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The following Researchers have five or more Flea Market Rescues to their names, and the stories behind some of the rescues are as interesting as the subjects themselves! But we don't really have room here, so best you just enjoy them for what they are - take a look at some of the original Entries and the final Edited results - you'd be amazed at the work involved! That's why they should be regarded with nothing less than awe...

The 19 researchers so far who have earned the Scavenger badge have 220 Flea Market Rescues between them!

Official Scavenger Badge


  1. Art School in the UK
    Original:  Going to Art School by NeonoaBright

  2. Retinopathy of Prematurity
    Original: Retinopathy of Prematurity by tropicalrop

  3. Disability
    Original: Disability by GrumpyAlembic

  4. A to Z of Black
    Original: A - Z of Black - More Than Just a Colour by Emmily

  5. Black Eyes and How to cure them
    Original:  Black Eyes and How to "cure" them by Just Justin

Danny B

  1. Monty Python - a Brief History

    Original:   The Rise and Fall Of The Monty Python Empire by Monty Python

  2. Colour Blindness

    Original:   COLOUR BLINDNESS by Researcher 51997

  3. Darwin in the Dock - the Scopes Trial

    Original:   Darwin In The Dock? - The Scopes Trial by Tamrhind

  4. Level 42 - the Band

    Original:   Level 42 by ZaphaAnndroyd

  5. Oedipus - a Complex Character

    Original:   Oedipus by Megs

Trout Montague

  1. Wheelbarrows

    Original:   Wheel Barrow by Alondar

  2. Ordering Concrete

    Original:   Ordering Concrete - Layman's Guide for Patio Construction by dalamar7742

  3. Duffel Coats
    Original:   Duffel Coats by Ashley Reeves

  4. The Wall - a Marathon Runner's Nightmare
    Original:   A beginners Buide to Running a Marathon by Hobbes

  5. Brian Dewan - Musician, Inter Alia

    Original:   Brian Dewan by Ramsey E.


  1. Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

    Original:   Chattanooga, TN, USA by Topher

  2. Baseball Teams of the National League
    Original:   Major League Baseball - National League Team Names by Shanill Trudor

  3. Baseball Teams of the American League

    Original:   Major League Baseball - American League by Shanill Trudor

  4. Pinata - A Party Game

    Original:   Everything you need to know about party Piñatas by ZMC2004

  5. NASCAR: An American Institution

    Original:   NASCAR by Taz

Florida Sailor

  1. The Sea
    Original:  The Sea by Bethal

  2. Buddy Holly - Singer/Songwriter
    Original:  A2936810 by Tonsil Revenge

  3. Night, and How to Cope With It
    Original:  Night by Pelegrhino

  4. How to Star Gaze
    Original:  How to Star Gaze by JadedGoddess

  5. The Mason-Dixon Line: Dividing a Nation
    Original:  The Mason-Dixon Line by unremarkable


  1. Cats - The Musical

    Original:   Cats- The Musical by mozz_kitten

  2. Hans Christian Andersen - Author

    Original:   Hans Christian Andersen by lleeii

  3. Cary Grant - Actor

    Original:   Cary Grant -- The Perfect Gentleman? by Peter H

  4. Melvin Burgess - Author

    Original:   Melvin Burgess by Jaziniho ( Tom Green )

  5. Wolves

    Original:   Wolves by raptor200

  6. Capoeira - An Afro-Brazilian Martial Art
    Original:   Capoeira by Wampus

Number Six

  1. The Aass Brewery, Norway

    Original:   Aass Brewery by Klatti (and The Nordic Researchers Club, especially NAITA)

  2. Top Trumps - the Card Game
    Original:   Top Trumps by Eusebio - squad number 11

  3. Getting the Most out of a Pizza Restaurant Chain

    Original:   Tips for Eating at Pizza Hut East Wabash in Terre Haute by U198950

  4. The Basics on Personal AM/FM Radios

    Original:   The Basics on Personal AM/FM Radios by Joseph Skiddlepants

  5. Quick Tips for Western Tourists in Moscow

    Original:   Tourist Guide to Moscow by mtbmadness

  6. Camden Town Station, London, UK

    Original:   Camden Town Station by YompeR

The Apprentice

  1. Baths and the Art of Bathing in the UK

    Original: Baths and the art of Bathing in the UK by Fate Amenable To Change

  2. The Sagahemmet - A Night's Free Accommodation in Uppsala, Sweden

    Original: How to reside overnight for free in Uppsala by Wadelius

  3. 'Street Hawk' - the TV Series
    Original: Street Hawk by Reilly

  4. Places to Sleep in Hearst, Ontario, Canada

    Original: Places to Sleep in Hearst, Ontario by weech42

  5. Lip Balm Addiction

    Original: Lip balm addiction: an important message to fight the chapped lip blues by tlwshrugged

  6. 'Bargearse' - the TV Series

    Original: Bargearse by Basil Fawlty's Moustache

Martin Harper

  1. Gross Domestic Product
    Original:   Gross Domestic Product by Claire from London

  2. 'The Glass Is Half Full' - Good or Bad?
    Original:   The cup is half full - Good or bad? by Antares

  3. Santa Theories
    Original:   Santa Claus: The Stretchy Santa Theory by Calroth

  4. Egyptian Rat Screw - The Card Game
    Original:   How to play Egyptian Rat Screw by intrus42

  5. Blank Cheques
    Original:   How to Write a Blank Cheque by Bright Blue Shorts

  6. Guide Entry Deleted (Testicle Cuffs)1
    Original:   (Hidden) by Mr. Odie, Man's Best Friend {not quite deceased}


  1. 'Fragging' in Computer Games
    Original:   The Art of Frags by Researcher WizzKid

  2. Unwanted Mail
    Original:   Unwanted Magazine Subscriptions (A Comprehensive Look) by FacianeA

  3. Driving on the 'Wrong' Side of the Road - a Guide for British Drivers
    Original:   Driving in Countries where Left/Right Swaps over by John Alan

  4. Geolocation Code in Webpages
    Original:   Geo-location in webpages by Back_Ache

  5. The Metropolitan Area Express, Portland, USA
    Original:   MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) by macuser416

  6. How to Make a Text-Based Adventure: Basics
    Original:   Text Adventures or Interactive Fiction, a University Project by Bez

  7. How to Make a Text-Based Adventure: Puzzles
    Original:   Interactive Fiction: Puzzles by Bez


  1. The Big Bang
    Original:  The Big Bang Theory by Calroth

  2. Constellations: Ursa Major 'the Great Bear' by Shagbark et al

    Original:  Ursa Major by Tango

  3. Constellations: Corona Borealis 'the Northern Crown'
    Original:  Star constellations: The Nothern Crown by Cefpret

  4. The US Electoral College
    Original:  Reform in the Electoral College by Proboscis

  5. New Hampshire, USA
    Original:  New Hampshire, USA by RevKeltina

  6. Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
    Original:  Grand Rapids, MI, USA by Kyhron1144

  7. Vegetables
    Original:  Vegetables by Researcher 10938147


  1. Bahasa Malaysia
    Original:   Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Melayu by ZacharyKZH

  2. Memory Stories: A Revision Aid
    Original:   Memory Stories: A Revision Aid by TBC

  3. Varanasi - an Experience
    Original:   Varanasi, an experience by Comfortably Numb!!

  4. Raffles Institution, Singapore
    Original:   Deleted by Ryan D Lim

  5. Pins
    Original:   Pins by Researcher 116023

  6. Tic Tacs
    Original:   Tic Tacs by iDeeRequired

  7. Polos - The Mint with the Hole
    Original:   Polos - The Mint with the Hole by Schwarzenegger20


  1. Staffordshire, England, UK
    Original:  Deleted entry by Number Six & others

  2. The Life Of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
    Original:   Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots by Steffi

  3. The Battle of Turnham Green 1642
    Original:   The Civil War.Brentford and Turnham Green by OldBerk

  4. Japan for the Visitor
    Original:  Japan by Opticalillusion

  5. Japanese History and Culture
    Original:  Japanese Culture by U220737

  6. Contemporary Japan
    Original:  A Brief History of the Japanese State and its Politics by Dermarschall

  7. Citizenship in the Roman Republic
    Original:  Patricians, Plebs and Proles - Class and Citizenship in the Roman Republic by Blackberry Cat

  8. Oliver Cromwell: Lord Protector of the Commonwealth
    Original:  Oliver Cromwell by Mr Dreadful


  1. Steve Clark (1960 - 1991) - Def Leppard Guitarist

    Original:   Steve Clark - Def Leppard Guitarist 1978 - 1991 by LeppardStalker

  2. The Dave Matthews Band

    Original:   Dave Matthews Band by crote22

  3. The Mojave Phone Booth

    Original:   Mojave Phone Booth by Lutherdammit

  4. Water Towers

    Original:   Water Towers by Mr. Cogito

  5. Cosmic Bowling

    Original:   Cosmic Bowling by Ozeepete

  6. The Bologna Sandwich

    Original:   Fried Bologna by Aardvark Calliope

  7. Grits

    Original:   Grits by ScienceGirlMSU

  8. Busboys - Important Cogs in the Restaurant Wheel

    Original:   Working as a busboy by Agent Cream

  9. How To Get Excellent Customer Service in a Retail Store

    Original:   Interaction with the retail industry, advice for customers by carldavis75

  10. First Steps to Survival in an Inflatable Liferaft
    Original:   Initial actions to take on abandoning ship in an inflatable liferaft by EsmondMillion

  11. Some Ideas for the Short-Term Unemployed
    Original:   Some Ideas for the Short Term Unemployed by salicyclic


  1. Bird Poo and How to Cope With It
    Original:   what to do if you are crapped on by a bird by Waving a black towel

  2. Greek Myths - Io and Argus
    Original:   Greek Mythology: The Tale of Io and Argus by Mikeguy

  3. Ring/Ringu/The Ring: The Novel and The Films
    Original:   Ring/Ringu/The Ring: Contrasting the Novel to the Films by Xwards

  4. Jellied Eels
    Original:   Jellied Eels by jhutcher

  5. Tampons
    Original:   Tampons by Researcher 152982

  6. A Brief History Of The English Prison System
    Original:   A Brief History Of The English Prison System by biolordnightowl

  7. When Stuff Goes Bad, or: Things to Look For if your Electrical Appliance Stops Working
    Original:   How To Fix Electronic Things by Jeff Tranter

  8. How to Sleep in Your Car
    Original:   How to Sleep in Your Car by Paulo

  9. An Amateur's Quick Guide to Long-Distance Cycling
    Original:   An Amateurs guide to completing a long cycle ride by matgreener

  10. The Social Chameleon
    Original:   Social Chameleon by loneTree

  11. Visiting a Small Discotheque in the UK
    Original:   Night club etiquette in the UK outside of London by thepinkerthebetter

  12. 'Picking' a Blue Crab
    Original:   "Picking" a Blue Crab by wepeel

Galaxy Babe

  1. Taunton, Somerset, UK with additional help from Jonnyara
    Original:   Taunton, Somerset, UK by Number Six

  2. Saint Helens, Oregon, USA with additional help from pailaway
    Original:   Saint Helens, Oregon, United States by Bored in Hicktown

  3. Brass Instruments - Tuning and Harmonics
    Original:   Brass Instruments - Tuning and Harmonics by Jeremy

  4. The History of the Transit of Venus
    Original:   The Transit Of Venus - 1769 & 2004 - Gilbert White of Selborne by icicle_halo

  5. Coca-Cola - a Soft Drink with Other Uses
    Original:   Coca-Cola by razrtooth

  6. The Football Career of Diego Maradona
    Original:   Diego Armando Maradona by Gedge

  7. David Bowie - The Man Who Fell To Earth
    Original:   David Bowie in the Last Century by Rt. Hon. David F. Porteous

  8. Nebulae - an Overview
    Original:   Nebula Nebula oh how I Love You by Samantha McFate

  9. How to Smell a Ponderosa Pine
    Original:   How to smell a Ponderosa Pine by Mew Gull

  10. The Shoulder
    Original:   The Human Shoulder University Project by Friar, the BigDawg

  11. The Mona Lisa - an Enigmatic Work of Art2
    Original:   The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde) by IanG

  12. 'Star Trek' Characters - Guinan
    Original:   Guinan ( Whoopi Goldberg) by Em

  13. 'Star Trek' Characters - Q
    Original:   Q (John de Lancie) by Em


  1. King Edward VII Memorial Clock Tower, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK
    Original:  Edward VII memorial clock tower, Clifton Crescent by Wooddragon

  2. How to make Nearly Bourbon Biscuits
    Original:  Nearly Bourbon Chocolate Creme Biscuits - Recipe by FordsTowel

  3. Speedy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta
    Original:  GT's Brill Pasta by gandalfstwin

  4. The Guy Paul Morin Case - a Canadian Wrongful Conviction
    Original:  Guy Paul Morin: justice fails by pyrotechnic4

  5. Rickenbacker - the Guitar Manufacturer
    Original:  Rickenbacker: The Guitar Manufactor by Cosmicdude

  6. Plato - Eminent Greek Philosopher and Writer
    Original:  Plato by Bearevan

  7. Sony's Playstation 2 – The Gaming Console
    Original:  Sony's Playstation 2 by Snowman

  8. Pavement - the Band
    Original:  Pavement - The Band by Worthless

  9. Doctor Who and the Terror of the Titles - with Bluebottle
    Original:  Doctor Who and the Terror of the Titles by timdigital

  10. Codes and the Zimmermann Telegram

    Original:  Codes: Introduction and Glossary of Terms by Cestus

  11. Rover - the Rise and Fall of a Car Manufacturer
    Original:  Rover - the Rise and Fall by Rains

  12. Linear Algebra
    Original:  Linear Algebra by GTBacchus

  13. Operation Black Buck
    Original:  Operation Black Buck by the_jon_m

  14. Towel Day
    Original:  Towel Day by Rebecca

  15. The Peak District in the UK - a Walk from Glossop to Hadfield via Bleaklow
    Original:  Walk from Glossop to Hadfield via Bleaklow by The Jon M, with Metal Chicken

  16. The 2004 Firework Disaster in Kolding, Denmark
    Original:  The firework disaster in Kolding, Denmark – 2004 by Justin Case

  17. The Joy of PC Keyboard Shortcuts
    Original:  The Joy of MS Keyboard Shortcuts by Spiff

  18. Jaguar - a Car Manufacturer Born to Perform?
    Original:  Jaguar - Born to Perform? by Rains

  19. The Jaguar XJ13 - the Racer that Never Was
    Original:  Why recreate the 1966 Jaguar XJ13? by Neville

  20. How to Recover Files Deleted from a Windows PC
    Original:  How to Recover Files Deleted from a Windows PC by AliceGo


  1. A44487002
    Original:  A8119280 by U2845676
  2. A41607858
    Original:  A39690615 by U13064710
  3. A41930417
    Original:  A16355801 by U191719
  4. A38715889
    Original:  A54190 by U27618
  5. A38582210
    Original: A1007290 by U221246
  6. A26560424
    Original: A12857682 by U3164926
  7. A25172336
    Original: A879438 by U208845
  8. A23243546
    Original: A19878529 by U7496898
  9. A20361827
    Original: A992027 by U221699
  10. A20218727
    Original: A1343053 by U251312
  11. A12219374
    Original: A1282303 by U243835
  12. A22548459
    Original: A686919 by U179689
  13. A10357526
    Original: A2171774 by U221274
  14. A3176219
    Original: A2611649 by U722152
  15. A9915087
    Original: A2803790 by U777641
  16. A11817821
    Original: A4127285 by U1541847
  17. A45687360
    Original: A769638 by U196678
  18. A38208107
    Original: A31282805 by U10864290
  19. A21990017
    Original: A18888907 by U6667210
  20. A11814671
    Original: A529364 by U170712
  21. A9914060
    Original: A729605 by U192665
  22. A9914682
    Original: A788745 by U198648
  23. A9914952
    Original: A2517194 by U695236
  24. A9914691
    Original: A5542832 by U1982681
  25. A9632667
    Original: A803738 by U199587
  26. A9565581
    Original: A3902069 by U1495859
  27. A9565635
    Original: A651575 by U186673
  28. A8298110
    Original: A4619676 by U1756720
  29. A7763781
    Original: A3865070 by U1471914
  30. A7641380
    Original: A2501542 by U689641
  31. A6380895
    Original: A2974052 by U43530
  32. A2982260
    Original: A1299305 by U247108
  33. A9736743
    Original: A3959661 by U1486307
  34. A2998489
    Original: A2156555 by U235993
  35. A2766413
    Original: A463998 by U158753
  36. A10450252
    Original: A3993645 by U1533447
  37. A2622403
    Original: A698448 by U190050
  38. A2986220
    Original: A2216909 by U559246
  39. A41604923
    Original: A4433997 by U1703170
  40. A41868075
    Original: A27578262 by U191719
  41. A42130252
    Original:   A40549278 by U13260348


  1. A Visitor's Guide to Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    Original:  Leeds, West Yorkshire by Dinnerlady & Number Six

  2. Gun Glossary: Small Arms
    Original:   Guns - A Brief Summary of Terms by Erik Nelson

  3. 'Age Of Empires II: Age Of Kings' - The Game
    Original:   Age of Kings by

  4. Sega Mega Drive - The Games Console
    Original:   Sega Mega Drive - Its History and Many Spin-Off's by CitizenTomAnderson

  5. S Club 7 - the Pop Group
    Original:   S Club 7 (the pop group) by watchaharry

  6. Doctor Who: the Ninth Doctor Novels
    Original:   Ninth Doctor Novels by CallumFord

  7. 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley
    Original:   Brave New World in progres by BeowulfShaffer

  8. Quintus Sertorius - Roman General
    Original:   Quintus Sertorius by theenglishman101

  9. The Sonic the Hedgehog Series and Spin-offs: 1991-1999
    Original:   The Sonic The hedgehog series,spin offs and secrets by Jenny_Tablina

  10. The Sonic the Hedgehog Series and Spin-offs: 2000-2004
    Original:   The Sonic The hedgehog series,spin offs and secrets by Jenny_Tablina

  11. James Bond in the Cold War
    Original:   James Bond in the Cold War by littlesimon1

  12. The Millennium Dome
    Original:   Millennium Dome by Isabelle

  13. Walls
    Original:  Walls by Think-Am
    Original:  Walls by Vip
    Original:  Walls by Skankyrich

  14. The Early History and Development of Film
    Original:   History of Film by Oberon2001, U186749 & U188966

  15. Warner Brothers' Wartime Animation
    Original:   Wartime Animation and the Warner Bros. by Lt Thrace

  16. Mersey Beat - From Newspaper to Sound
    Original:   Mersey Beat by merseybeat1961

  17. Jim Henson - Storyteller and Puppet Master
    Original:   Jim Henson - Muppeteer, Filmmaker, Television Producer by Opticalillusion

  18. 'Discworld Noir' - the Game With Geggs
    Original:   Discworld NOIR by [...]

  19. James Bond: The Ultimate Film Guide
    Original:   James Bond: A Quick Film Guide by toosmartforbond2

  20. The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
    Original:   Keighley & Worth Valley Railway by Montyonthebonty.

  21. The Development of the English County
    Original:   English Counties, The Real Counties by Ianorth

  22. Walt Disney Imagineering
    Original:   **Walt Disney Imagineering** by LittleMissFordPrefect

  23. Model Railways: The Complete Guide
    Original:  Model Railways (under construction - about 85% complete) by Skinnylinny

  24. Model Railway: Scale and Gauges
    Original:  Model Railways (under construction - about 85% complete) by Skinnylinny

  25. 'The Island of Doctor Moreau' - the 1996 Film
    Original:   The Island Of Dr. Moreau, I didn’t read that part. by hatameiwaku

  26. 'Basil the Great Mouse Detective' - the Film
    Original:   Basil the Great Mouse Detective by Mike A

  27. Alan Dean Foster – Author
    Original:   Alan Dean Foster- Author by

  28. Cinemas in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    Original:   Cinemas in Leeds, West Yorks, UK by Stephen

  29. Doctor Who Enemies: Omega
    Original:   Omega - The Founder of Time Travel by CYBERHUMAN

  30. The Schlieffen Plan
    Original:   The Schlieffen Plan by mightyluke

  31. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Original:   The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Bumblebee

  32. Doctor Who: The Theme Music
    Original:   Doctor Who - The Theme Music by CYBERHUMAN

  33. Doctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior Robot
    Original:Doctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior Robot   by CYBERHUMAN & Spook

  34. Apple Bobbing
    Original:  Bobbing for Apples by vogonpoet

  35. 'Babylon 5' Characters: G'Kar
    Original:  Babylon-5 - G'Kar by TowelMaster

  36. 'The Minister's Cat' - the Victorian Parlour Game
    Original:  The Minister's Cat by Mr. Christopher

  37. The Avengers: An Episode Guide
    Original:  The Avengers: An Episode Guide by Primord

  38. American Television Reinventions with Florida Sailor
    Original:  The world of American Television reinventions by Ecnal Silyab

  39. American Television Reinventions: Comedy
    Original:  American Television Reinventions - Part 1 (Comedy and Drama) by Ecnal Silyab

  40. Eiffel 65 - the Band
    Original:  Eiffel 65 by Prosthethnic Vogon Jeltz

  41. American Television Reinventions: Drama
    Original:  American Television Reinventions - Part 1 (Comedy and Drama) by Ecnal Silyab

  42. American Television Reinventions: Reality, with
    Florida Sailor
    Original:  American Television Reinventions - Part 2 (Gameshows) by Ecnal Silyab

  43. Waterworld, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK
    Original:  The Water Parks Of Stoke-on-Trent by Storm

  44. 'The Beano' - the Comic
    Original:  A Brief History of The Beano (and a bit of The Dandy) by Matthew Mattic

  45. 'LazyTown' - the Television Series
    Original:  Lazy Town - Chidren's TV Programme by Ix_Prefect

  46. The View Askewniverse Films by Kevin Smith
    Original:  View Askew by Bondorf Smelman

1Unfortunately, BBC Editoral Policy saw fit to delete this Entry from the EG smiley - cross2With Bluebottle, Dmitri Gheorgheni, Recumbentman, SashaQ and Tavaron da Quirm.

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