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Quick Reference REAL Attributes

Queen Fan, Thingite, Greeblet, Keeper, United Friend Of h2g2, GOO Fan, SATS Member, ROVer, Professor of Newbieology


Tea and Biscuts

Hello, and welcome to my space. Make yourself at home while I go get some tea and biscuts (or would you prefer hors d'oeuvres and wine?).

My RL name is Eliot, and I live in California. I am a fairly recent fan of Douglas Adams. I thouroughly enjoy being a member of the h2g2 community. My online interests include eating smiley - donuts, browsing through various conversations and trying not to lurk, fiddling around with GuideML, browsing the picture library and trying to remember the smileys, occasionally greeting a newbie, and fish.A nice beach that I wish I was at.

Off h2g2 I enjoy neurotically checking my email, listening to music, trying to learn perl, tinkering with my website, posting to my blog, taking long baths, surfing the web, and playing old-school PC and Genisis games. My RL activities include playing with my dog, forgetting to do my homework, making movies, eating, and looking forward to the weekend. I do not enjoy country music, Advanced Tea Substitute, Manischewitz Wine, The Bush Administration, or soggy turkey sandwiches.

Oh, so you still want to know more about me?

Version: 1.1
RA>RGB Y++ N+ SG+ A-- P [email protected] M-- s V E PR p->p+ a- B(-) TV? r D>D++ T+ nh+ C+ m>m+ t>t+

If you couldn't make right or left of that, here's a nice little table of the stuff I wasn't able to include:
Don't You Like This Pic Too?

LocationCalifornia, USA
AttributesShah of Great Boo-hally, Vice Chairman of Vice and Strife, Coveter of Llamas, Keeper of the Any Key, Head Donut Gopher, SATS Member, Thingite, Greeblet, ROVer, Professor of Newbieology, Newbie Extrordinairre
Favorite MoviesThe Matrix (first one), The Lord of The Rings, Good Will Hunting, Yojimbo
Favorite AuthorsTerry Pratchett, DNA (Douglas Adams), J.R.R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov
Favorite Bands/ArtistsPink Floyd, PRECURSORS, The Aquabats, The Beatles, Chet Baker, Nirvana, Weezer, David Bowie, The Grateful Dead, Electric Light Orchestra, Queen, Styx (so bad that they're cool)
Favorite Video GamesThe Ur-Quan Masters, Vega Strike, Project Aqua
Favorite Physical ActivitiesSwimming, Cross-Country Skiing, Scuba Diving, Jujitsu Recently, it's been Breathing and Eating
HobbiesGame Development, Web Design, Acoustic Guitar, Air Guitar, Photography, Filmmaking, Daydreaming


An electric guitar

I'm a Queen Fan!!
I am a member of The H2G2 Queen Fan Club, which is a club each and every Person who has ever heard any Queen Song should Check out!
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United Friends of h2g2 space I'm a member of the United Friends of h2g2 space . Lonely? Sad? Happy? Silly? Jumpy? Giggly? A supportive, friendly environment is guaranteed.


Number 6 and RoverI'm a ROVer!
Find out more about Researchers of the Village,
h2g2's fan club for The Prisoner.
Live At PompeiiI'm a Pink Floyd Fan!
Visit the dark side of the moon at h2g2's Pink Floyd Fan Club.

I have been informed that the ORIGINAL 42ism is illegal: 1+(9*(2+2))=37+7=44-1=43-1=42!
D O  N  U  T
4 15 14 21 20

About "Fadookie"

Well, I came up with the word "Fadookie" in 6th grade as a word that can be used as any part of speech. A concise definition of fadookie would be: "Evereything and anything". However, the meaning is determined by the accompanying gestures, facial expressions, and tone of speech. DO NOT USE FADOOKIE CARELESSLY.2

Why "the Froody?"

Because Fadookie the Hoopy doesn't quite roll off the tongue. It also is a nice alliteration, don't you think?

Where else can you find me?

The Ultronomicon
The Ur-Quan Masters Forums
Vega Strike Forums

People I Know

People Who Can Tolerate MeEsemplasticAmy PawloskiJohanna the Psychotic BanannaHussassan the Silicon SamuraiTerri & YodaPeople I Look Up ToakaGreebo T. CatClive The Flying Ostrich

Favorite Guide Entries

Asthetically Improved Proof of Gravity

Froody h2g2 Pages

The Wall
The Thingite Manifesto
The Donut Menu
Mt. Sandcastle Donut Stall
h2g2 Stats
Sam Semple's Antics

Froody Utilities

Switch To GOO! (Won't Do Anything)
Switch To Alabaster3 (Won't Do Anything)
Switch To Brunell4 (Won't Do Anything)
Am I online? Check this list.
Send me an e-mail message
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Journal bin (ignore this link).

I'll cream you at Pong. I'll cream you blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back. Pong

"hugfests: they can happen anywhere, anytime. they can happen to you."
-Jane Bane

"This is the best page in the entire guide! I love u Fadookie!!!!"
-Johanna the Psychotic Bananna

Saying *so* last season is *so* last season!
-Shea the Sarcastic

smiley - boing
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure "Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!"

Last Updated on January 24th, 2005

1You were expecting some dirt here, weren't you?2"Fadookie" may also be spelled "Fadøkie"3But why would you want to?4In which this page looks excruciatingly ugly.


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