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As well as being a valuable resource for people to find out about Life, The Universe and Everything, H2G2 is also a meeting ground for people from all walks of life, to share ideas and make friends.

In this guide, it will be necessary to have lighter moments, and perhaps a smaller brain stretching exercise by playing word games, which though a lot less serious, are subscribed to by a great many researchers.

The Current Scenario

As things stand currently, many of these games are dotted throughout the many pages that are in H2G2, and can often be seen to be pointless and irrelevant to the Parent article that the conversation is in.

Probably the place where this is most apparent is in the AskH2G2 guide entry. The main goal of this entry is to provide a central forum for researchers to ask the rest of the community questions such as How Do I's and requests for information. As it stands this guide entry is littered with Game threads such as next word, movie games, trivia games etc.

So what do we do?

The issue with conversations in H2G2 and other places is already there, and unless the threads get moved they will remain there. What we as researchers can do to stop it getting any worse is to stop making new games in these areas of the guide. To facilitate this, there is a guide entry that is dedicated to games of these sorts, and is also a meeting place for the people who play these games. So the proposal is that any new games be set up at The Word Game addicts support group this way, forums like AskH2G2 and others will be free for their designed purpose, and there will be a central area for those researchers who enjoy playing word games.

Guidelines for creating new games

Outlined below are the recommendations to follow if a new game is added
  1. Is it already present in the guide?
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Make sure that the rules are easy to follow
  4. Can anyone play?
  5. Make it fun

Following these simple guidelines will mean that all researchers can live harmoniously with each other and as such give us world peace and an end to all suffering1
1World peace not guaranteed, please read microdot in 4th letter I in the document for terms and conditions

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