This USED to be 'The Playground'

...but it's not. The Playground was getting a little too unwieldy for my little homepage so I've put it here. You can monitor its progress from there now, and I'll be as interested in how it turns out as you--as of right now, I haven't the slightest idea what's gonna happen.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Triv

My name's Triv,1   and I've been a Douglas Adams fan for more years than I can remember. I used to fall asleep at night to the sounds of the original radio plays until I went out and bought the cassette tapes of his readings of the trilogy of five. I fall asleep to that now...or Dirk...or Last Chance to See. There's just something about the cadence of DNA's voice that is utterly relaxing. It took me till...well, now, to get involved in H2G2, and for that I feel like an idiot. Still, I hope to spend some quality time here playing in your metaphorical sandbox until my real(ish) digital one is finished.

Through the kind efforts of, well, God (geez, how awkward is this? I'm an agnostic for God's sake)2   I have become a Guardian Angel--the Patron Saint of Merry-Go-Rounds. Click the pic to learn about becoming one yourself or about requesting one to aid you through the guide's idiocyncracies.

Speaking of religions, I am also a member of the Church of the True Brownie, wherein we worship all things chocolately. It's a wonderful place to spend your free time--good people, good food, an the combined caloric intake of a New Jersey food court without the daily heart attack victim. All the food here's digital--ain't technology grand?

Some Other Researchers You Should Definitely Look Up

These are some of the people on H2G2 I respect, although there are a lot more of them. I guarantee you very few of them know they're actually on this list...except one...but she's an exception to every rule. 3  

Pickle's Page.
Yossarian's Page.
Lucifer's Page.
Home of one cynical, opinionated, procrastinating, lazy NYC student
Home of Cutlery, the Patron Saint of Cutting Remarks.
Big Mad Mr T's Page.
Greebo's Page
The Penguin's Page
26199's Page
Truffy's page
Kumabear's Page

Various Worthy Causes

Don't know who you're gonna vote for?

Vote for DemonDrawer and Joanna for President and Vice President of H2G2. It's worth it. They'll give you cookies. 4   Seriously though, these guys have more integrity than any of the other candidates I've seen and I seriously think they've got a lot to offer. Great sense of humor too. 5   Click on the big, red and white button to get one.

Got G.A.S? No? Click the Cat.

A person to humbly thank--many salutations to the great Greebo, without whose appreciation I would be most...unappreciated. That was supposed to be deep and meaningful but I guess the portion of my brain that controls wit is on holiday. :P

Oh, and speaking of Greebz...

I recently adopted an egg from Greebo, and boy, is he a cutie. His name's Marcus (I didn't pick the name) and he's...special. He was attacked as a child, cracked his shell. It's all very traumatic--check out The Egg Sanctuary to adopt an egg of your own!


Foxy Manor is h2g2's newest, froodiest hangout. Full of eccentric, irrational, and sexually frustrated people, the Manor is an interesting place to spend a weekend...or a week...or the rest of your natural life when you SHOULD be a respectable member of society.
But where's the fun in that?

The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intellingence (SETI)

I'm a member of the H2G2 SE[email protected] society. We (along with literally millions of others) are using the time our computers could be sitting around doing nothing but collecting dust and figuring out new ways not to work to help SETI analyse data recieved from earthbound telescopes. Click on the graphic (y'know...the one cunningly embeded in this paragrah with SETI written on it...sometimes. Stupid animated .gifs) to find out more.

1No, not in real life silly.2Ah, the hypocracy!3 Insert cheezy violin and moonlight effect here. 4 Digital cookies, not redeemable for anything anywhere in the known universe. Although in an infinite universe everything is worth something somewhere... 5And we all know how important that is here.


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