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You know what isn't good, i've been here about a month and already it has taken over my everyday activities. I find myself logging on to hootoo just to see what's going on1. I've started to overuse smileys, i've joined the thingite cause and of course got my trusty smiley - . Don't expect to be getting rid of me anytime soon!


Okay, so maybe it's time for me to write something that makes sense. Although, i am prone to random outbursts of nonsense. Here goes...*deep breath*...I'm the one known as Jason (or Jackone) in the offline world. I live in the always sunny, North West of England!2 I love listening to alot of Soul, Motown and the like, also listen to alot of Jazz music. Play alot of computer games when I have spare time, one of my favourites is Guitar Hero, I've become a bit good at it...and am presently anticipating the arrival of Guitar Hero 4 (or World Tour).

I'm what's known as a Ghosthead, I have loved anything and everything Ghostbusters from since I was a little tyke growing up on the desolate plains of texas in the 1950s3. Can't wait for the Ghostbusters video game that should be arriving eventually.(Atari picked it up ya see!)

Now on with the countdown... Liberté Egalité Fraternité Insanity


smiley - fishsmiley - schooloffish
Meet Maurice, he's my pet fish. Although he thinks he's a Space Cowboy!5 I haven't named the other little fish, but i'm pretty
sure they're Maurice's possé, i've heard him call one Jennifer, but I could be wrong!

1For which i blame 2legs!2Note the sarcasm!3And madness has descended, I can't help it...really I can't!44Plus, the film only came out in 1984 so how would I have loved it since I was a tyke in 1950? Very confusing.5Ah, a Steve Miller Band joke, brilliant!


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