How to reside overnight for free in Uppsala

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If you find yourself in the Swedish city Uppsala and has no place to sleep, it might be of help to have read this Guide entry.

There is a place where the homeless people of Uppsala can sleep and get hot food. That place is named Sagahemmet, witch means "The Saga home". It is run by the Swedish daughter orginasation to The Salvation Army, Frälsningsarmén. They're not so extreme as it sounds, and they don't try to force their religion on you. If you live in another city than Uppsala you can stay one night. If you want to stay additionally after the first night you must contact your home social service secretary whom gives permission. Staying is free, you get hot food, syrup and cofee. If you have clothes that need washing they wash them for you during the night. You get to sleep in a three-bed room. The maximum number of guests is 10. If there comes one woman there only can be 7 men. The women get to sleep with only other women, or alone. In the morning you get breakfast, cofee and sandwiches.

The only negative with staying at Sagahemmet is your co-guests. The usual inhabitants is the finest elite of heavy drug users, or people with psychological disorders, many times both. Therefor all potential guests get mugged for alcohol and drugs when they enter. It is very rare occation when a guest quarters sober. When that happens you can be sure that the guest get drunk or high with some cleverly smuggled goods.

If you want to spend a night at the Saga home, be sure that you doesn't draw any atention to your being. The regular guests know eatch other good, so they would like to know who you are. Don't brush them of, answer to their questions. Eat your food and go to bed early. The next day they are quite slow and drowsy. Eat your breakfast and leave as soon as you can.

The best advice You can get about staying at Sagahemmet is:
Don't do it!!
But if you got no money and it is cold, and the god of one night stands is not with you, maybe The Saga home is the only pace to go. Just ask the nearest hobo how to get there.

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