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lma manager 2007

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great game do you agree

lma manager 2007

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Xarin Sliron currently into cheesecake

wish i could say yes or no smiley - sadface maybe you could write a review or somthing on it smiley - smiley

lma manager 2007

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LMA 2007 is Codemaster’s newest management game, in which you can once more bring your own soccer team to the top. The name Codemasters already makes me look at this rather suspiciously.

Except for the usual career mode, there’s also the exhibition match, a stand-alone match, in which you can experiment a bit, but for the rest it hasn’t really much use. The most important stays of course the mode in which you build out your own career in the life of a soccer manager. There’s a normal and an expert mode, the most important difference being the overall rating bar you get with the normal mode. This should help you jugde the overall quality of your players.
If you like deciding a lot, you can start a fantasy team. This means you start from scratch, not only does the team has still to be formed entirely, also things like T-shirts have to be designed. When you’ve finally made your choice out of the different options in the career mode, it will be time to decide how you’re going to look. For this you can adjust the face and the clothes.

To help you, a complete staff can be assigned, for things like training. Things you’re always going to have to do yourself are among others the buying and selling of players. To find suitable ones, a couple of scouts can be hired. The players’ different rating bars show for instance stamina and intelligence and is meant to help you choose the right positions and roles (like captain, penalty taker, etc.). Next to this there are some slides to determine the team’s tactics.

So, enough possibilities, but unfortunately you’ll notice quickly enough that this all doesn’t really affect the matches. The A.I. is terrible and on top of that watching fishes swim in an aquarium is much more interesting. Luckily it’s possible to forward.

The graphics are mediocre too. All in all it doesn’t look that bad, at least at first sight. There isn’t much sound to review, except for the music in the menus, which certainly isn’t great.

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