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Nature's gift -even yukkier than creepy crawly.

Welcome to Earth!

I often think about the world

In which I live today, of animals and plants

And nature's gifts set on display

- Different People, No Doubt.

Whether you were born here or have just arrived stowing away on a Vogon spacecraft, it looks like you're going to have to stay for quite a while on smiley - earth, so you'd better make yourself comfortable.

We may offer you a broad variety of landscapes -icy mountains, green hills, burning deserts, deep oceans, cities, jungle villages, you name it! Not to mention our fabulous magnetic field, which can turn needles on a string all by itself and, for some obscure reason, protect us from dangerous radiations coming out of the sun.

Furthermore, it is a very exceptional feature1 that here, water exist in its three states: solid, liquid and gaseous. Speaking of gas, we have a huge amount of oxygen, so our planet can support life in many forms2, plants and animals! Lichen, slugs, palm trees, tigers, octopuses, ivy...

The Sun beaming its rays down upon foliage.

So you think Earth looks nice?

Then why, oh why is it that Earth has less moons than Jupiter3? What do we look like, having only a single one? Just plain ridiculous!

Give us more moons smiley - groan!

With just a few more moons, we could almost be sure to see at least one any time at night or day. You find it unfair to be deprived of the fun of trying to recognise which moon you're currently seeing? Do you miss retrograde moons? Then join us and start complaining! Who knows, someone may hear us and grant us another few moons?

So many advantages!

Imagine how tides would develop a nice pattern under the influence of several moons. And how to describe the appearances of all moons at once? That certainly would require more imagination and poetry than the plain ol' "full moon" and "half moon", wouldn't it? Try to imagine how bright the night when all moons are shining, and how dark and distressing when none are...

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1In the Solar System.2Mainly carbon-based.3As of May 2003, Jupiter is known to have 61 of them.

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