musical Work by Roxanna Panufnik

The Lewis Carroll Centre and All Saints Church, Daresbury, UK

When Paderewski Met Mama Lou: Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay!

'Dad's Army' - The Characters

Fate, Faith, and Phrenology: Fanny Crosby Meets George Combe

Port Sunlight River Park, Wirral, UK

Howth Cliff Walk and the Bog of Frogs

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta with Tomato and Rosemary

Speedy Salmon and Broccoli Pasta

'The Beatles! Live at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany: 1962' - the Album

RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands, Wirral, UK

Doctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior Robot

An Actor, a Chorus Girl, and a POW Sneak into a Country: Tales of Illegal Immigration in the USA

Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a Village that Saved Jews

The Duality of Human Nature According to 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'

Petroleum V Nasby and the Election of 1864

Tintern Abbey, Co Wexford, Ireland

Pokemon Go - a Smartphone Game

Hadlow Road Railway Station, Wirral, UK

'The Road to El Dorado' - the Film

How to Experience a Sense of Freedom in Everyday Life

Rhodohypoxis - Plants of Mountains and Gardens

'Dad's Army' - the 1971 Film

Babylon 5 Characters: G'Kar

'Flaming Pie' - the Album

Maritime Pilots

Bertha von Suettner: Long Live the Future!

'Taskmaster' - the Television Series

Seville Orange Marmalade

Spiced Banana Muffins

The Tennyson Trail

Apple Bobbing

The Ultimate Pixar Animated Film Guide: 2010-2014

Florence Lawrence - the First Movie Star

'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' - the Television Series

Brontosaurus! Post-Extinction Burial and Rebirth

'The Good Old Days'

Getting Lincoln Inaugurated: A Tale of Travel, Intrigue, and Danger

The Ultimate Pixar Animated Film Guide: 2005-2009

The Pig War of 1859

How to Survive an Office Move

'Monsters Vs Aliens' - the Film

American Television Reinventions

American Television Reinventions: Family

American Television Reinventions: Reality

American Television Reinventions: Game Shows

American Television Reinventions: Comedy

American Television Reinventions: Drama

Power Cut Preparation

'Caprica' - the Television Series


'Star Wars' Animated Adventures

Homemade Lemon Curd

'Monsters, Inc.' - the Film

The Ultimate DreamWorks Animated Film Guide: 2010-2014

The Great Disappointment of 1844: Millerites and Fake News

Jane Addams and the Devil Baby: Fake News, 1913 Style

'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' - the Film

The Ultimate Blue Sky Studios Animated Film Guide: 2002-2009

Legoland, Windsor, Berkshire, UK

A Beginner's Introduction to the Bible

How to Evict a Sleeping Bat

New Year's Resolutions

Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, Runcorn, UK

Waterworld, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK

Whistling Dixie: A Pop Song and Its Politics, Then and Now

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

Pizzaburgers with Spam: A Culinary Treat from the School Cafeteria

'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' - the Film

CBeebies Pantos

The Banana Trip: Fake Hippie News from 1967

Man v Cactus: The Saga of David M Grundman

The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide: 1998-2004

When Dolls Talk Back: A Brief History

Ida Wells Makes Noise: The Columbian Exposition Protest of 1893

Austrian Open-air Museum Stubing

'Five Children and It' - the Television Series

'Return of the Psammead' - the Television Series

A Material Culture of Journalism: From Poking Clay to Poking Pixels

Jennie Hodgers aka Albert Cashier - Pioneering Soldier

Shanklin Chine, Isle of Wight, UK

'Horrible Histories' - the Television Series

Red Dwarf's Guide to Human History

Animated Asterix Films: 'Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods'

Apple and Quince Chutney

John Middleton - the Childe of Hale

'The Scandalous Lady W' - the Television Drama

'Class' - the Television Series

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Electric Reassurance, the Blitz and Confusing Elevator Rides - Birkenhead Hamilton Square Underground Railway Station

The Ultimate Carry On Film Guide: Christmas

'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' - the 1979 Animation

'Smallville' - the Television Series

Yves Saint Laurent - Iconic Fashion Designer

Death by Slow Cooker: Possibility, or Sales Gimmick? With Recipes

One Toke Over the Culture Line: Spiro Agnew, Brewer & Shipley, and Lawrence Welk

Bray Head Cliff Walk, Wicklow, Ireland

Can We Ever Forgive Her? Lee Israel and Her Literary Forgeries

The 'Pellucidar' Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs

New Ferry Butterfly Park, Wirral, UK

Maryam Mirzakhani - Mathematician

Queremos Ensalada de Taco: Taco Salad for the Masses

The Ultimate Illumination Entertainment Film Guide: 2010-2014

Man of La Mancha: Don Quixote's Musical Journey

The Science of Pellucidar in the Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Chavasse Park, LIverpool, UK - Urban Oasis and Family Tribute

Dark Entries by Robert Aickman

Loriot - Caricaturing the German Soul

Moss and Lichen - a Guide for Gardeners

The Moon Trilogy by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Odonata - Dragonflies, Damselflies and Demoiselles

Quentin Crisp - Artist, Author, Actor, Raconteur

Margaret Leibovici nee Kelly aka Miss Bluebell - Indomitable Dancer and Impresario

The Harlequin Ladybird - Pest Control Turned Pest

'Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde' - Four Film Adaptations

The Ultimate Carry On Film Guide: Carry On Laughing

Paul Dirac - Physicist

Oystercatchers - Distinctive Wading Birds

The Venus Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Kadikoy Crocodile, Istanbul, Turkey

How to Make a No-Sew Friendship Blanket and Astound Your Buddies

Common Buzzards

The Historical Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Caroline Herschel - Astronomer

Overtoun House, Dumbarton, Scotland: Dog Suicide Bridge?

Stand By Me: The Journey Started with Some Sheet Music

Outwitting History: How Aaron Lansky Rescued Yiddish Literature

Maria Gaetana Agnesi - Mathematician

Pollution Detection - the Case of the Garfield Telephones

Khyber's Kilts and Bristols: Sex, Sexism and Stereotyped Women in the 'Carry On' Films

Godspell: The Musical and the Hymnbook

Titan - Saturn's Largest Moon

Gothic in the Wilderness: St Michael, Fryburg, Pennsylvania

The Etches Collection Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Dorset, UK

Octopus for a Preemie - a Comforting Craft Charity

The Greenbrier Incident: Ghost or No Ghost?

LGBT+ Hidden Histories - a Guide

'Robin Hood' - Twelve Film Adaptations

Emmy Noether - Mathematician

Do You Hear What I Hear? Pray for Peace

Common Kingfishers

Louise and Ida Cook: Opera Fans to the Rescue in Nazi Germany

How to Make Sugared Pecans, and How to Talk About Them

The Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes Film Guide

Sir Derek Bibby - Businessman, Philanthropist, Gardener

The Last Escaped POW: How Georg Gaertner Spent 40 Years on the Run and Invented a Tennis Racquet

How Cute are Rabbits? An Analysis

Ignaz Semmelweis and the Campaign for Healthy Hand-Washing

Slime Moulds - Puzzle-solving Organisms

'Keeping Up Appearances' - the Sitcom that Introduced the World to Hyacinth Bucket

Spicy Slumgullion: An Emergency Meal

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