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welcome to video gamers of h2g2 we welcome all video game fanatics and even anyone who's just taken a fancy to video games so this is
the club for video gamers to come and discuss video games

this page has been on front page for week of 1/13/08-1/19/07

click here please A18795766

ok as the Christmas thing failed due to late start and Computer lag I thoiught that I would find another award thing so I will now give special awards to the best game counsel and handheld consel reviews so get posting in the review section

here A12614591 is our fellow game club the Nintendo Fan Club

here A18429375 is the runescape fan club a club for that popular mmorpg

here A17995143 is the barrack for what I'm hoping to be an army of gamers so we have the power to defend ourselves against anti-games and any other attackers (just especialy anti-gamers)

A16335821 here is our members list

if you just want to hangout then come to The Center Counsel A16356288 don't worry if you are a non member we welcome all to The Center Counsel

over there A16390136 is the door to the game system discussion area

right over there A16748607 is a less related yet still important area of sports altou sports are not video games they do spawn many based on those sports

want a Job head here A17049567

Calling all gamers members and non-members alike we need you to help us find those jewles and avoid those rotten eggs in the gaming world!!! This is of the greatest importance everyones money time and brain is at stake!!! help rate games and save fellow V-gamers here A17064119
see who has made the most reviews or has goten the most rewards overall here A17441291
oh and the reviews now have some buddies here A18549255

man this page is getting long but here is somthing else for you gamers out there A17970447 cheat central also the link to the world of it's bother (or sister whicherver you perfer) Tip Central

and yes there is now a spolier place man you guys are demanding A17991840 there it is so get off my back your getting heavy and thats $10 dollars in United states money for the ride

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