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This here Shed is a refuge for all the husbands/fiance's/boyfriends1 who escape to hootoo for a few minutes peace from the 'Trouble 'n' Strife' each day. It was made from old bits of ply, some tin and a few rusty carpet tacks that were found here.

The Garden Shed - an oasis for the male of the species.

So, pull up a pew, ignore the rusting 'Black-n-Decker' and have a smiley - stout from under the potting shelf. There's some improper magazines in the bottom drawer of the tool cupboard, and some even muckier ones underneath the compost bags at the back. The pleasing aroma is the homebrew kit. It's a magical one, able to pour you a fine smiley - ale, a smiley - stiffdrink or even a glass of smiley - milk (if you're a big girl's blouse).

Oh, and until the PC Brigade sniff us out, feel free to smoke. And if by some quirk of fate you're actually looking for something useful in the Shed, try pushing past the spiderwebs and looking under here.


Like any Gentlemen's Club, the Garden Shed is the place to discuss matters of import such as:

The Fine Print

No-one likes flaming or trolling, so be aware of the House Rules.

1If you're a wife/engaged woman/girlfriend and sneak in under a false moustache, then it's your own fault if you get offended.

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