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There was a thought, a rather clever thought, that the 'Hall of Scavengers' should come into being in order to not only show off the writing talents of various h2g2 Researchers, but also to see how the Flea Market has been used in the past. It may also help to inspire others into becoming a Scavenger themselves, and help lost and lonely little Entries into the Edited Guide. In fact, Scavengers scour the whole of h2g2 on the look out for any Entry that looks like it needs to be nurtured, and are encouraged to submit them into the Flea Market too, so one day it might appear in all its glory on the h2g2 Front Page as a part of the Edited Guide.

Official Scavenger Badge

So, welcome to the Hall of Scavengers - or to be more officious, the h2g2 Scavengers' Home Page. Scavengers is just the name given to Researchers on h2g2 who rescue Entries from the Flea Market (or the wider Guide), and then give them a bit of a spruce up (either with just a little bit of editing, or a massive rewriting) so that the said Entries can then be included in the Edited Guide.

And those Scavengers with five or more to their name get to join the list of Top Scavengers,
and the honoured Official Scavenger badge on their Personal Space too!

For details of all our volunteer schemes, check out the volunteers page.

The Roll of Honour

At present, the Hall of Scavengers has recognised 316 Scavenged Entries, or 'Flea Market Rescues', including 221 by those who have earned Scavenger badges!

  1. Herge's Adventures of Tintin by Otto Fisch
    Original:  Characters from the Adventures of Tintin by WeS
    The original high quality Entry was submitted to the Writing Workshop, and the author subsequently left h2g2. The scavenged version includes all of the original, but also talks about many other aspects of Tintin, so it's very comprehensive.

  2. The Truth about the Wild West by Dancer
    Original:   The Wild West by Jefferson
    The original clearly had a lot of potential. It was changed to GuideML and tidied up around the edges. These small changes, along with a nice little graphic, make it very elegant.

  3. Valid and Invalid Arguments by GTBacchus
    Original:   Truth and Validity by Lost Vagrant
    Here's an Entry that took almost nothing from the original, save inspiration. That's part of the Flea Market's purpose too, don't forget.

  4. How to Play 'Chinese Whispers' by caper_plip
    Original:   Chinese Whispers by The Doctor
    Another case where the original Entry served an inspirational role rather than providing actual content.

  5. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Album by Evil Zombie Strider
    Original:   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by Researcher 154066
    From a very brief discography and timeline, to a song by song account of this 'concept album'. You won't recognise the finished product.

  6. 'Field of Dreams' - the Film by Smij - Formerly Jimster
    Original:   Field of Dreams by Bright Blue Shorts
    Twelve times larger than the original, but written with the same sense of affection. And an old Italic did the scavenging...

  7. The National Road, USA by Jimi X
    Original:   National Road, USA by n_sani_t
    Also expanded in size, the Edited version contains most of the content from the original, but goes into much more detail.

  8. Indiana Jones - the Original Trilogy of Films by Mu Beta
    Original:   Indiana Jones Trilogy by Researcher 109491
    "I technically did not rescue it out of the Flea Market because I bagsied it before they'd even got round to chucking it out of PR smiley - winkeye..."

  9. 'The Tweenies' - the TV Programme by Mu Beta
    Original:   The Tweenies by thisissarah3842
    Quite expanded from original.

  10. A Guide to Using Search Engines by Oberon2001
    Original:   Search Engines by dpen2000
    "Had to polish up bits already written and expand on areas which were barely covered in original."

  11. Brian Blessed - Actor, Explorer and Author by Kerr_Avon
    Original:   Brian Blessed by Foque Ouite
    "Style tidied up (the original was too chatty, IMO), separated into sections, and more on the man's early work and his acting style added. Made Editor's Choice."

  12. Cigarette Papers by Kerr_Avon
    Original:   Cigerette Papers by Zarniroop (er.... I'll think of something amusing to put here soon!)
    Spelling and grammar tidied up, plus new sections added.

  13. Free Massively Multiplayer Online Games by Cyzaki
    Original:   Free Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming by Jalada
    First person references removed, and general re-developing.

  14. eBay by Cyzaki
    Original:   eBay by Earth Mother
    Basically re-written, but a lot of the original material used.

  15. Warren Ellis - Author of Comic Books by Geggs
    Original:   Warren Ellis, writer of comicbooks and other such items. by Flatscan
    "A massive re-write. To be honest, the two entries bear little resemblence except the subject matter. I've been following Warren's work for quite a while (just over 10 years, I guess) so I had a lot of history to draw on. I did use some of Flatscan's work though, see if you can spot where! smiley - winkeye"

  16. Google Games by Geggs
    Original:   Googlewhack by DMK
    "The original Entry only covered Googlewhacking, but I expanded it to include other games that can be played on Google, and I got blobbed for the effort!"

  17. Death's Head - A British Comics' Character by Geggs
    Original:   Death's Head - Freelance Peacekeeping Agent by Kelvin Green

  18. Firefly - The TV series by Geggs
    Original:   Joss Whedon's Firefly by Brodnick

  19. George Formby - the Entertainer by HappyDude
    Original:   George Formby by Beaker
    Nice little bio, fleshed out and deserves more than an honourable mention - do read it.

  20. Accessible Web Design by HappyDude
    Original:   Accessible Web Design by An intrepid Baha'i researcher
    Short but sweet, just needed some basic formatting and some GuideML tweaking to become a useful little Entry.

  21. The Structure of an Essay by Elentari
    Original:   The Structure of an Essay by Indefatigable
    "Didn't need to much doing, I trimmed some bits, added sections and odd bits suggested by other Researchers."

  22. The Eastern Newt by Mort
    Original:   RED SPOTTED NEWTS by Mat of the Game
    A whole new Entry really.

  23. The Wonder of the Human Ear by Mort
    Original:   The Human Ear by Lifeseeker
    Just a bit of a touch up on the original - a group effort really.

  24. Psittacosis, aka Parrot Fever by Mort
    Original:   Psittacosis by Mycroft

  25. How To Complain by Skankyrich [?]
    Original:   How To Complain by Z and Yan
    Tidied up with hardly any complaints!

  26. Photographic Metering by Skankyrich [?]
    Original:   Photographic Metering by Ian
    Snappy Entry that just needed a little focussing and brief exposure in PR.

  27. Scrapbooking Basics by Skankyrich [?] & swl
    Original:   Scrapbooking Essentials by bushy-tailedCarol
    A pastiche of ideas that just needed arranging and gluing into place.

  28. Crepes Suzette by Wilma Neanderthal
    Original:   Crepes - Finest in French Cuisine by **katelyn**
    A single recipe brings about a monster of an Entry that covers everything imaginable about the humble crepe suzette!

  29. The Steak and Ale Pie by Wilma Neanderthal
    Original:   Steak and Ale Pie by Andrew Gadgetman (32826)
    A brief little gastronomic delight experienced by a Researcher is turned into a very entertaining read about pie - who'd have thought it!

  30. Isaac Asimov by h5ringer
    Original:   Isaac Asimov by Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession
    The original was left by an elvised Researcher, and the end result is what rescuing is all about. A comprehensive but casual read about one of the sci-fi greats.

  31. Frank Patrick Herbert Jr - Author by h5ringer
    Original:   Man of the Dunes: Frank Patrick Herbert Jr. by Tamrhind
    Again, another sci-fi great is brought to life when reading. The original Entry was good, but with some tweaking and a personal touch, a polished rescue.

  32. Escaping the Average Small Town in the North of the Netherlands by h5ringer
    Original:   Escaping the average small town in the north of the Netherlands by broekie_1987
    An Entry that needed to be put into the Edited Guide, and done with aplomb.

  33. Ayrton Senna - Racing Legend by lil - Auntie Giggles
    Original:   Ayrton Senna by Researcher 154066
    The first in two Entries on a racing legend, the rescuer developed the two from the Flea Market for their first ever Edited Entries!

  34. Ayrton Senna - The Formula 1 Years by lil - Auntie Giggles
    Original:   Ayrton Senna by Researcher 154066
    Part Two of the Ayrton Senna Entries.

  35. The 'Big Five' Accountancy Firms by Icy North
    Original:   The Big Five Accountancy Firms by Tenaka
    A start that had promise, and the rescue became an interesting little insight into accountancy - a difficult thing to do some would say!

  36. Tank Tops by Icy North
    Original:   Tank Tops by Learning to love our Randy leader
    Tanks for the memories...

  37. Lake Garda, Italy by Icy North
    Original:   Lake Garda - Italy by Vestboy
    A long time waiting, but got there in the end!

  38. How to Survive a Plane Crash by Badger, of the New World (and others)
    Original:   How to Survive a Plane Crash by The Fish (and others)
    A very collaborative rescue that ended up with a great Entry, and Editor's Choice.

  39. Memory by Witty Ditty
    Original:   Memory by Fnord
    A very short start, taken and given a proper hootoo over by the rescuer.

  40. Corsica by Old Uncle Zarniwoop
    Original:   Corsica by .
    The original author left it for the Flea Market, and with a little work it went into the Edited Guide.

  41. Marimbas by .
    Original:   Marimba by Perfectly Ordinary Beast
    An interesting Entry on a vaguely unheard of instrument, taken from the Flea Market and given the hootoo treatment.

  42. The Index Finger by Emmily
    Original:   The Index finger by The Lemon Tea-strainer
    Not just used for picking, the original was a good start but the rescuer has perhaps given us all we need to know!

  43. Shaking Hands by Emmily
    Original:   Shaking Hands by Triv
    The amusing original was expanded, and it kept its flavour with an apt pic!

  44. The Sharpe Novels by Bernard Cornwell by Emmily
    Original:   Sharpe - The Novels by Waylander101
    Fans worked together to bring the Sharpe books into the Edited Guide.

  45. String Quartets by echomikeromeo
    Original:   String Quartets by White Hole (Write a Haiku!)
    Musical little start, the rescue made Editor's Choice with a lovely 'blob'.

  46. King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo by echomikeromeo
    Original:   King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo by Twophlag Gargleblap - NWO NOW
    A great essay on a great subject, the rescuer cleaned it up to be 'EG ready', and is a fine read.

  47. Gaius Caligula - Roman Emperor (12 - 41 AD) by echomikeromeo
    Original:   Gaius Ceasar Germanicus (aka Caligula) by theenglishman101

  48. The Art of Eating Toast by Leo
    Original:   The Joy of Eating Toast by bourne106
    Buttered both sides...

  49. A Beginner's Guide to Mean, Median and Mode by spook
    Original:  Beginners Guide to Mean, Mode and Median by dpen2000

  50. Marshmallow Peeps - a Seasonal Sweet by Gosho
    Original:   Marshmallows Peeps by Pi

  51. The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) by Vip
    Original:  The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) by watchaharry

  52. Ealing, London, UK by Vip
    Original:  Ealing by ssbookworm12488

  53. Tycho Brahe, Astronomer by Rockhound
    Original:  Tycho de Brahe - How the truth can be stranger than fiction by Portable Chaos

  54. Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany by Inkwash
    Original:  Konstanz am Bodensee by Mr Black

  55. Theatre Improvisation by Aximili
    Original:  Theatre comedy improvisation by EndangeredSpecies

  56. Eddie Van Halen - Guitarist by the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish
    Original:  Edward Van Halen by voxwah0

  57. The Cuyahoga River, Ohio, USA by Scandrea
    Original:  Cuyahoga River by Andrew Wyld

  58. Satellite and Digital Radio in North America by Rains
    Original:  Satellite Radio by TheGreatZarquon

  59. How to Shop for an Action Figure by Wyatt
    Original:  How to Purchase an Action Figure by Cosmo

  60. How to Avoid People You Don't Like by Wyatt
    Original:  How to avoid people you don't like by smith-ee

  61. Teotihuacan, Mexico by Cardi
    Original:  Teotihuacan by The Frood

  62. 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' - the Book by PhantomObserver
    Original:  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Lateral Blinking

  63. Kath and Kim - The TV Series by DrMatt
    Original:  Kath and Kim by Daravak

  64. How to Draw a Pentagram by Gnomon
    Original:  How to Draw a Regular Pentagram by Fire Bat & Florida Sailor

  65. The Ancient Olympic Games by Gnomon
    Original:  The Ancient Olympics by Ozzywiz

  66. Icelandic Cuisine: Myths Exposed by Jayne Austin
    Original:  Icelandic Cuisine by Rassgathole

  67. The Works of Terry Pratchett by scrumph
    Original:  The Works Of Terry Pratchett by McSnaga

  68. Polari - the Secret Language by kelli
    Original:  Polari - British gay slang by Hannah

  69. Green Day - the Band: From the Beginning to 'American Idiot' by Brown Eyed Girl
    Original:  Green Day: a rough guide by Poncho

  70. The Electric Mountain - Dinorwig, Gwynedd, UK by Dolt
    Original:  The Electric Mountain, Dinorwig UK by Jaziniho ( Tom Green )

  71. Post-it Notes by Sho
    Original:  An Idea Worthy of a Post-it Note by ENeerg - aka Whomever

  72. Liechtenstein by boredlaura
    Original:  Lichtenstein by Garstan_De_Faw

  73. New York State Fair by Noth€r
    Original:  New York State Fair by Researcher 194995

  74. The Rochdale Pioneers by Researcher 177704
    Original:  The Rochdale Pioneers by theWesleyan

  75. The Quadratic Formula by Jhawkesbury
    Original:   The Quadratic Formula by Beeblebrox

  76. The Evolution of the Frisbee by vogonpoet
    Original:  Frisbee by Cracka

  77. Enlisted Ranks of the US Air Force by Nosebagbadger
    Original:  Enlisted Ranks of the US Air Force by Akaron Etruit

  78. Some Cold, Hard Facts About Ice by Nosebagbadger
    Original:   Ice by Ice Sage

  79. Volleyball et al by Nosebagbadger
    Original:   Volleyball (Draft) by Bright Blue Shorts

  80. Rubber Bands - Behold The Power by Kameatrix
    Original:  Rubber Bands, a Hitchhiker's 2nd Best Friend by Darren Baldwin

  81. Reading the Tarot by Serephina
    Original:  Tarot Spreads by Delkarnu of House Drakonis

  82. Pidgins and Creoles by Silly Willy
    Original:  Pidgins & Creoles by Joha_Ai

  83. Yate, South Gloucestershire, UK by joegan
    Originals:  Yate, South Gloucestershire by Researcher 189945 & Yate, Bristol, U.K by never_blink

  84. Memory Stories: A Revision Aid by MiniMy
    Original:  How to learn facts in a few days by TBC

  85. Raffles Institution, Singapore by MiniMy
    Original:  Raffles Institution by Ryan D Lim

  86. First Steps to Survival in an Inflatable Liferaft by Milos (with Whisky)
    Original:  Initial actions to take on abandoning ship in an inflatable liferaft by EsmondMillion

  87. Choosing the Best Mobility Scooter for You by KB
    Original:  How to choose the best Mobility Scooter by StBarbarella

  88. The Great Divorce - A Novel by CS Lewis by Bookmouse
    Original:  CS Lewis - The Great Divorce by Pilgrim4Truth

  89. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) by Ekaterin & xyroth
    Original:  IRC - what is it? by Realistic Dragon

  90. Angband - the Computer Game by Ekaterin
    Original:  Angband - The Computer Game by Zathras

  91. Charm by Pheroneous II
    Original:  Charm by Pheroneous

  92. Tiwanaku - Pre-Inca Metropolis by Tavaron da Quirm
    Original:  Tiahuanaco by dihybrid

  93. Model Railways: Scenery by Tavaron da Quirm - with Bluebottle
    Original:  Model Railways (under construction - about 85% complete) by Skinnylinny

  94. Guitar Hero - the Console Games by Magwitch & SashaQ
    Original:  Guitar Hero by RetroHolo

  95. A Beginner's Guide to Curry by h2g2 Guide Editors
    Original:   Curry, A Beginner's Guide by Global Village Idiot

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