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Front Page fix

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Hi all,

As some of you noted back in September, the reshuffle of the Front Page resulted in a lot of clipping along the Front Page margin when viewed in Classic/Goo skin. Thanks to the lovely Tom of the DNA team, this has now been fixed, so now, Goo users can enjoy the full glory of our Front Page every day.

(and just in case we ever have future teams who are baffled when their Front Pages don't work in Goo, tell them to remove the 'WIDTH' attribute from their table and it should fix it smiley - smiley )

Front Page fix

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Cat-Eyes: No..... why.... ?

smiley - ok Awesome.

*looks around* Hmmm... another club aka used to chair, this is getting annoying... smiley - nahnah


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