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Cosmic Bowling

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Cosmic bowling is a fun version of tenpin bowling. The general idea is to play the game in very low lighting conditions lit mainly by a black light1. The bowling pins are usually painted in a fluorescent colour and some of the house balls will also be fluorescent, so that everything glows in the dark. This gives a groovy cosmic feel to the game hence the title 'cosmic bowling'. Cosmic bowling can also be known as midnight bowling, rock-n-bowl or crazy bowling.

Cosmic bowling is fun for adults and children alike. Some bowling centres offer cosmic-themed party packages for birthdays or other occasions. Many centres will have a regularly-scheduled cosmic bowling night, usually on a Friday or Saturday after 9pm. A dance club atmosphere is created with lighting effects or a disco ball along with the black light, sometimes using a fog machine, and ear-splitting music to bowl along with. Music may even be provided by a live DJ who can MC the evening. Add in copious amounts of alcohol (not recommended for the childrens' parties) and you have all the ingredients for a fun night to remember.

Bowling centres may also offer a cosmic bowling night for special occasions or holidays, like New Year's Eve or Halloween. Whatever the occasion, expect to pay a higher rate for cosmic bowling as it is common practice to charge more for the privilege of bowling in the dark. Some centres really capitalise on the idea by also featuring contests and drawings. For instance if a certain coloured pin is at the front of the set, a bowler may get a prize for bowling a strike.

Warning! Stumbling about in the dark waving a heavy bowling ball while under the influence of several tequila slammers may damage your health, and possibly someone else's foot. So be careful!

1Also called a UV light, or a Wood's Light.

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