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nearly there ....

Have finally received by CTLLS certificate - Certificate in Teaching for Life Long Learning. Only 5 months after finishing the course .... Having a year off from teacher training, can't face the aggravation of Trafford College being pants.

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drama drama drama

So, for the past few years I've been part of Didsbury Players Amatur Dramatics Soceity (Actually 2010 to 2012 I was in Celesta players but we decided to become Didsbury)

Last year I wrote and Directed the Pantomine and also a musical

currently I've got a bit in a panto and am also working on some scripts for next season.

The question is ... would it be worth looking at adapting hitchhikers in some way and what permissions would I need ?

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in light of the announcment ....

still have not recived my ****ing card, but now have got a few examples of personalised ******** guff from the ****** and ******* ********* ****ies. Not sure then if I'll be allowed to **** or not tomorrow

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I've just heard somebody attack Seasme street for being out of touch with the dangers of multiculturalism in a post 9/11 world

triggered by this

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where has my entry gone?

My Wickford EG entry has vanished thanks to it apparently breaking the house rules. A13083680

Which it didn't when I wrote it, when it went through PR, when it was picked, when it was subbed, when the editors stuck it on the front page.

The message says that the author can fix it, which is rubbish, as it is an edited entry, I can't touch it. I have no idea how long it has been liek this or why nobody has bothered to fix it

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