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H2G2 has lots of lovely word games and other fun threads; they take no serious thought to play, they tend to be very busy, and, unfortunately, highly addicive. Before long you find yourself at the top of the stats page, and wonder what you are doing with your life. You just can't leave them. You keep posting untill you can barely keep your eyes open, you find yourself hampered with backlog. You are not alone.

The Offending Threads

The following threads are the biggest offenders in keeping researchers away from what they should be doing... If you would like to suggest another thread, then do so.

The Ask h2g2 collection

The following games are from Ask h2g2.
There is some debate currently as to whether such threads should be on this page, so please do not start new word games here until further notice to avoid upsetting people.

  • Linkword
  • Unlinkword
  • Definitials game
  • Love it or leave it game
  • Four word postings only
  • Non Sequiturs
  • Boring and banal
  • Sentence game: add four words
  • Everlasting sentence game
  • the Movie Game
  • the Anagram Game
  • 20 Questions - animal, vegetable or mineral?
  • Nonsense Ballad
  • Change a Letter
  • The United Friends Collection

    These games are played on United Friends of h2g2 space

  • Mix the last 3 letters
  • The music game
  • Next word game
  • Yet another word association game
  • Word Gymnastics

    Word game gymnastics is an article soley for playing word games.

  • Hanging man
  • Guess that phrase
  • Whose Line is it Anyway?

    This site is for word games based on Whose Line is it Anyway?' The idea is to have a conversation keeping to the rules in the subject heading - so for 'Questions only' you must only ask questions.

  • Questions only
  • Questions only II
  • Answers only II
  • Each post a limerick
  • Each post a rimickle
  • Other Recommended Threads

    A list of other popular word games, pointless threads and quizes.

  • The Simpsons Game
  • The Red Dwarf Quiz
  • Never Ending Story Game
  • Anagramitis

    Into anagrams? Anagramitis is the place for you.

    The Telelgram Game

    The Telegram Game started off on Ask h2g2 but moved after becoming to popular! Voting and playing takes place here

    The Addict's Own

    Here's this page's very own pointless and meaningless threads, written by addicts for addicts.

  • Sign up sign up for addictship here
  • The Monty Python Sketch Game it's a good game
  • The addicts bar/tea room now complete with magic drinks machine
  • Heinz 57 This thread is more a joke than a game.
  • The Actors Game based on 'The Movie Game'
  • I-Spy Well, it's I-Spy
  • Ending in Y write a sentence that folows the previous, including a word that ends in Y
  • Name that Beer, and attempt to name as many beers as possible
  • Useless Statistic - help us make the most pointless statistic ever
  • Hello, Mr Bond.. Make up the most phycho bond villan yet
  • Rong Spellings - misspell in as many creative ways as possible, then onto a new word
  • Suggest a thread for inclusion
  • Other Addicts Entries (and related)

  • The Menagerie home of the many animals that appear occasionally in the bar.
  • Setting Up New Games on h2g2 - Kiltedjedi's guide
  • The Book Project - aimed for writing a collaborative book
  • The Addicts

    The following researchers would like to bring their addiction into the open.

    The h2g2 game addictsUnconformityKilted JediHelelou2YthikaHarpoNotMarxairscotiaphinBATWING1Cheerful DragonListy-LouDr AntheaArwenEmeepedboySt Romani AngelToy BoxMUSTANG-SALLYUubaguubbaopticalillusionMr mandaLadyChatterlySerephinaGaiaExistential ElevatorLady Neugen BigeyesrodrodBelanaShe if the FrogsPlatypus 2puzzlerBeguiled MortalSpaceGirlBLUENOSELDBEAUBRUMMIEVenusopticalillusionUncle BobAlleyCatRosemaryBlackberry CatThe ReverendEstelendur'Mazin' MadFiddlerResearcher PSGShrillianHnickySpaceGirl'Mazin' MadFiddlerArtisannaughtinik4OldononeMide Mogget

    Want to join them?

    I admit it. I'm addicted.

    h2g2 Game Addict


    This group even has its own 42ism, thanks to Kiltedjedi;


    The Addicts Cabinet

    Sign up for your Cabinet possition.

    UnconformityQueen Unc
    KiltedjediMinister of Alcahol and Vice(s)
    AirscotiaMinister of Transport and Square Dance Calling
    Helelou2Chancellor of the Excheaquer
    Batwing1Minister of Mirth, Merriment and Insanity
    Listy-LouMinister of Comedy Sims and Four Word Postings
    Dr AntheaMinister of Politics and Other Confusing Topics
    PhinMinister of Fish and Smarties
    EmeeMinister of Creative Accounting
    PedboyMinister of Veeblefetzers
    RomaniMinister of Coffee
    ArwenHead of Inadvisably Applied Magic
    Toy BoxMinister of Procrastination and smiley -
    Mustang-SallyMinister of Purple Tumble Dryer Fluff
    YthikaMinister for Unusual Musical Instruments
    UubbaguubbaMinister of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    OpticalillusionMinister of Love, Life and Laughter
    Mr. mandaMinister of Rong Spellings
    Lady ChatterlyMistress of the Robes
    GaiaMinistress of Randomness
    RodrodMinister of Lighters that don't Work
    Existential ElevatorEmbassador to the Temple of Existentialism
    BelanaMinister of Abbr.
    She of the FrogsMinister of Frog Control
    BLUENOSELDMinister of Self Rightousness
    BEAUBRUMMIEMinister of Football Mascots
    Blackberry CatMinister of Useless Facts
    The ReverendMinister of Odd Ministries
    RosemaryStudent of h2g2 "Literature"
    Naughtinik4Head of Alcahol Testing


    Come and take a tour

    As you enter, on the right are two large tables upon which stands the smiley - drinks machine and smiley - food dispenser.
    A large array of colourful mugs,cups, glasses and plates are piled up between them. Below is a large rubbish bin and dishwasher

    The more you dial the stonger the smiley - becomes, but don't worry, he's a nice smiley - , is our Gordon.

    Behind the smiley - smiley - machine, set into the wall, there is a large aquarium, with a colourful smiley - , swimming around merrily

    Don't mind the smiley - , his name is Andy and he is very friendly1

    Next, we come a large array of comfy chairs, bean bags and throw cushions, around coffee tables, and footstools...Watch out for the smiley - , before you sit down, and feeding the and smiley - smiley - ,
    is encouraged. Wondering about is a smiley - , though she takes no notice of the mice.

    Behind this, is a giant dance floor and juke box. On the ceiling there is several smiley - lights smiley -

    Further on, we come to the outdoor area and BBQ, come and sit in the cool rainforest area, and from here view our new pool

    The sign on the pool gate reads

    smiley -


    Beside the pool, is a large grassy paddock, where a smiley - and a smiley - are grazing happily, say hello to Dolly and Hugo. Also here you will find the Sheep smiley - , a smiley - and smiley -

    On the roof lives DORIS the smiley - . Due to her size you won't see her inside the bar, though she makes a good watch dragon.Fluttering about you'll also see smiley - and smiley -

    Here ends the tour
    come and enjoy some of our wonders

    A bottle of Champagne popping
    1However, for all we know she is in fact called Andie and indeed pregnant

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