One Large Sperm Whale - Hey, at least I'm not a bowl of Petunias

Scenes like this are NO LONGER NECESSARY

Now that we have our Precious towel smiley
the researcher has been regurgitated
and is alive and well.
I have apologised to his family
But that's really old news now (does that make it olds?)

Hurray for the graphical team responsible for smiley - towel

No more crude towel, created using the Smiley Generator especially since the amount of code used in one of them was phenomenal, as they're actually just tables with pixel sized text
And I was embarrassed by the poor quality of mine after seeing the real thing...

My God it's been over two years now since I last updated this page, and a good 18 months since I even visited the site! What goes on?

Ah, well, I'm back now and intend to resume my responsibilities as Thingite Oceanic Activities Officer, although I'd much prefer a new title like "Whale in Charge of Disguising Himself as a Shark and Bothering the Kiddies" or something.
I wonder where I left my smiley - spork...


Help The Zaphodista Cause!
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The Revolution Will Not Be Tele-Tubbied!!!

O.L.S. Whale - Thingite, Zaphodista, Egotistical Maniac

This is the personal space of me. Me being myself, usually.

I'm older and (not much) wiser now, so a bit of new information might be useful, perhaps a complete facelift to my Personal Space...

Used to dry-up where I've splashed
Once upon a time this towel blob
Was all that we had in this place
We did not have a towel smiley,
I could not wipe my face
In the forum there was a campaign
And now the complaint's been erased

(It has been an awful long time since I tried to write towel poetry) Come in, sit down, mind the wet patch! Have some smiley - tea

I think I'll use this as an opportunity to plug the Thingites

Join The Thingites! Invent a Cool Title For Yourself! Fill In This Box! Replace This Text! Click The Button! Join 500+ Like Minded Researchers!

Good Good!

A Little More About ME, ME I Tells Ya! Mwah Haaa!!!

The good news from my previous update to this page was that I only failed one of the AS level courses! And it was the one I no longer cared for anyway and subsequently dropped (Mwah Ha HAAA!). However, being a fool I instead made the daft error of taking a further AS in the form of Physics (Yes, I AM a sucker for punishment). But this was unsuccessful, as in the following year I reversed the trend I followed in the first year, failing all but one of my 'A' levels, and monumentally flunking Physics. D'oh! Two years at college and what do I have to show for it? One and a half 'A' levels.
Also, I am the guy responsible for the Bagturn Site, which is my first and, to date, Only Web-site. But that hasn't been updated since the date stated on the counter and I cannot be arsed finishing it.

Hey, thats what happens when you try and devote a website to turning peoples bags inside-out.

For those who bothered to click the link, I'm the spikey one in the photo, but I haven't actually had a hair cut since then, so now I look more like a Yeti.
Abolish Real-World Slavery!Join TCTSTVARWOSWDHTGOAM!
Anything Else?

Aah yes, Empire Records and Ska Punk, especially Less Than Jake; Happy Ska Rules! And True Independent Cinema. Movies of the Future!

And that's it, that's me. If you didn't get here through the Guide Natural History Museum, you really should pop over there now.

Understand the use of that blob! visit TCTSTVARWOSWDHTGOAM and fight the slavery of the real world. Or Else.

**Bad News! the one day course in HTML and ASP on March 20th (two years ago) fell through so now you'll have to wait until my A2 computing course gets to that stuff before my site design improves.**

Worse news! A2 Computing involved smiley - bleep all HTML, hence my site design has shown no improvement, as I have done no coding of any kind for a year.

You've probably noticed I don't alter my text in any major way, I just append it and make the odd minor ammendment.
That is how it will stay, with new updates being squeezed in above this.
Oh, and please feel free to correct me if you're pedantic
Now Scram!

I am a member of the
Classic Goo Fan Club
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Classic Goo

Start the day by clicking here.

And What the Hell happened to my Classic Goo Banner? Where's the image?

The Legions of Thing!

Is it not Nifty?Is it not Nifty?Liberté Egalité Fraternité Insanity
Infcribeth here are the naymef of the brayv, who
poffeffed grayt Fortitude and commitment to the caufe in
thif year of Our Lord 2001 (around Lunchtime)

- Clive the flying Ostrich, Warlord.


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