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Which ever of the above is your preference or even the below:

Man riding a motorbike

Here's a place to meet like minded researchers and chat about all things vehicular.

Do you have an interesting car? Tell us about it!

Do you partake in motorsport or just spectate? Find out here if other researchers will be watching/competing.

Or do you have a problem with your car? There are people out there who know things, maybe we can help?

Or maybe you just want to chat about cars randomly! Thats what we're here for!

Here are some entries on vehicular matters, in no particluar order:

The Overland Challenge

Formula 1: An introduction

Farnborough District Motor Club

Favourite Cars

Locost Cars

Buying a Car

The British Touring Car Championship

How to change an oil filter.

That should keep you all going for a while.

Here's a list of our current members, if you wish to be added to this list mention it in the membership conversation below.

Current Members of the H2G2 Car ClubMrsCloudWhiskyYowuzupmanCaptain KebabDavyAustin MorrisHappyDudeIs mise DuncanVenusBanjowarriorMr. MadmanKandymanTontoThreesecondmemoryIanGVicki ChickiJackoLiosliathVanquishedJohn LukeShark8me4teaTriumphToneHuckleberryJacqueline888Matt as a HadderLegersV007RainsLennyBaadmonkeyJamie6621

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