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Welcome To The Guild Of C.H.E.E.S.E.

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|ELLECTION: If your voting in the general election then vote Offical Monster Raving Loony Party!|SPRING CLEAN: we are currently asking members to come to the cleaning room|NEW MEMBERS: Please welcome C.H.E.E.S.E.'s newest member, Riddler of Labyrinths!|H.H.G.T.T.G MOVIE: If you like the music at the start here is the webste to find it Here.|NOGGIN THE NOG: Nogin the nog and friends are on the website Here|

The C.H.E.E.S.E.

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Welcome !

We in plain are a bunch of loonys that have nothing to do and enjoy licking frogs.

You may wander what our amazing title has to do with anyting, we don't a clue but we like to thing it stands for:

Crazy Hitmen that Enjoy Eating Strange Eggs3

So you want to know what we do?

Your message can not be take at the moment please leave a message after the tone-smiley - bleep4

Sorry blasted thing, where was I, Oh yes, so you want to know what we do all the time apart from licking frogs, well we wage war of course!


We now have an offical mascot! - It's the Dophin5 from the song at the begining of the new h2g2 film!

Our Favourite Frogs:6

Fondo Man - The Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog.

Cheese Anator - The Terrible Poison Dart Frog.

Wiffy - Multi-flavoured Multi-layered Cheese Covered Poisonous Tree Frog *whew*.

Chupito - So drunk he can't remember!

Crackers - The Acrobatic Manic Brazilian Hippie Tree Frog .

Gogenzola-man - .Hungarian Finger Eaing Toad

Black Leopard - The Bloated Green Carrot Swallowing River Frog.

Cheddarus Maximus - A Small One Called Barry.

Cheese head - A Green Swimming Poisonous Frog.

Maximum Cheese - Poison Dart frog

Pyro-psycho-maniac-killer -1 red eye, 1 eye-patched eye called Popeye.

Riddler of Labyrinths - Red-eyed tree frog

The Badge:

This is our great badge designed by Ford-Prefect:
A mad member of C.H.E.E.S.E.
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Join Here
I am chief (Your Job Here)

Everybody has to have it on there page and you can get the code Here.


We are currently allied to:

Masters of The Multi-verseMasters of The Multi-verse
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For Destiny Dictates
Warrior in
The Evil Army of H2G2
So We Follow

Give/Adopt Here!
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I Am A Great Allie!

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A Right Multitude of Yobs
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A List Of Our Great Rolls7 (I mean JOBS not BREAD):

Fondo Man (A.K.A. Cheese-Busters) - The great keeper of the Fondo.

Cheese Anator (A.K.A. Ford-Prefect) - Joint 2nd in command and licker of the Frogs.

Wiffy (A.K.A. cloned_madman) - Joint 2nd in command and Cookoo feeder and inventer of the Wackeo.8

Chupito (A.K.A Chupido) - Wackeo stacker and the cheese-frier.9

Crackers (A.K.A djago) - Main hitman and keeper of the Eggs.

Gogenzola-man (A.K.A Captain Nuge) - Atomic cheesebomb holder and attack co-ordinator.

Black Leopard (A.K.A Black Leopard)- Contracted Assassian

Cheddarus Maximus (A.K.A Hussassan) - Directer of Cheese's animation.

Cheese Head (A.K.A Cheese-head) - Hander out of the Frogs.

Maximum Cheese (A.K.A. Maxxi mim) - Cheese cupboard Guard

Pyro-psycho-maniac-killer (A.K.A. Ford-for-president)10 - Frog wizard

Riddler of Labyrinths (A.K.A Elwyn_Centauri) - Music keeper and assistant to Wiffy with his scientific weird inventions!!!

People stupid enough to have joined us!1. Cheese-Busters2. Ford-Prefect3. cloned_madman4. Chupito5. djago6. Captain Nuge7. Black Leopard8. Hussassan9. Cheese-head10. Maxi_mimmi11. Ford-for-president12. Elwyn_Centauri

If you wish to join our weird gang please leave a message below!

H2G2 Name:
U Number: U
C.H.E.E.S.E. Name:
Fav Type of Cheese:
Army at Your Power:
Favourite Frog:

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Here is a little animation *cough* WAR!!!!

The Attack of the Food!

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7In order of joining and importance.8See below.9This wierd thing is something I made. Its a cross of a spork, a frog, cheese and has a hint of black labrador and fish.10Don't ask11How did that get there!??!! Oh its my pet Spork called platypus!
1News is colour/color coded= RED important, ORANGE ish important, YELLOW why bother reading, GREEN who gives a monkey2 and BLUE genral Cheesey news.2If any one whants to give a monkey there is a rehoming sevice previded by Arthur-Dent Here.3Please note that to join you do have to be crazy, LOVE cheese and likes Eggs, but you don't have to be a hitman.4If there is a BT man around here can they PLEASE help us with our blasted thingablob.5To be prosice it's the 1 which is small and sings "IF I HAD JUST ONE LAST WISH, I WOULD LIKE A TASTY FISH"!6For licking!7In order of joining and importance.8See below.9This wierd thing is something I made. Its a cross of a spork, a frog, cheese and has a hint of black labrador and fish.10Don't ask11How did that get there!??!! Oh its my pet Spork called platypus!

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