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Space...The final frontier. These are the voyages of the USS Derringer..., the newest addition to Starfleet's canon. It's mission, to try to get enough members to this Star Trek RPG to make it worthwhile.*

The Derringer, a Galaxy class starship, is currently headed to the Delta Quadrant, via Starbase Deep Space Nine. We will be stoppng off along the way, so if you wish to join, please wait at a Starbase to be collected.*

Current crew compliment

Captain Arrix Aximili (Human).

Commander Artemis Riquelme Megachedda (Romulan).

Lieutenant Commander Arenia Kitush (Human).

Lieutenant Commander Quilitius 'Twig' Prelatei (Autheriat).

Ship's Counselor Tessa Goodheart. (Mostly Human)

Ensign Gandark (Hobbit)

Commando Exarion (Romulan)

Chief Medical Officer Josh (Human)

Chief Engineer Rastlin (Human)

Ship's Mascot Peet (Small furry creature from Alpha Centauri).

Operations Manager Commander Tobias Nuge (human/deassimilated Borg)

If you would like to create a biography for your character, please feel free, and send me the link so I can put it here.

We are currently in need of the following crew members. If you would like the positon, please post below.

Barman (Temporary barkeep: MegaChedda)

Please note, if you would like to take up the post formally please feel free.

If you would like to join the game, please post your character's name, species, and the position on the ship you would like. If the position you desire is taken then i'm sure we can find an alternative.

Ship Locations
Crew's quarters and Ten-Forward.
The Bridge.
Main Engineering.
The Holodeck

If you want to start up a mini-game in any of these areas please feel free.

Current Mission

We are on course to the Delta Quadrant to participate in negotiations with the Dominion. We will be arriving at Deep Space Nine and proceeding through the Bajoran Wormhole.

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