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The H2G2 Classic Goo Fan club

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Fan Club MembersÆndr, The Mad Hatteraka [ New Fan Club President ][ RAA ]Alex 195164Alexandra Marie ChaserAlienAljiis Wizard of the Red DragonAmy +AnonymouseaPersonArchitect, TheArdzilArwenArthur DentistAudhumblaAuroraAuralyraBabel-17BadZenBardly Spellt BouyBassmanBluebottleBritish_BulldogCaframCaptain KebabCandiCat-EyesChaunceyChiKiSpiritClelba [ RAA ]Clive the flying ostrichcloughieCoelacanthConceited Little MegapuppyCrazy ManCthulhuCurator ChickCymbelineCyzakiDancerDark MistressDaroDastardlyDemosthenesDoctor Grand Weevil-Meister of DementiaDoctor JohnDominikDr AntheaDr Goof LithiumDragonflyDrool Frood the SecondEastlakeJegg214955E G Mel [ RAA ]Em [ RAA ]EndgamerEnglishman in MarseilleEuanEurotrash GirlEverybody's Favorite LoopholeEvil OneEx Libris DraconiumFadookieFallin Space KatField Colonel ThamainFish Called HondaFish, TheFunky GibbonGalenGarius LupusGeggsGenocide RevisedGoshoogoshoogoshGrimethorpe2k1GTBacchusGüthwinëHappy Little ElfHellboundforjoyHieronymusHugo the FishInsane Endeavourjbliqemp...John-the-gardenerJeffJeff SmaxKandymanKasiaKbyteSecKessKevoKheldarTHE KIDKirikugiKleopatraKumetanzukaKumabearLab AssistantLadyBLady ScottLennyLightningLisaLodestoneLost in Scotlandloup.dargentLucilu [ RAA ]*LurcherMarvinMarv the GrateMathnerdMina [ Fan Club Founder ]Minesweep GoddessMing MangMistdancerMiztresMoatasMonique [ RAA ]*Morpheous (Previously Ralph the Wonder-Llama)Moonglum Clampflowermrs. badcrumbleMunchkinNbcdnzrnerdbombNianNightshadeNot-Quite-ExuberantOne-eyeOne Large Sperm WhaleOnetyredguy (OT(y)G)OrcusOrmondroydOttoxOwlatronParrferrispaul simpsonPeetPenguin GirlPenGwenPetePhilPhoenixPhoenix RavenflamePhreako [ RAA ]*Plastic SquirrelPurpleQEDQuillethe Liadon the CynicRat [ RAA ]Realistic DragonRedbeardResearcher 33337Researcher 235328Researcher AllanResearcher FordRobotronrodrodSaint Big Evil DanSir CuldasacSir Pantherst. broelanSt. Lizard PrinceSt. Shea the SarcasticSt. Trin [ RAA ]Sergeant MushroomShadowShorty+Silly Willy [ RAA ]*Sinning Saint of Opposites [ RAA ]*Sir MortSmilodon Prefectsome blokeSpankMunki, Cpt.SpookStrider (Resigned to using Brunel.. `Til he sees sense...)SuzTamsinTeasermantechnoyokelTedTheory [ RAA ]ThistleTillyTontoTraKter PilotTubeTweetieTwinkleTypolifiviojenWebSherpa [ RAA ]What is Rule One?White WizardWitty MonikerWotchitZarquonZenMondoThis members roster is in alphabetical order!
"What does `[ RAA ]` mean next to my name?"

Over 150 Members strong!

Offical Member count: 190

As you may all well know, Mina has been
awarded behind the scenes, "Italic" status! Click Here to see her at her new work! Ahh, But Mina, alas, has had to leave the Classic Goo Fan Club.. So I've stolen it.. woahaha.... Actually,
It could be thought of as that, but I hope you won't think of me of Stealing the club, as Mina quite openly offered, stuffed it in my face even, sort of, "here, take it! please!", to me, and I hope you get to like, Your New Mina...

(although I'd prefer to be called by my usual name.)

- aka smiley - smiley

Brunel the Goo wannabe...

So, after many waiting days, we finally have a third h2g2 skin. The h2g2 community at this time is split right down the middle with people who like it, and people who don't. Abi, our Community Editor, is a recent convert to the said skin. I prefer Goo, myself. I really think It's the best skin ever!

What do you think? Post in our forums - - Do you like Brunel? Or hate it? Do you think it's ok? or do you think it's absolutely fantastic (like Strider, who's also a recent convert. He shall be sadly missed, yet remain on the Members roster..)

I did test our brunel as soon as my good friend Ming Mang told me there had been a new update (New DNA, New skin, New smileys.. it's all go here!! - thus explaining my recent return to the world of h2g2!)

It's a Fact - A shocking fact!
We at the Classic Goo fan Club stand purely against that white mess, but I'll give you three guesses what the most-recurring word is on this page, courtesy of
Internet Explorer Page Search ( [CTRL] + [F] )... Yup! That's right! The most recurring word on this page is Alasmiley - bleep! ... smiley - yikes

Quick! Help us keep This to a minimum!
Someone online (on h2g2) hooked up to a drip!Please, with your help we can put the usage of this shown in the picture to the right to a minimum or even stop it altogether.. Don't get me wrong, If I was in hospital I'd still want my h2g2 - But I know I wouldn't be using Alabaster!

New Feature - Gooey Poetry

Gooey Poetry is a new feature at The Classic Goo Fan club, where you can submit your goo poetry to us using the threads below. The Alabaster Fan Club (The smiley - devils...) have been using this idea a lot in their quest to steal some would-be members for their club instead - Completely misusing "Classic Goo - It's right for you™", with "It looks just like poo in Classic Goo", which is also a total complete utter disrespectful rip - off of Dragonfly's "Use Classic Goo! (Alabaster's just white poo)". So now, here's your chance to join the fight and use your verbal weapons of destruction to bring the Alabasterians to their knees begging for forgiveness!

(But please, no smiley - monsterVogon poetry!smiley - ok)

By Alexandra Marie Chaser

Blue Goo is here to stay,

Alabaster go away!!!

By mrs. badcrumble

It's Blue,

It's Goo,

And It's damn sexy too!

(Alabaster can do one- go on, just leave.)

By One Large Sperm Whale

Oh ma darlin,
Oh ma darlin,

Oh ma darlin, Classic goo,

Alasmiley - bleep,

May be faster,

But you're ma darlin, Classic Goo.
-Also by One Large Sperm Whale...#2

By Clelba

Goo, goo,
Googly goo

^. .^

= ' =

By One Large Sperm Whale

why not search with Google?
I know I Doogle!

Because it is so true
That you gotta do the Goo!

-Also by One Large Sperm Whale...#1

By Researcher Ford

Goo is quite a lovely blue

Just as beautiful as you

Said the number 42

-Also by Researcher Ford...#2

By Researcher Ford

Alabast*r*'s a disaster

It's extreme brightness

Causes blindness

To the h2g2er's eyes

Take a stand

And say

GOOd bye!!!!!

-Also by Researcher Ford...#1

By Conceited Little Megapuppy

I always knew,

My luuurve was true;

To work in blue,

And Classic Goo!

Info for RAA!!'s

If you joined aka's first original club, The Researchers Against Alabaster society, at A565111, then you will also be noted on the Member roster as [ RAA ] at the side of your name. The club, RAA, at 565111 is now defunct, and if you're a member, you're automatically a member of the Goo club. If you see [ RAA ]* Then you were just a RAA, not a RAA and Goo fan smiley - dohsmiley - smiley - Not that it matters, because I think everyone who is a member of RAA is already a member of the Goo club! smiley - ok (Let me just stress, I am not being greedy with two clubs; RAA was my first, and I was offered to take on the role of owning and updating this one, too smiley - smiley)

I think that it's only fair that some things are kept as Mina wanted them.. But I don't want to keep everything the same.. You don't want to take the credit for someone else's work, now, do you? So, I want to adjust the fan club to my own personal settings, Then I can really concentrate on things to improve it in anyway, Because, shall I tell you that I'm not the type to make a club on h2g2 and there, that's it? I'm tweaking at it constantly smiley - ok One thing I am keeping though, is the fact that non-Goo people will not be able to see this page apart from the header at the top which says that you must be in goo to see it...
Don't Panic!
Use Classic Goo,

It's right for you;

And you know it's true.

One thing that is definitely going though, is the lack of Community - I don't know if Mina hoped for little or no Community activity in the fan club because she had little time to attend to it, but if I make a fan club (See The h2g2 Queen Fan Clubsmiley - ok) I want its threads buzzing like mad! I'm still trying to perk up the fora activity - I just don't like deadness smiley - erm. So I think what I'm saying is I Hope we can start to build up a community on h2g2 for the fan club of this fantastic skin, as would we build up so much conversation on h2g2 for the fan club of say a beloved researcher (see the researchers fan clubs.. You'll see how many postings they have.. They'll always be in the Most recently updated list at - ok) Just use the forums to chat laugh and stuff, as you would anywhere else, and also, If you have any badges you want to give us, until we get the chance to use our own Images on h2g21 they'll be useless, but while we're all waiting, Look at this one.. You'll have to click Here to see it..


Due to new restrictions in GuideML, the traditional Club Badges no longer work, however, lots of thanks go to Ottox for creating the original badges. smiley -

Now, thanks to Fadookie, we have a new Club Badge.

<TABLE WIDTH="1" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0"><TR><TD ROWSPAN="3" ALIGN="right" WIDTH="13"><IMG SRC="/h2g2/skins/Classic/images/layout/bluecircle_L.gif" WIDTH="13" HEIGHT="24"/></TD><TD BGCOLOR="#CCCCCC" colspan="3" WIDTH="100%"><IMG SRC="/h2g2/skins/Classic/images/blank.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1"/></TD><TD ROWSPAN="3" WIDTH="13"><IMG SRC="/h2g2/skins/Classic/images/layout/greencircle_R.gif" WIDTH="13" HEIGHT="24"/></TD></TR><TR><TD BGCOLOR="#99CCCC" colspan="3"><IMG SRC="/h2g2/skins/Classic/images/blank.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1"/></TD></TR><TR><TD BGCOLOR="#000099"><FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><B><FONT SIZE="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" COLOR="#33FFFF"><A HREF="">Goo</A></FONT></B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH="24" BGCOLOR="#006699"><IMG SRC="/h2g2/skins/Classic/images/layout/wave_joined.gif" WIDTH="57" HEIGHT="22"/></TD><TD BGCOLOR="#006699"><FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><B><FONT SIZE="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" COLOR="#33FFFF"><LINK H2G2="A362828">Fan</LINK></FONT></B></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>
Just copy and paste the above code into your Personal Space

Cheers Fadookie! smiley -

Do you think my wrecking of the Classic Goo Fan Club is a damned disgrace? Then Click Here to appreciate Mina's Classic Creation! - Note - Not very functional.. Just an old version of this page

Another Button
Click here to see this Button how it should be here! If you absolutely love Classic Goo, I mean Seriously are in love with it, have given it a dozen roses, proposed to marry it seventeen times, bought it diamond jewelery, kissed its feet 42 times in procession in the last week and bought it a brand new computer screen this Valentines day, then you have most certainly found the right fan club- If you haven't, but think it's a damnsight better looking that alabaster (shudder) then you've also come to the right club, too! To join, you have two options;
  1. Trawl through the entry trying to find the original "Sign up" Thread
  2. Start another "Sign me up" Thread, which most people seem to do anyway...

A few facts about Goo!
  • Goo is blue
  • Goo is better than Alabaster
  • Yes, It *is* Blue.. Unless you've got your monitor colours all messed up.. One particular Ace once thought it was black smiley - yikes
  • I like Classic Goo (Well obviously)
  • You can change to Classic Goo if not already by clicking on the Preferences button. (Preferences)

..There are lots more things about Goo.. But they`re not important..
Actually, here are the important facts...
  1. Goo was the original design for h2g2 back in April 28th 1999.
  2. We have just gained back our Big fantastic Classic Goo h2g2 Logo in the corner2
  3. The Help! Logo has the Alt text "Don't Panic!" in it
  4. The original Don't Panic! Logo has still to come back...
  5. The Majority of h2g2-dom use Classic Goo
  6. You used to be able to change the skin of the current page by sticking ?skin=Classic on the end. Recently, due to the D.N.A 1.0 release, This has changed to changing the "folder" name in the URL...

    ie: - This URL would take you to this page and in Alabaster. If you want to see it in Classic Goo, you would change the alabaster to Classic. The New URL would then show you this page in Goo. smiley - smiley

Like I said, Mina wanted this club to be so exclusive, that it can't even be seen in Alabaster. Try it out yourself by clicking here... but make sure you come back! Just to show that I've kept some parts the same smiley - winkeye

If you are an Alabaster user who has now seen the light, click to change your Preferences and enter the wonderful world of Classic Goo.

Other stuff!

This little section will be for advertising, bribes, requests for space use here, plugs and whatnot... For now, there are the links that Mina left here, but I have taken away the link the The RAA!! Club... If you were a RAA3 then you may use both titles, but the two clubs are now integrated into one! Yey!

Ask the H2G2 Community
H2G2 Feedback
Save the H2G2 Fish
The Union of Fish

1I am a optimist, not a pessimist.. I say "When", not "If" smiley - ok2Before, we had a big BBC logo and small tiny h2g2 logo stuffed in the right corner somewhere above the Help! sign. smiley - sadface3Researcher Against Alabaster

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