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Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, A center of a universe put forward an idea. It was an idea so astounding that it took a while for others to catch up.

The Idea was to write a collaborative book. Throughout the den of hootoo there are many collaborative stories, but none so far have had the ambition, or the grand design of this. It was posted in the Mental Meanderings forum in this conversation

The Confirmed Collaborators

The Book ProjectUnconformityKilted JediFlake99TangoSir MortSpecklyEdinnickIf the universe is infinite then I'm a centerListy LouOpticalillusionLadyChatterlyAirscotiaWildmanRosemaryMulletExistential Elevator

What we do next

Firstly, we are asking all contributors to write a short story of approximately 1000 words of the first things that come to mind from the phrase "No Carrier". The deadline for this is midnight GMT 28/06/03. To submit a story post a new conversation from this page.*

There are no hard and fast rules. All we ask is that the story is written. Those 2 words don't even need to be in the story, the story just has to be inspired by this phrase. Also 1000 words is a guideline, so don't worry if you don't get it exact.

The purpose of this is so that we can analyse where the strengths and weaknesses are in each others writing, and we can organise the writing of the book to take this into consideration.

We shall be arranging an online realtime discussion between all the contributors through one of the Instant messaging systems available (probably MSN messenger) in the very near future to decide upon the main points of this book.

Proposed Agenda for Discussion

Here are a list of items up for discussion when we arrange the online chat. If you feel somethings missing then please post details of it below.

1. Discussion of inspirations drawn from review of short stories .

2. Goal/philosphy/key point of novel.

3. Main plot.

4. Characters.

5. Admin.

Please see Suggested time for meet thread for the times suggested so far

Want to volunteer?

Of course we need volunteers for this, otherwise this wouldn't be a collaborative story. We need writers, proofreaders and editors. If you want to get involved please post to the I want to help thread.

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