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Welcome to the Classified Advertisements page. These are not adverts that are top secret, they have simply been grouped and listed in alphabetical order. If you have an h2g2 something to advertise, check out the form at the bottom.

Please note that if an advert is placed here, it is not necessarily endorsed by the creator(s) of this page.

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What's New

Clubs, Societies, and Organizations:
The Penguin Intergalactic Investigation Bureau or P.I.I.B

The penguins are taking over.

Owner/Operator: U13977223

The Dog and Trout Inn

A pleasant country pub suitable for all life forms.

Owner/Operator: U12546156

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:

A group solving unexplained mysteries in time

Owner/Operator: U12546156

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Alabaster House Halloween Costume Party
and Seance

It's a Halloween Party!

Owner/Operator: U168592

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Musicians' Guild

The h2g2 Musicians' Guild - yes, there really is more than one
musician on the site!smiley - biggrin

Owner/Operator: U150368

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Invite the Italic(s) to Tea Movement

A group of h2g2 Researchers who want the Italic(s) to come to a
Tea Party so as to get to know the Community better - and bring
back the feeling of the days of yore when we all had much more
of a laugh and hootoo had generally a really quite nice vibe
about the place.

Owner/Operator: U168592

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:

A group dedicated to the enlightenment of the ignorant. A
continuation of the BBC Quite Interesting quiz show.

Owner/Operator: U1775547

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Writer's Library and Lounge

A collection of useful links for H2G2 researchers as well as an
informal place to chat about Guide Entries.

Owner/Operator: U9020300

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Army of Darkness

A club looking 4 all sorts of new insane members.

Owner/Operator: U3864217

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
h2g2 Collector's Corner

Share the items or objects you enjoy collecting, and find out
who else collects them too.

Owner/Operator: U190758

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Campaign For New Smileys

Want a smiley? REALLY want a smileyP Come to us and we will do
all we can to get it.

Owner/Operator: U4934604

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Zenlor the new fantasy RPG

A fantasy rpg for those who think that the older rpgs on h2g2
are getting boring with nothing new or exciting to do in them.

Owner/Operator: U5890308

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
I hate exams and revision

A place for those who have exams, and hate them, to come and
chat in a stress free zone.

Owner/Operator: U871201

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Campaign for a Faint Smiley

Want a faint smiley? We do and if you want one SIGN UP!

Owner/Operator: U4934604

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Clique Federation

We need able bodied, and not so able bodied, men and women to
join in the chaotic system we have in place. Join today! It
could be the least sane thing you ever do...

Owner/Operator: U968321

Spiritual Beliefs:
The h2g2 Pagan Community Centre

We are the h2g2 pagans!

Contact person: U200300

The h2g2 Perplex City League

Perplex City is a puzzle website, where you can score points by
solving puzzles from collectable cards you buy in the shops.
Join the h2g2 Perplex City League to see how you're doing
compared with your fellow researchers.

Owner/Operator: U152404

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Campaign for a cheese smiley

Does exactly what it says on the tin, we're campaigning for a
cheese smiley.

Owner/Operator: U4934604

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Video gamers of h2g2

This is the club for video gamers to come and discuss video

Owner/Operator: U5890308

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
USS Derringer, A Star Trek RPG

An RPG for all you Trekkers, set aboard our very own
Galaxy-class Starship.

Owner/Operator: U4646274

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Chocoholic's Delight

Chocoholic's Delight is a h2g2 club with a difference; a
participating, contributing club. Our aim will be contributing
collaborative chocolate related Entries to the Edited Guide,
and also updating existing Entries, where needed.

Owner/Operator: U4288864

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Garden Shed

An oasis for all the husbands/fiancees/boyfriends who come to
hootoo to seek some peace from the 'Trouble 'n' Strife'.

Owner/Operator: U168592

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
h2g2 Good Deeds Club

To promote good will and give everyone a warm feeling inside.

Owner/Operator: U168592

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The h2g2 Wodehouse Society

A club devoted to all things PG Wodehouse.

Owner/Operator: U1779623

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Miffed Penguins Club

So, you're angry? You feel the need to let off steam? But you
don't want to upset someone directly? Come to the Miffed
Penguins and vent your rage!

Owner/Operator: U168592

Information Services:
'Subbies' Mess Hall

Are you a Sub-editor? Here at 'Subbies', over a plate of piping
hot gravy and haggis, you can discuss problems or queries
concerning an Entry your subbing for the Edited Guide.

Owner/Operator: U168592

Information Services:
The h2g2 Researchers' Map

Ever wonder where these weird people live? Now you can find out
and show them all where you live as well, if you think that's a
good idea.

Owner/Operator: U152404

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Nearly but Not Quite Official Peer
Review Discussion Forum

A discussion forum for h2g2 Researchers who want to talk about
issues in Peer Review that are not related to specific Entries.
So, if you find yourself discussing something on a Peer Review
thread that isn't entirely appropriate, use the NBNQOPR!

Owner/Operator: U168592

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
h2g2 World of Warcraft Group

Addicted to World of Warcraft, the number one MMORPG? Do you
rush home from work to socialise with "guildies"? Do you stay
online far too long to finish off "just one more quest"? Has
your significant other put an ad in the Lonely Hearts section
of the local newpaper? Welcome to the club!

Owner/Operator: U183316

Information Services:
Solo-Written Edited Entries Roll of Honor

List of Researchers who have badges for being the solo author of
at least 25 Edited Entries.

Owner/Operator: U190758

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Young Researchers' Club

A place for researchers under the age of 18 to meet, get help
with school work, talk about their music, books, views on the
world, and anything else you fancy! Join other kids on H2G2.
This is a RELAUNCHED society!

Owner/Operator: U234368

Information Services:
Birthdays, Zodiacs and Beyond

Supposed Personality Descriptions for all days of the year.

Owner/Operator: U561309

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Music Lovers Club

For all those who love music. You just know you want to join...
Don't you?

Owner/Operator: U777531

h2g2 Pet Adoption Agency

For adopting virtual domestic, wild or exotic pets; from a
butterfly to an elephant.

Owner/Operator: U190758

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Silver Sword, an Interactive Fantasy

Roleplay as a halfling, elf, terran, dwarf or giant!

Owner/Operator: U203906

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles Fan Club.

Owner/Operator: U187116

Animal Zone


Owner/Operator: U1531982

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The H2G2 League of Super Powers

The meeting place for all super powered beings, both good and
evil, of h2g2. Run by the League council.

Owner/Operator: U1654545

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Dragonhouse (newly restored)

Home and meeting place for all Dragons, dragonlikes and dragon
likers att hootoo for enjoyment, education and the occasional

Owner/Operator: U224233

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Restite Kingdom RPG

You dont have to become a Restite to join this RPG. You can
take on any sorts of roles, Ambassador from another Society, or
a different title (Approved by the King) Just say I DONT WANT
can also join the restites and become a Knight a groundskeeper,
a cook or many other characters.

Owner/Operator: U1381940

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Annoying Club

If you want to annoy someone then join this.

Owner/Operator: U1580188

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Campaign for the Rest of the

Do you want to keep the names of the rest of the week safe from
the thingites, as well as Thursday? The Campaign for the Rest
of the Week aims to protect Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday.

Owner/Operator: U1381940

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The Girl Guide/Girl Scout Club

A club for people involved in the guiding organisation world
wide or for those who would like to find out more.

Owner/Operator: U871201

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
Alien Acting Agency

If you are an actor/actress and you want to be represented on
h2g2, get in contact with us!

Owner/Operator: U1352199

Clubs, Societies and Organizations:
The "Ladies who would like to s**g Chris
Eccleston" Club

A place to chat, drink, fantasize and drool...

Owner/Operator: U1249960

We are looking for your ads for the Classifieds! From Animals to Competitions, Bars to Health, the h2g2 Post Classified Ads is the place for what you have to advertise! Submit your ad today at the form below!!!


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  • The Feline Mercenary Army - All cats and cat lovers are welcome! Join today and get a free smiley - fish or smiley - mouse!

    Owner/Operator: U246671

  • Save the Albatross - The 2003-04 John Ridgeway Save the Albatross Voyage! The aim: To prevent the needless slaughter of the Albatross. View pictures, video clips, and read articles about this worthwhile cause.

    Owner/Operator: U211163

The Arts



  • Sam Maguires Traditional Irish Pub - A traditional pub with a friendly atmosphere, a resident 24/7 chef and......wait for it.....a 2 player dance machine!!

    Owner/Operator: U190482

  • The Associative Arms Pub - Come and associate in an associative pub, where each table is located in a different time-space location, and crossing the bar is a miracle of willpower over physics even when you are sober.

    Owner/Operator: U110126

  • The Infamous Hospital Canteen and Bar - An amazing place where you can gain liquid and food refreshment - that alcohol will always help your recovery!

    Owner/Operator: U210384

  • The Lighthouse Bar - Run by the Lighthouse girls, it is a pretty busy bar. It is actually the bar's second thread as the first one became so busy a lot of h2g2ers had troubles getting there.

    Owner/Operator: U175854

  • The Crossed Purposes Pub - proudly presented by Kasia, with its friendly atmosphere, couches and hearths(and the famous cats Sophocles and Plato!!!!).

    Owner/Operator: U124956

  • The Dead Man's Inn - A forum for horror fans to discuss their favorite books and movies, share ideas, and ask those questions that we all wonder about. Why not pop in? It's a scream!

    Owner/Operator: U181768

  • Wild Clean Bar - It's the ONLY bar with a Foam Roam amd is Clelba's. It also offers a variety of drinks and a Snooker Table.

    Owner/Operator: U139455

Clubs, Societies, and Organizations

  • A.R.M.Y. We need officers for A.R.M.Y.!! Join up if you want fun and exitement...

    Owner/Operator: U722932

  • Assassins Guild - A guild full of those high class cut throats and back stabbers that you hope you dont run into on a street corner in a dark night... open to all new members and contracts.

    Owner/Operator: U203430

  • Association of Researcher Skeptics - A meeting place for those who prefer their scientific claims properly tested, rather than picked from the tabloids.

    Owner/Operator: U75717

  • The Bookworms Club - Zed would like to shamelessly plug his new attempt at creating a community page, the Bookworms Club. Oh go on join it if you want.

    Owner/Operator: U185843

  • Cal's Alien Health Farm - A beautiful relaxing place to be set in the breath taking H2G2 mountain range.

    Owner/Operator: U193866

  • The Campaign for Real Cheese - Do you like cheese do you like it handmade well then this is the place for you it is just a bunch of people who like cheese and want it to be handmade.

    Owner/Operator: U3926571

  • The Campaign for Thursday - The most popular upising against the Thingites ever, the Campaign for Thursday is not to be mocked. Join in with the T3N thread, have a drink or ten at the bar, or just wipe yourself out...

    Owner/Operator: U1127621

  • The Campaign for Unedited Animé - A group for people who dislike the extent to which animé is censored and wnat something done about it.

    Owner/Operator: U200779

  • The Campaign to Promote Respect for Microbes - Not all microbes are bad! Join us in our quest to promote greater awareness and appreciation for our microscopic friends.

    Owner/Operator: U206300

  • The campaign to re-name the Thingites "Prats" - Are you bored with the Thingites and their extremly dull prattle? Are you a Thursdayite? Are you looking for an excuse to party? Are you getting bored right now? If so (or if not) join the society - You get a badge!!

    Owner/Operator: U722932

  • Cello Club - A club for everyone who plays cello, wants to play cello, pretends to play cello, or thinks that celli look good.

    Owner/Operator: U225119

  • Central US Researcher's Group - Established by Broelan.

    Owner/Operator: U155058

  • C.H.E.E.S.E. - Fed up of looking through guilds where no one has posted for years? Well we have the answer, C.H.E.E.S.E.'s promise is that we will be online every day, or you get a free frog to lick!

    Owner/Operator: U1205924

  • Choral Society - Co-founded and Webmastered by Ottox.

    Owner/Operator: U154942 & U150740

  • Classic Goo Fan Club - run by aka.

    Owner/Operator: U178815

  • Collaborative Account Project - Want to write a guide entry but can't do it all yourself? No success at the Writing Workshops? Then welcome to the Grand Collaborative Account Project - a trial project that attempts to find the fastest, most efficient method of creating quality collaborative guide entries. Log in to one account and enhance each others' entries collaboratively.

    Owner/Operator: U234603

  • Cow House - The Cow House is a place for us cows to go and hang out. You can also join in on our military actions. Just remember to check the page every so often.

    Owner/Operator: U517309

  • The Deadly Viper Assassanation Squad - An assassination squad of the highest order, join up and choose your code name.

    Owner/Operator: U190482

  • Defenders Of Skepticism - The goal of DOS is to present and promote skeptical views on H2G2.

    Owner/Operator: U201116

  • Dire Straits Fan Club - Calling Dire Straits Fans......Is There Anybody Home?

    Owner/Operator: U187116

  • The Doctor Who Group - who have discussions about different parts of the Doctor Who world. If you have any ideas, or any discussion points, or you would like to join, then post a message.

    Owner/Operator: U183955

  • The Dragonhouse - A meeting place for all things Dragon like in H2G2! Run by the Dragon Council.

    Owner/Operator: U189312

  • The Everton FC fan club - for all you Everton fans.

    Owner/Operator: U201249

  • The Evil Army of H2G2 - The Evil Army of H2G2 is an army dedicated to the domination, either forcefully or diplomaticly, of the Universe/Multi-verse/Aniverse...ary/Anyother-verse. It is led by the Founding Four(EvilClaw, SuperMoo, Draco, The Overmind).

    Owner/Operator: U184003, U517309, U189312 & U568896

  • Film Club - We rent the same DVD once a month. Then we talk about it. Simple! Far fewer rules than Fight Club.....People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden.

    Owner/Operator: U803114

  • Flat Cap & Muffler Sports & Social Club - For anyone north of Watford Gap or with links to...

    Owner/Operator: U140245

  • The FootiNooti Society - The slogan with the ability to gently nudge growly researchers back into the spirit of cooperative and mutual discussion. With the potential power to prevent the painful demise of clever and civilised debate, smiley - PEACEDOVE"FootiNooti!"smiley - PEACEDOVE is a watchword, a friendly prod, a plea.

    Owner/Operator: U2192551

  • The Freak Association - Friendly Rebellious Enigmas Against Konformity unite! A place for all oddballs, weirdos, alternative dressers, and general alternative people to meet, catch a drink at the bar and even discuss the finer things in life. Membership comes complete with a nice, shiny title.

    Owner/Operator: U195643

  • Gardeners' Guild - Relaxed place for gardeners or plant fiddlers.

  • The h2g2 Bookworm Club - The place to talk about books, now regularly reviewing in The h2g2 Post. Please come and join as it's under new management and Pearl wants to look good!

    Owner/Operator: U196757

  • The H2G2 Car Club - Here's a place to meet like minded researchers and chat about all things vehicular. Do you have an interesting car? Tell Yowuzupman about it!

    Owner/Operator: U180110

  • The h2g2 Craft Guild - A group for the discussion of various crafts, passing on of patterns, advice, etc. We have a knitting room, a stitching room and a crochet room so far, but we welcome anyone who wants to discuss any kind of craft. Fella's welcome too.

    Owner/Operator: U190551

  • The h2g2 Dave Gorman Appreciation Club, Society, Fannish Thing - A society for fans of the comedian Dave Gorman and all his works. And we may (lightly) consider his friend and ex-flatmate Danny Wallace, too.

    Owner/Operator: U201647

  • The h2g2 Fools' Guild - The Guild for Fools across h2g2 to unite in silliness, foolery, and observation of the Bouncy Normo Memorial Fridge. In no way affiliated with the h2g2 'slooF Guild, which doesn't exist.

    Owner/Operator: U218534

  • h2g2 Friends of Tibet - h2g2FoT presents information about and news from Tibet, with exciting competitions, lots of friendly conversation, and ways that you can make a difference.

    Owner/Operator: U33262

  • h2g2 Game Addicts Support Group - A place to support addiction of pointless threads and word games and chat to other addicts.

    Owner/Operator: U216863

  • h2g2 Guild of Bounty Hunters - The ideal society for someone who wants to end crime and injustice, get lots of money, see the galaxy, put special abilities and magical (sic) powers to good use, generally look cool, and/or a variety of other things.

    Owner/Operator: U200779

  • H2G2 Handedness Registry - We want to record whether H2G2 Researchers are Left-Handed, Right-Handed, or Ambidexterous. Please register today.

    Owner/Operator: U234848

  • The H2G2 Motorbike Club - Do you have some wheels? Have a chat with BadZen who runs this great club.

    Owner/Operator: U101564

  • The h2g2 RPG Club - This club is an attempt to gather those of us who are interested in playing RPGs, whether it's on PC or game consoles, live or with pen and paper and dice. Why? To exchange experiences, discuss with like-minded, or maybe get some help with a game we are playing right now.

    Owner/Operator: U135628

  • The h2g2 Star Trek Appreciation Society - A place where reasearchers can talk Trek to their hearts' content.

    Owner/Operator: U218806

  • The H2G2 Society of Time Travellers - A group for all Researchers who navigate the time-space continuum.

    Owner/Operator: U219006

  • Jedi Academy (RPG) - Use the Force, become a jedi at the Jedi Academy and be a part of episode VII and beyond.

    Owner/Operator: U235319

  • The League of H2G2 - A UN type society here to defend h2g2 from outside attack.

    Owner/Operator: U518809

  • League/Club of Incredibly Super Ultra Smartly Intelligent Children of the Mind - a relatively new club/guild of people who may or may not be lying about their age.

    Owner/Operator: U196357

  • U687703 - Another army, this one mostly Hellish.

    Owner/Operator: U236130

  • M2M2 - The H2G2 Lesbigay area - A nice place to come and chat with other LGB people and we have a few funny games going on right now.

    Owner/Operator: U55642

  • Masters of the Multi-verse - Ever wanted to rule a small planet or even an entire solar system? WELL YOU CAN!!!(!!!) Join and take what you will!

    Owner/Operator: U522350

  • Metal Appreciators' Society (MAS) - Founded on the belief that metal music is dominant over all, come join us in our quest for musical world domination!

    Owner/Operator: U595733

  • Monkey Rehoming Service - Do you want to adopt a Monkey? Then look no further because we have the answer. The Arthur-Dent Monkey Rehoming Service has a wide range of Monkeys from cheese-covered to orangoutanges. So come to our guild to get a Monkey.

    Owner/Operator: U1149908 and U1205924

  • The Mornington Crescent Appreciation Society - This society appreciates the game Mornington Crescent. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Owner/Operator: U182207

  • NetHack and Slash'EM Rogues' Guild - A place for NetHack and Slash'EM lovers to meet over an ale or twenty and discuss their exploits, past and present, in the Mazes of Menace.

    Owner/Operator: U208060

  • Non-Christians for Sexual Abstinence - A registry of people who practice abstinence, but don't do so because they are Christians that believe their Christian faith requires it.

    Owner/Operator: U581215

  • North Eastern US Researchers Group - Shea warmly welcomes the appropriate researchers to join her here.

    Owner/Operator: U63974

  • The No-Things - The society against "The Manifesto To Rename Thursday 'Thing'". Long live Thor!

    Owner/Operator: U201249

  • The Nothing Better To Do Club - A club for those who actually have nothing better to do. Founded by a uni student with no work and in need of something to do, hence the founding if the club.

    Owner/Operator: U871201

  • The (un)official Formula One Supporters' Club - Somewhere where Formula One fans can get together to talk about Formula One motor racing, and to keep updated with the latest news and results.

    Owner/Operator: U223973

  • People Against Dodgy Piercings and Tattoos - A place where people can congregate against those who have Prince Alberts and other bad tattoos alike, or those with piercings.

    Owner/Operator: U210384

  • Procrastinator's Society - When you get around to it, Goshoogoshoogosh would most appreciate a visit here.

    Owner/Operator: U147203

  • Random Quotes Guild - A lovely site whose members pop in any random place and leave a quote, thus wreaking havoc all over h2g2! MUAHAHAH!smiley - devil

    Owner/Operator: U198110

  • S.H.A.D.O.W. - A society for the forgotten, unnoticed, unremarked people that instantly disappear from view even in plain sight.

    Owner/Operator: U144709

  • Salle h2g2 - A place for fencers to gather and discuss entries for fencing and all other related fencing garb.

    Owner/Operator: U232178

  • The Scandinavian Researchers Club - This is the home of all things Scandinavian on h2g2. If you are based anywhere in Scandinavia please visit the sign-up forum to be included on this page.

    Owner/Operator: U127053

  • Shadow Realm - This is a realm of complete nonsense for rambling, we also do the fair amount of evil plotting to...Everyone welcome!

    Owner/Operator: U553748

  • The Socialist Meritocracy Party -
    Is Life Boring You? Want to meet new people, visit places unseen, earn a sense of comradeship and eat lots of smiley - ? Join the SMP - the Socialist Meritocracy Party, where everyone can become equal without the problems of Communism!

    Owner/Operator: U747661

  • The Revivers - We specialize in reviving dead threads.

    Owner/Operator: U3926571

  • Spaceballs Appreciation Society
    - A society of people who like the movie Spaceballs.

    Owner/Operator: U517309

  • Star Trek - The Project - A collective community project for anyone to contribute to, discuss or expand.

    Owner/Operator: U196159

  • The Terranic Army Return of the great Terranic Army - who's motto is to : Uphold the prevention of cruelty to SEP's and the freedom to believe the unbelievable.

    Owner/Operator: U201249

  • The Truck Stop The place where truckers and non-truckers can hang out and chat!

    Owner/Operator: U1253845

  • The Underground Campaign for the Internet - We are a group dedicated to eventually taking over the Internet.

    Owner/Operator: U5411303

  • United Bedroom Confederacy - Declare your bedroom a Republic and join the fight against Sockism. Not to be taken seriously.

    Owner/Operator: U216863 & U185550

  • United Friends of H2G2space - This place where reseachers can smiley - laugh or smiley - wah it is simple place, but it has already some United Friends. In fact since by pheloxi* started it, reseachers are flying in like the smiley - peacedove sign on the page!

    Owner/Operator: U170113

  • The (un)official Formula One Supporters' Club - Somewhere where Formula One fans can get together to talk about Formula One motor racing, and to keep updated with the latest news and results.

    Owner/Operator: U223973

  • The Viewer-Tag Annoyance League - If you dislike the <VIEWER> tag, or think it's annoying, or just plain hate it, ViTAL is the place for you. And if you're not sure, you can join us and the ViSA crowd.

    Owner/Operator: U75717

  • The Vogons - Have you ever wanted to blow up planets, write bad poetry, or other revolting Vogonic activities? Then join the Vogons!

    Owner/Operator: U212580

  • The Wargames Connector - A page for people to find and talk about wargames on, especially Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. See Purple Moose for details.

    Owner/Operator: U168903

  • WOTeva - A newsletter for teens created by teens.

    Owner/Operator: U628768

  • ZAPPA_THE FIRST CHURCH OF APPLIANTOLOGY - A place where afficianados could ruminate, regurgitate and coagulate on, at and in all things Frank Zappa.

    Owner/Operator: U210230

  • Zerg Primary Hive Cluster - The Zerg Swarm (from StarCraft) as well as PAZA (Protoss And Zerg Alliance) Headquarters. Join the swarm or follow the path of the Khala.

    Owner/Operator: U568896




  • Black Eyes - and how to cure them. A handy article by Just Justin, especially if you are a fan of fight club.

    Owner/Operator: U200310

  • Dr Geek's Dream Directory - A dream diagnosis and analysis page.

    Owner/Operator: U208521

  • General Hospital - Real-life medical drama evolves before you (with a bad sountrack by the h2g2 Orchestra), brought to us by Joe.

    Owner/Operator: U28269

  • h2g2 Hospital - For all your medical needs. Open to those injured in the various RP wars around h2g2, but also to anyone else as well. Did you know that 80% of h2g2 accidents happen on your Personal Space? Ambulance call-outs available. On-site Pharmacy. Medics available for hiring to Guilds etc.

    Owner/Operator: U218534

  • Ze Psychiatrist's Couch is offered by Trin for your mental and emotional well-being.

    Owner/Operator: U55279

Information Services

  • The London Thing - The h2g2 London Thing is a directory of sorts aimed at listing all the London-related stuff h2g2 has to offer, including a categorised list of Edited Entries, links to London Meets, and a list of Researchers with knowledge about specific parts of London.

    Owner/Operator: U566116

  • Ask Mr.Dreadful - Do you have difficulties with pirates? Are you unsure of the correct way to badger a badger or clean a polecat? Is your life unfulfilled and void of helpful advice? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then... Ask Mr. Dreadful, H2G2's one and only Agony Pirate.

    Owner/Operator: U651852

  • The Thread of The Day - Do you sometimes feel like you are missing out? That there must be a really interesting thread somewhere onsite, but you just can't find it? Well, The Thread of The Day aims to bring you the most interesting, entertaining or controversial thread of the day, as well as a few typical sources of entertainment.

    Owner/Operator: U201647

  • The h2g2 Researchers' Birthday pages - Do you have trouble remembering your h2g2 friends' birthdays? Do you want them to remember yours? Add your name to the list!

    Owner/Operator: U135628

  • Personal Space Workshop - A basic user-friendly guide to the Guide ML needed to create colourful personal spaces, including moving bits smiley - rainbow

    Owner/Operator: U216863

  • 42 FM - H2G2 Radio - The Resurrected H2G2 Radio station - 42 FM! A virtual radio station for the H2G2 community, by the H2G2 community.

    Owner/Operator: U200310

  • The Guide to Being Groovy - This is a free guide for anyone who wants to have fun, be cool, feel young, and be groovy!

    Owner/Operator: U526319

  • The Myth of 42 - Come one, come all to the Myth of 42! Find out how your user number adds, divides, subtracts, or multiplies into 42. See if you are a true researcher!

    Owner/Operator: U77080

  • Noticeboard - Titania has become an expert keeper. Possibly the only one of its kind.

    Owner/Operator: U135628

  • The h2g2 Post - Every week, The Post reports on a host of features and great articles.

    Owner/Operator: U54963

  • Warning Labels - Euan has written a great page all about warning labels. Any contributions welcome. Why not pop by to say LOOK OUT!

    Owner/Operator: U196968

Recreation and Relaxation

  • The H2G2 Great Outdoors Resort - For all H2G2's fans of outdoor life, this is hopefully just the place you'd want to go for taking time off...

    Owner/Operator: U62867

  • The Hitchhikers Hotel - Relax in our lavish hotel if you need to take a break from your PS. Visit our restaurant, bar, pool and many more places of interest.

    Owner/Operator: U644560

  • Ecalpemos - created by pheloxi* is a virtual continent where everyone can create their own little colourfull piece. Feel free to visit this wonderful place for rainbow beings.

    Owner/Operator: U170113

  • The h2g2 Circus - Come one, come all, to h2g2's very own Circus! See the many circus attractions, such as the Renowned Flying Jodeus Brothers, or snack at Greebo's Doughnut Stall!

    Owner/Operator: U214755

  • Joe's Municipal Park - Find sunshine and something for everyone, complete with a playground, softball and rugby pitches, archery butts, woods, and more.

    Owner/Operator: U28269

  • The Japanese Maple - a place for smiley - , now with added smiley - .

    Owner/Operator: U196757

  • Lil's Atelier - Lil is hostess of a salon where substantive conversation is encouraged and where netiquette is practised assiduously... and where adventures have their root.

    Owner/Operator: U81931

Shops and Stores

Spiritual Beliefs

  • The Cult on Dentonites - It is the most apathetic cult in the world and it's spiritual home is dedicated to the persuit of Tea drinking. Run by Hobbes - Keeper of Himself to Himself, and a scout how lardy dah.

    Owner/Operator: U181778


  • h2g2 Climate Prediction Group - A group of researchers who are all running a distributed computing 'climate prediction model' utilizing the spare processing power of their computers. The aim being to improve the climate models currently used by scientists, and hence come up with better answers as to what we as a people on our one small planet need to do about global warming.

    Owner/Operator: U165955

  • Linux User Group - A collection of linux enthusiasts willing to answer your questions and help to solve your problems. Connected with the Unix user group.

    Owner/Operator: U91961

  • Mac Users' Group - "The Orchard", the h2g2MUG (Mac Users' Group) is now open! Don't be a mug, join the MUG! Thanks to Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas and Zaphodista).

    Owner/Operator: U38364

  • Programmers Corner - This is a place to get help on Programming and Computer related issues. Questions about technology, APIs, general programming issues, mental support for users of Borland C++ Builder and anything else you might need can be found here.

    Owner/Operator: U126945

  • The Web Developers Forum - for discussing, comparing and general chat about creating and developing websites. Feel free to join right in with any questions or topics you'd like to put forward.

    Owner/Operator: U125489

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