The Jon M - As was, and will always be.

Hale and well met. :

So who am I, what am I doing here, what do I do here, and what do I do when I'm not here

Who I Am

Over the ages I have been known by many names, my current identity of The_Jon_M is just one.

I came to being in St. John's Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex, missing the 1970s by less than a month. This was generally agreed to be a good thing. I spent 18 years living in the confines of South Woodham Ferrers1, flitting over to Brentwood for educational needs where I studied just down the road from DNA's old school.

In 1998, I travelled north to Manchester where I failed to learn about Physics, Astrophysics and French. After 8+ years, I am still there.

What Am I Doing Here

Good Question !!

I'm currently a Scout, Post Reporter, Fellow of the Random Quotes Guild, member of the musican's guild, and Turner of Egg Timers for the guild of Time Travellers.

I'm also a sub-editor and hopefully will get some photos up at some point.

Meanwhile, if you want some of my piccys, I have a flikr account and a page of band photos.


Okay, I might as well list them. This do not include my Post entries for Mancunian Blues


  1. The Shangri-Las - the Band
  2. South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, England, UK,
  3. Rubin Carter – The Man The Authorities Came To Blame
  4. The Tour de France
  5. Famous Racers in The Tour De France
  6. Samuel Ogden 1819-1903 - Manufacturer and Businessman
  7. Edward Van Halen
  8. Withington, Manchester
  9. B36 Peacemaker - Big Bad and Beautiful
  10. Jonny Lee and Rice Miller – A simple guide to your Sonny Boy Williamsons
  11. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  12. Mission Impossible
  13. Pamela Coleman Smith - Tarot Card Artist
  14. US Pickup Culture
  15. Cultural Refs in Highway 61 revisited
  16. The Sweeney - TV Series
  17. Routemaster Bus - Big Red and Shiny
  18. Roseanne Barr - Domestic Goddess, Comedienne and Actress
  19. Mike Hailwood MBE, GC - Racer, Legend, Hero
  20. Roseanne - The TV Show
  21. The Venus de Milo
  22. National Rail Stations in Central Manchester
  23. - Football Management Game and Online Obsession
  24. National Rail Terminals in Central London – Part 1 – North
  25. A Potholed History of Motorways in Great Britain
  26. Dyson Spheres
  27. Bruce Springsteen - Musician: from birth to 'Born in the USA.
  28. Cajun and Zydeco Music
  29. The Deltic Locomotive
  30. The Kinks - 1963 to 1970
  31. National Railway Terminals in Central London – Part 2 - South
  32. Bruce Springsteen - Musician (1985 - Present)
  33. M*A*S*H - The TV Series
  34. UK Postcodes
  35. The Eastern Shore of Virginia, USA
  36. The Kinks – 1971 onwards
  37. How to Play Open Mic Nights
  38. North American B-70 Valkyrie
  39. The Liverpool Overhead Railway
  40. Wickford, Essex, UK
  41. Clapham Junction Railway Station, London, UK
  42. Bitmap File Formats
  43. The History of Virginia, USA
  44. Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
  45. Norse Gods - a Who's Who
  46. A Spectator's Guide to Professional Road Race Cycling
  47. Spinal Tap
  48. Tim Curry - Actor
  49. Street Names in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, England
  50. What Made Milwaukee Famous?
  51. Alan Wilson – Blind Owl and Bluesman
  52. Tower 42
  53. The Wreck of The SS Richard Montgomery
  54. How to Lose a Tour de France in 20 Easy Stages - Part 1
  55. How to Lose a Tour de France in 20 Easy Stages - Part 2
  56. How to Lose a Tour De France in 20 Easy Stages - Part 3
  57. Boxing
  58. Worsley Braided Interchange
  59. British Tanks of World War II
  60. Andromeda – TV Series
  61. The Harry Potter Film Series
  62. The Joy of Steam Engine Wheel Arrangements
  63. The River Mersey, England, UK
  64. A Guide to Track Cycling
  65. Making 3D Pictures
  66. The Birthday Paradox
  67. Globular and Open Clusters
  68. Mass - How Heavy is Stuff?
  69. Railways between Liverpool and Manchester
  70. German Tanks of World War II
  71. How the West Wing Predicted the 2008 Presidential Elections
  72. Using Quantum Numbers in Particle Physics
  73. The V-Force

UNI Projects

  1. Essex Men Who Built the United States -- thread
    1. Introduction
    2. Virginia
    3. Massachusetts
    4. Connecticut
    5. Rhode Island
    6. Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey
    7. Georgia
    8. The United States

  2. The British Rail Dieselisation Programme
    1. End of the Line for Steam on British Railways: The Dieselisation Programme
    2. The British Rail Dieselisation Programme: The Shunters
    3. The British Rail Dieselisation Programme: The Type 1s
    4. The British Rail Dieselisation Programme: The Type 2s
    5. The British Rail Dieselisation Programme: The Type 3s
    6. The British Rail Dieselisation Programme: The Type 4s and 5s


    Being Subbed Somewhere

    1. A20511839


    1. Great Dates in History
    2. Great Sporting Achievements
    3. Answers to Children's Questions
    4. Countryside Etiquette
    5. Planning a Surprise Party
    6. Sherlock Holmes Part I - the Character2
    7. Essex, England, UK
    8. The Station by Station Guide to the London Underground - Piccadilly Line: North of Leicester Square
    9. The Station by Station Guide to the London Underground - Northern Line: Morden Branch
    10. The Station by Station Guide to the London Underground - Northern Line: High Barnet and Bank Branches
    11. Crepes Suzette
    12. University of Manchester
    13. Dwarf Planets
    14. Stations of the London Underground - Northern Line: Edgware and Charing Cross Branches
    15. Whaling and Whale Protection
    16. University of Manchester
    17. Dwarf Planets
    18. Japan for the Visitor
    19. Japanese History and Culture
    20. 42
    21. Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, England, UK


    1. How to Lose a Tour de France in 20 Easy Stages - Part 1
    2. How to Lose the Tour De France in 20 Easy Stages - Part 2
    3. Tower 42

    In Updates

    1. West Wing - Update



    • Towns on the A34
    • Liverpool Overhead Railway
    • Britannia Bridge - Wales to Anglesea
    • IOM TT Races


    Entries I have Subbed

    1. Familiars
    2. The Mojave Phone Booth
    3. Doreen Valiente - Author And Wicca Advocate
    4. The South West Coast Path: Kingswear to Brixham
    5. Gloucestershire, UK
    6. Parenting - how did we do?
    7. Bumsters in The Gambia
    8. The Big Duck, Flanders, Long Island, New York, USA
    9. Bundle Up, Baby - It's Cold Outside
    10. Mission: Impossible - the N64 Game

    For fans of my old page, the content is resting here.

    Unoffical PR discussions
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    Thingites, “prats”

    Its happening soon…

    I'm a Thursdayite!
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    Always has been called Thursday,
    smiley - spacealways will be called Thursday

    Fellow of The Random Quote Guild

    Possible member of The Philosophers guild (as soon as they get there arse in gear as Ive been waiting for months !)

    Turner of Egg-Timers for the H2H2 Society of Time Travellers. I also have an office The Egg Timers Box where sometimes I can be found.

    Time Travellers' badgeMusicians' Guild Member

    1I wrote this !!!2I have no idea what I contributed to this, but made suggestions for the other part and wasn't credited, so alls fair in the end

the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

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