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Welcome to the h2g2

RPG Club!

There are many kind of RPGs (Role Playing Games) and I'm
sure there are also many h2g2 researchers out there who
enjoy playing them.

This club is an attempt to gather those of us who are
interested in playing RPGs, whether it's on PC or game
consoles, live or with pen and paper and dice.

Why? To exchange experiences, discuss with like-minded,
or maybe get some help with a game we are playing right now
(I know I could use some help with the Ashirukurus in
Durlag's Tower).

If you want to become a member, post over here (and add a
few details about your RPG background):

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RPG: A kind of game where various people take on a role
and in most cases sit around a table rolling dice and
saying things like I'm not afraid of that dragon just
before their character is killed by a dragon.

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  • Titania

    has played Dungeons & Dragons with books and dice

    recommends PDA game Aldon's Crossing

    currently playing Baldur's Gate; Tales of the Sword

  • Caerwynn

    No1 son started it all by playing pen & paper
    D&D, about 10 years ago, which was when I first
    heard about RPGs.

    It's all his mate's fault that I started playing PC and
    PS games. He introduced No1 to Diablo, who then got me
    playing, both single and multiplayer (dear old Bnet

    Then Baldur's Gate came out and I haven't looked back
    since. The BG game for PS2 isn't bad either.

    I'm currently mid way through Neverwinter Nights, but
    that has been out aside temporarily for Icewind Dale

  • Lewisius

    I've been playing dungeons and dragons on and off for
    years, and during the rest of the time I've been
    filling in with pc games.

    I've played both Baldur's Gate games, and would have
    beat the first one if it wasnt for some stupid computer

    But by far one of the best RPG games I've played for PC
    is Might and Magic series - if you do need a pretty
    fast comp to keep the game going worth anything.

  • Angelfire Blackwolf

    I've been doing roleplay for quite a while now,
    although I haven't played AD&D I have played
    Cyberpunk and a range of Whitewolf games. My Favorite
    one being Werewolf: the apocalypse.

    I've also done live action Roleplaying at the local
    university and I also do Online Rps.. some of which
    have been running for 4 years now non-stop.

  • Wargamer

    Am involved in several H2G2 RPGs, and have written a
    fair few of my own! I am also a big fan of the Games
    Workshop tabletop wargames, of which Inquisitor has
    given me plenty of RPG experience...

    If nothing blows up, it ain't a good game!

  • Starchild

    I've been playing RPGs for years. I first started with
    Eye of the Beholder on the Amiga 500+ and I've been
    playing them ever since.

  • Nefor

    Moving on, I've played D&D for years, played Mage
    twice, and Rifts once. I've played more PC and console
    RPGs than I feel like posting right now.

  • Nerd42

    I've beat Chrono Trigger the hardest way, and I'm
    playing the old FFs, and I've beated the zork trilogy,
    and I like reading fantasy books, and I (attempt) to
    write my own RPG-like games.
    I like the FFV Time Mage class.

  • darakat

    I enjoy D&D, various d20's, I have played
    shadowrun and am currently in a ultrenatlive version of
    it, some others systems I have played (such as GURPS,
    or Hunter) but I have not had a full exposure to these
    games. I enjoy most RPG's I play, although admit many
    have some serious gameplay flow problems. I am more the
    dice, sheet and pen guy, rather than the drama or full-
    on role play with the hole bit sort of person.

  • Mr. X

    I first started really playing RPGs with the Baldur's
    Gate saga and have become something of a self-
    proclaimed expert on it (still can't find the Helmet of
    Change Alignment though, *sigh*). I've also played 2nd
    Edition Dungeons & Dragons for years now, and
    a very early CRPG game called Castle of the Winds but I
    don't expect you've ever heard about that. Played the
    Zork trilogy (which isn't to say I ever finished it).
    Did finish Beyond Zork and Zork Nemisis though. Some
    other questionably RPG games I've come across are:

    - Heroes of Might and Magic 2&3

    - Birth of the Federation

    - Myst (original), realMyst and Riven

  • Thorondir

    I have been playing RPGs for 6 years now. I played
    D'n'D of course (or mainly I should say), but my
    personal favorite is Mage by White Wolf. Also had some
    adventures with Star Wars, Ravenloft, Fading Suns,
    Scarred Lands, Planescape.

  • Mina

    More info to be added later.

  • Rivaine

    I played both Baldur's Gate games, and many many online
    text-based MUDs, (Blackmud, Aetolia, Imperian, to name
    the top three) and lots of variations on the Legend of
    Zelda theme (I'm such a sucker for Zelda), and am
    trying to persuade a friend of mine to teach me

  • AK

    I am an *expert* on Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword
    coast expansion, Shadows of Amn, and its expansion,
    Throne of Bhaal. I know almost everything there is to
    know about them.
    I have all but about 2 of the Dungeons and Dragons
    books, and though I've played very little, I know
    nearly every rule they have. (Expert on rules and
    technical stuff, not on DMing)

  • Michele

    I have played Diablo for years! I am also a big fan of
    Warcraft III. But I like all kinds of games. The Sims
    was fun. But I got tired of drowning them in the pool
    so that my hauted mansion had lots of tombstones
    around it...

    I also play Age of Empires II on my Mac. Games I played
    in the past: Might & Magic VII, Icewind Dale. And I
    liked the Command and Conquer games a lot also -
    especially Yuri's Revenge!

  • T.B. Falsename

    I've been roleplaying since I started out with solo
    game books for Fighting Fantasy and Tunnels &
    Trolls, I then moved on to FF RPG and, later, AFF. I
    also aquired Everway, DnD ADnD, 1st and 3rd ed,
    Tunnels & Trolls propper, Dragon Warriors and one
    or two others. I now enjoy munchkining as much as
    possible, especially if there's someone in the group
    who takes it all really seriously or is a bit of a
    rules nazi. I have also recently become an RPGA
    registered GM.

  • VoodooJoe

    Every final fantasy game made (including Jap ones)
    crono trigger/cross, D&D, and Neverwinter Nights

  • MadAthena

    I've rped for years in many different forms. I'm so
    addcited to rp that I forgot to do my Biology homework
    and had to scribble something down at Break

  • Kelvin

    I have been playing and GMing for a little over 15
    years now, starting with D&D, AD&D, Boxed set
    Paranoia and the old Call of Cthulhu (Ist Edition).

    (A)D&D swiftly gave way to CoC As our regular game
    but I did furrow back into fantasy games at school by
    running the Enemy Within Campaign for WFRP, and
    slipping in the Dragon Warriors game when ever we
    needed some light relief. Started playing and GMing
    Shadowrun at school as well.

    In Uni I ran Enemy Within again and a homegrown
    RoleMaster campaign or two! More CoC and played in
    Vampire and Werewolf as they were released and ran some
    Mage games of my own. Got into a long running Shadowrun
    campaign that ran for about 4 years.

    Since then I have played Cyberpunk, Masterbook,
    Deadlands, Brave New World, Chill, HKAT, Dream Park,
    Feng Shui. I ran a 2 year L5R Game based around Ryoko
    Owari and also a couple of other smaller campaigns in
    Rokugan. I have also run Exalted, and am currently
    doing a gothic horror, victorian steampunk D20 campaign
    of my own devising with my own little sourcebook.

  • LQ

    I haven't played that many RPGs. In fact, the only real
    RPGs I've played (due to lack of opportunity mostly)
    are the later Final Fantasy games (7 onwards) - but I
    am an avid fan (especially of FFX).

    If you look at my personal space, you'll find I'm
    working on the guide's coverage of the FF games, due to
    a worrying gap. I've got a "hub" entry giving an
    overview of the series, which requires a tad more
    polishing and then waiting for it to be scouted out,
    and I'm working on seperate pages for the specific
    games (even if I haven't got quite as far as I'd like
    yet). But I've never played any of the games before 7.
    So if there's anyone on here who would like to help by
    writing appropriate pages, that would be great. At the
    same time, even if you don't want that much work, just
    a bit of info about the earlier games to allow me to
    create an "evolution" description of the games would be
    great (stuff like the first game chocobos or moogles
    were in, when the ATB was introduced, etc.)

  • greggreen

    Started my addiction to RPG in the old days of DnD,
    Paladium, Marvel heroes. Then off to the jolly world of
    mud, rock on Austinmud!! Finally began a bitter sweet
    life with DAOC. Tried many others just keep going back.
    Hope to play city of heroes.

  • Mr. Dreadful

    My roleplaying background is thus: First played D&D
    at 11, played Woof-Rup at 15 (having decided that
    D&D was too corny), played V:tM at 17 (oh, the
    angst!), discovered Paranoia at 22, got back into
    D&D at 23 (having decided that 3rd ed was actually
    rather good) and last year got into LRPing (Shards, in
    case anyone wants to know).

    Oh, and on the subject of RPing with spouses/partners
    my wife (girlfriend as she was at the time) was
    slightly perturbed when I decided to 'out' myself...
    now she plays D&D every week and (against all odds)
    managed to get a Halfling bard to 15th level.

  • Horatio_Caine

  • Lotus

    Done my stints with D&D, 3rd Ed (dice/paper) and
    Vampire: The Masquerade. (dice/paper)

    While I wanted to try my hands at Werewolf: Wild West
    (dice/paper), I never found anyone in town that was
    doing so.

    Right now, my roommates and I are all levelling our
    characters in ".hack," (PlayStation 2) we are all on
    Part 1 as of yet(not for long), but one of us had
    previously had experience with Part 2.

    We are also considering hitting up the Final Fantasy on-
    line they have for the PC.

    Diablos 1& 2 (PC) were great, I'm hoping against
    hope they'll make another. I love my Druid from 2's

  • Ourobolus

    I don't really have any experience with pen and paper,
    but I've played countless console and PC RPGs, and
    consider myself to be extremely good at them. I'm
    waiting for Guild Wars to come out so I can waste all
    my time playing it!

  • droozle

    Im a bit rusty but back in the day I was an avid
    D&D player. I have no xp of online games but have
    played loads of pen and paper RPGs. My favourites are
    D&D (of course), Warhammer roleplay, and

  • MadHank

    I have played most of the FF games, I do a lot of Board
    RPing, I am trying to start D&D, I play a lot of
    the other RPG Video games. I can't even remember half
    of it. And all with out cheats!!!!

  • Murf

    I am obsessed with PC RPG's. I own: Diablo 2
    (+Expansion) Neverwinter Nights (+Expansions) Morrowind
    and am about to buy Baldurs Gate.

  • Ancrene

    I was inducted into the world of AD&D about 22
    years ago and haven't lost my love for RPGs since.

    These days I tend to play things like Baldur's Gate and
    Morrowind on PC, the FF and Broken Sword series of
    games on PS2, and I introduced my son to D&D and
    LoTR Battle Game about 3 years ago (he's now 13) so
    that I had someone to play with (since his Dad has
    now "grown out of it").

    I'm still looking for an online RPG that I like though.
    Something was mentioned about a FUDGE game being set up
    online based on the books of Katherine Kurtz when I
    visited Darkovercon in 2001, but I haven't found
    anything yet.

  • smeredin

    I have some experience in playing Rolemaster and in
    September I am going to my first LARP-event.

  • HowlingMadWolf

    I was introduced to roleplaying about 20 years ago with
    Paranoia closely followed by AD&D, i have played and
    GM'd many games since then running long Self Written
    Campaigns in rolemaster. Many dual GM paranoia games
    with far too many players, Also played on MUD's Mainly
    Austinmud but several others as well. Have played the
    xbox versions of baldurs gate and just bought the bard,
    I dont do much actual roleplaying these days most of the
    old players I know no longer bother.

  • Naped Ha'Pre

    Played many different RPG's. Started with the original
    Legend of Zelda game, moving up through different
    consoles. Occasionally played an RPG board game, but
    rarely with modern technology.

  • Aximili

    The first RPG I ever played was Pokemon, that's when
    the rot set in. From there I moved on to a Playstation
    RPG called Jade Cocoon (highly recommended, by the
    way!) and that jewel, the Final Fantasy series. I also
    have a number of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, and a
    omnibook I have only seen once, called Lone Wolf. I own
    a board game RPG called Hero Quest, which I am told is
    not made any more . I am a player in the D&D thread
    here on H2G2 and have even *shameless plug alert* made
    a Star Trek RPG of my own set on a ship called the USS

  • Josh

    In truth I don't do any true RPGs except the Star Trek
    one on this site. I've also played Heroes of Might and
    Magic, and I still RP with my friend - or, basically I
    make my own RPGs. Some people have said I'm pretty good
    and I love RP (if it helps I can make myself type in
    different speaking styles like 'midevil' etc.)

  • Tijerius

    I've been RPGing for a few years now. I started as a
    dice-roller but have since moved on to the joys of LARP
    and Mind's Eye Theatre.
    I'm predominantly a Vampire the Masquerade guy although
    I've been known to dabble in a bit of D20 Modern and
    Wraith: The Oblivion.
    I play a few first person RPGs on the PS2 but I find
    they don't stand up to some good old live action stuff.

  • BurgerRoy

    Personally, I have played and/or run D&D, Gurps
    Heroes, Mutants and Masterminds, Star Wars (tabletop
    and LARP), D20 Modern, Alternity, and NERO LARP. I am
    currently studying Star Trek, White Wolf's World of
    Darkness, and am doing the research to establish an
    alternative Western setting using D20 Past rules set.

    I have very little interest in the MMORPG games as they
    seem A)Isolating (I sit alone staring at a computer
    screen killing ever more powerful things to gain power
    to be able to kill ever more powerful things.) and
    B)Exceptionally Addicting ("Evercrack", "World of
    WarCrack", "Hero(w)in" (also known as Morrowind"))

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