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BioHi. My name is some bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy, pithy name and spent five sleepless nights trying but couldn't think of one, Patron Saint of Brevity and Keeper of Drunks, Fools and Ships named Enterprise. I am also a priest in the Church of Weekendism, Thingite Poet of Doom!!! and fluffy bunnies, Wizard of All Things Technological... except turning on the toaster and a member of the Ministry of Sitting on Our Backsides and Doing Sod-All and have recently created the H2G2 Linux Users' Group

My name isn't entirely true. It wasn't five nights.ObservationI recently noticed that on a telephone, using the numbers with letters on and numbers themselves, H2G2 translates to 4242. Appropriate, isn't it?

Oh. And you can get from my user number to 42 by: -9-1-9+61=42 Interesting linksResearchers' Birthdays - A page I've created to list birthdays of researchers so that we can celebrate them.

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Al Boy - PS of Missing LinksSaint Canadian Girl - PS of FrogsSaint Casey-Sweetheart - PS of Singing in the Car/Shower/RainSaint Cheese - PS of Long LunchesSaint Chrome101 - PS of Bad DancingSaint Clelba - PS of Chocolate CatsSaint cloughie - PS of Flying PigsSaint Courtney - PS of Social EmbarassmentSaint Cutlery - PS of Cutting RemarksSaint Cybercat - PS of Poems and StoriesSaint Dancer - PS of Making People Feel Good About ThemselvesSaint Dargent - PS of Sticky AffairsSaint Dastardly - PS of Things With FangsSaint Daubers - PS of All Things AeronauticalSaint Dax - PS of GoodheartednessSaint Desinagro - PS of Double EntendresSaint Doctor John - PS of Chemically ChallengedSaint Don Alfredo - PS of Family BusinessSaint Dolphin Girl - PS of Incoherent RamblingsSaint Dorian Gray - PS of Lesser Demons and Hermetic BeingsSaint Ducky - PS of WaterfowlSaint Egon, the 745.3rd Count of Bratislava - PS of VodkaSaint Emily Ultramarine - PS of AestheticismSaint fabbers - PS of Dodgy Kids TV ProgrammesSaint Galen - PS of CrewSaint Girleight - PS of the Accident ProneSaint Goshoogoshoogosh - PS of Barry ManilowSaint Greedy Man - PS of SarcasmSaint Halo - PS of the Lucky CharmsSaint Hatifnat - PS of Homeless HouseplantsSaint Hezher - PS of ChocoholicsSaint Ioreth - PS of Happy AccidentsSaint Irving Washington - PS of the Highly StrungSaint Jamazon - PS of the HyperactiveSaint Jax Armani - PS of the Wholly UnremarkableSaint Jeltz - PS of Poetic LicenseSaints Jenny & Fred the Cheese - PS of the Fantastically CreativeSaint Jester - PS of Village IdiotsSaint Jester (Court of the Lizard King) - PS of Dead Rock StarsSaint Jezzrian - PS of Dubious ReasoningSaint Jeremy FS JJB - PS of Asymmetric HydrochronologySaint jimmiejaz - PS of Nadsat FashionSaint John (the Rather Ordinary) - PS of the Technologically FrustratedSaint Jon Quixote - PS of MoonMonkeysSaint Justin - PS of Paper CutsSaint Kasia - PS of SyncopationSaint Killer Queen - PS of The Space Behind SofasSaint KoRn BaLl - PS of Corny RemarksSaint Kristina - PS of DuendeSaint KT - PS of Retired Racing GreyhoundsSaint Lady Elly - PS of the Wrong FootSaint Lady of the Lake - PS of Single ParentsSaint LePerdyMonkee - PS of the Selectively IgnoredSaint Lil - PS of Graphic DetailSaint Lisa - PS of Unrequited LoveSaint Lord Sin - PS of White LiesSaint Lou Lou/Pauly/Karlito - PS of Triplicates/SenilitySaint Lys - PS of Asylum SeekersSaint M'niki - PS of Anonymous ArtistsSaint Manxie - PS of Sociable HermitsSaint Marjin - PS of Lost TowelsSaint Matt - PS of Random ProbabilitySaint Miss Angelwings - PS of Blue SkiesSaint Mixed Nuts - PS of Nutty BehaviourSaint Moo Juice - PS of Country FolkSaint Mr. Indifferent - PS of UncertaintySaint Mystrunner - PS of Assassins and the Sunlight That Filters Through The Tree LeavesSaint Nameless - PS of BrevitySaint Necessarily-So - PS of Two-legged felinesSaint Nightshade - PS of Four-Leaved CloversSaint Nikki - PS of Bubbly Drinks and DaydreamsSaint Nim the cat - PS of Intricate ComplexesSaint Niwt - PS of TomboysSaint Ottox - PS of Danish PastriesSaint Paperdoll - PS of the Painfully ShySaint Patrick - PS of DepressionSaint Paul - PS of Ragtime Vogon PoetrySaint Pegasus - PS of ProcrastinationSaint Petunia - PS of Free SpiritsSaint Pink Dandelion - PS of Artistically Arranged FoliageSaint Pletch - PS of Semi-Lost CausesSaint Possum - PS of the Creatures of the NightSaint {CK}Psycho Monkey dragged through a Vortex backwards - PS of MonkeysSaint punichicken - PS of Insomniac TruthseekersSaint Quorthon - PS of Furry MetalSaint Rama - PS of People Who've Drunk Too Much CoffeeSaint Redfish - PS of Aquatic LifeSaint Reya Dawnbringer - PS of New DaysSaint Sabryn - PS of Freaks and GeeksSaint Sad, mad or bad? - PS of IntrospectionSaint Salem Saberhagen - PS of Indomitable SpiritsSaint sea - PS of the Easily AmusedSaint Sergeant Mushroom - PS of Biker CatsSaint Seven of Nine - PS of EmpathySaint Shea the Sarcastic - PS of the KlutzySaint Silent Bob - PS of the Silent MajoritySaint So Long and Thanks for the Fish - PS of Everlasting LoyaltySaint Spook - PS of Sex and Doctor WhoSaint Sporky - PS of Creative TruthsSaint Taco-Chako - PS of Mixed MetaphorsSaint Taffy Boy - PS of Annoying Welsh SheepSaint Tashalls - PS of NormalitySaint Technicolor - PS of the Morally MoribundSaint The Average Joe No One Ever Suspects - PS of Tacky Tourist SouveniersSaint The Mask - PS of Alter-egosSaint The Great Luna - PS of Sci-fi FansSaint The Librarian - PS of Dimensionally ChallengedSaint The Theory - PS of the SnowSaint Thistle - PS of Prickly PersonalitiesSaint Thomas - PS of Small Shiny ThingsSaint Tide - PS of Snack Foods & Small AnimalsSaint Trin - PS of Files Not Found and Socket ErrorsSaint Triv - PS of Merry-Go-AroundsSaint Tuarinn Chaplin - PS of Silly PuttySaint Uber Phreak - PS of Those Who Live in The Middle of No Where With Nothing To Do On The WeekendsSaint Underground Caroline - PS of the Terminally StarstruckSaint Uniqua - PS of Magical Children's DreamsSaint Vidmaster - PS of DreamsSaint Vince - PS of of the Indecisive & NyphomaniacsSaint Wampus - PS of ApathySaint Wilson Brown-Bear - PS of the Unbearably DepressedSaint Wowbagger - PS of Toons You Can Never Quite RecallSaint ZOE - PS of Multiple PersonalitiesREQUEST YOUR OWN GUARDIAN ANGEL!The code for a list of this typeThe 167 -1 proud Members of Clan ThingiteClive the flying ostrich - Warlordacidbath - Grand VisierParrferris - Minister of Defence (and Occasional Offence)Amy - High Priestess of Thing and   General in Charge of External AffairsThe Gook - Sir Loin, Master at ArmsInkwash - Speaker of the UnderpassShea the Sarcastic - Captain of the Thingite Guard   and Honourary Spork Giver-Outer-erHappyDude - Camp FollowerMike - (Temporary) Commander Thingite Suicide SquadAverage Joe - Thingite Tactical AdvisorM'Alice - Keeper of the Sacred AleSad, Mad or Bad - Bearer of PennantsUncle Heavy - Sergeant Major / WitchfinderLady Elly - Assistant GV/Commander Amazon DivisionThing - Guardian of the Sacred ThornSt. Redfish - Director: Thingite Intelligence Agency (TIS)Jon Quixote - Official Suggestor of Good IdeasEkki Ekki Ekki - Chieftain of Clan McThingAcolyte Hezher - High Chocolater PixieMinister of Occasional TablesHiram Abif - Imperial Architect of all Things ThingyEris - Resident DeitySir TJ - Royal Protector of the Thingite Wit   and Kight Errant of the Thingite CauseKatie of the Redheads - Donna and MotherSt Trin - Official operator (Thingite Legionaire)Mr.Mike - Thingite Sandwich MakerSir EvilRoy - Maestro of the Thingite Orchestra   and Knight Errant of the Thingite CauseE G Mel - The Maker of Small Electric GadgetsQueen Alamsy - Thingite Guard of SmiliesIce - Thingite Neuro-SurgeonYeliab - Thingite EngineerABI (!!!) - Captain of ReconnaissanceFrankie Roberto - Thingite Propoganda ChiefJoe AKA Arnia - Head of R + D for the Thingite War MachineDastardly - Principle Dragoon of the Thingite LegionsBusterbone - Warden of the Pound; Lobber of dogs. Cheesestraws - Official Thingite Mascot (Artichoke)aka - Head Eater of Cheesecake and   D. Pres. for Flicking Rubber Bands.Dien - Lord-Seneschal (and-Master-of-Werewolves)   for the Court of ThingAnnette - Official Chinchilla TrainerPu Dendal-Shrubbery - Head Researcher on   Thingite Calendar(A horse called) Bazooka Joe and His Amazing   Travelling Side Show aka Dave - Magnificent Steed,   Bearer of Thingites and Devourer of CarrotsCyberspook - Grand Inquisitor of Disgruntled Cat Toys   and Lover of Small, Vicious, Feline AcupuncturistsJoanna, Princess of Darkness - Thingite Star GazerPeregrin - Official Falconer of the Thingite LegionsTwinkle - Official Thingite TeleportationistAngelecon - Angelic Warrior Creator of Crystalic   Weaponry for the Thingite LegionsShorty - Tamer/Trainer of KremlinPhreako - Official Pigeon TrainerTuarinn Chaplin - Minister for General Sillynessw85 - Thingite Master of Ceremoniesfred_smith - Professor of Surreal WeaponryephirielX - Resident Thingite Psychologist   for all Things ThingyRootitoot - Thingite Trumpet HeraldOttox - Official Thingite NemesisDemon Drawer - Adjutant of the Genuine   Irish Thingite CouncilGranny Weatherwax - Matriarch of the Thingites   and Mother in Law from HellEx-Rambling - Trainer of the Thingite Monster Moths   (Parrot trooper)Ford Focus - Thingite Wizard (& Diviner of Dark Magics!)Thing - Thingite GatEngländer - Thingite of No ThingsBluecat7 - Thingite Handler of Condimentsfords_prefect - Drinker of TeaJoe - Priest of Bovine-Related RitualsBina-baby - Wearer of All Things PurpleDr E Vibenstein - Doctor of ThingismMr Plato (and cat:Cyril) - First Lieutenant   of Un-Opened Cans of WhuppassSulk - Faithful Hound of Mr Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson,   Grand Visier of ThingDreamchild Warspasam - Minister for   Unnecessary Macho Posturinglemodog - Captain of Every Wibble of the YearI'm still thinking - Peerless Master of the GunbladeSam Wolf, and ob the smiley face -   Thingite Alterer of CalendarsInfinity - Thingite Grand High WitchPablo ferral - Thingite Distributor of Bar-SnacksPlastic Squirrel - Worrier of PigeonsTabitca - Official Thingite CatFred the Badger - Official Thingite BartenderCroz T Scout - ThingNet System AdministratorThe Doctor - Head of ConfusionSt Niwt - Amphibious Warden for   the Thingite Asylum (Karnt Spel.)kirikugi - Thingite Tea and Chocolate Digestive ServerMarch Hare Commander of the Thingite LemmingsVidmaster - Warrior Prime of the Thingite CauseCasey - Bomber Squadron LeaderLuvndaisies - Thingite Sergeant of Meaningless NumbersSnowGoddess169 - Thingite Philosopher and SorceressBubbles - Wandering Theoretical MindBatty - Thingite Adawehi of NuyagiEx Libris Draconium - Official Thingite Librarian   and Scaled BeastieMaW - Thingite Dance Troupe ChoreographerIron Griffin - Soul Forger and Thingite Weapon Smithsome bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy,   pithy name and spent five sleepless   nights trying but couldn't think of one   - Thingite Poet of Doom!!! and Fluffy BunniesFABT - Commander in Chief of Twiglets and Special OperationsMookie - Thingite Arbiter of Infinite Wisdom and JusticeIncrease Mathers - Cause of Awkward Silencesin the Court of ThingCaptain Zog - Thingite Ambassador to the little peopleAvenging Washcloth - Thingite Athletics SupporterEngels42 - Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and SpiffynessJiffajoffa - Thingite Minister of Bizzare andConfusing ConversationsLifson - Thingite WebmasterCabman Green - Official Thingite Inhaler of Nasty Exhaust   Fumes and Other Noxious SubstancesStrider - High Chair of the Peoples Front of ThingiesRat - Official Thingite BlokeKnifee - Thingite in Charge of Stuff You Shouldn't Run WithDragonfly - Official Unofficial ThingiteErnie (formerly Brian) - The Happy Little ElfWho Was Born on a ThingEggy - The Thingite Purple Monkey Dishwasher FanaticMrs Slartibartfast - Lower-Upper-Middle Management   Manager of Stray Brain Cells and All Things Spazzydoreiwolf - Thingite Patron, Defender of Wibble,   Pagan Younger and Official Pooper ScooperSmilodon Prefect - Brillo Pad Superintendant   of the Thingite ArmyIago - Thingite Odd Beast (Of Monty Python Fame)Michele - Purveyor of Oscillating Gyroscopes   and Thingite Postmistress GeneralRipper - Veteran Soditite Specialist and   Navigator of High-Speed Inanimate Objects   (Including But Not Limited to Walls and Bus Stops)Balsac - The Wrinkled RetainerCandi - Mistress of TittersClelba - Spigot NodulatorLady Scott - Thingite Metalurgist and Offical Spork EngraverSergeant Mushroom - Sergeant MushroomCybermuz - Thingite/L.A.H. Liason OfficerCarl - Official undead zombie chicken of Thing (ex partie)Leeneh - BornonthingBa'alzamon - Lord of the Underworld,   and all things Dark and SlimyYar Kramer - Summary SummonerElle - Thingite Espionage AgentGalen - Official Banisher of SoditOne Large Sperm Whale - Oceanic Activities Officer   in Charge of Water-Proof Spork Accessories   and Shiny Gardening ToolsTORG - Lord High Slapper of Wrists and   Knitter of Belly-Button FluffMr Inertia - Thingite Ponderer of Laziness and   Giver-Outer-er of Excuses for Being LazyGreyDesk - Official Thingite Spokesperson   to/from the Questions Only ThreadTHE KID - Romancer of the Realm of The RidiculousNeobrad - Thingite Biro ConsultantKaz - Thingite Musical Trivia Anorak and   Follower of Richard Marx-ismMr Legion - Secretary of Evil for the Thingite CauseFadookie the Froody - The Shah of Great Boo-hally,   Vice President of the Department of Vice and Strife,   Coveter of Llamas, Newbie ExtraordinaireVicki Chicki - Community Playgroup Leader to The Thingite ClanKerrAvon- Thingite in Charge of Revoltionary Misspelt GraffettttiSir Stu - Thingite CookSir Culdasac - Master of the Thingite Monkey ArmyAlex - Thingite Ambassador of the Irony of the SmileGingerElle - High Empress of Rich Tea Eating   and Curator of the Official FruitcakeDoc Shinryuu - The Great and Powerful Towel Magepeter the girl - Thingite Peter Gabriel namesake and   correspondent to teddybears and white miceAndyG - Thingite Scanner of Subterrainean SurfacesYankee Shoes - Chief Subliminator of Thingite EspionageVroomfindel - Thingite of Title-Related Indecisiveness   and Unofficial Changer of the MindPinniped - The Dark-Eyed Nemesis of   Very Nearly All Things PiscineNihilistMan - Enforcer of Good and Righteous Aroma   to that of Your Cheese, the Honourable   Crown Duke of SillywaddleGingerElle - High Empress of Rich Tea Eating and   Curator of the Official Fruitcakewinter rae - Zen Controller of Strategy and ReconnaisanceCaptain A.J. Rimmer - Deputy, Vice-Minion Maintenance   Repairman of Thingite Stuffmezzy5 - Thingite Weather DragonHyp_huff - Thingite Minnyster of EducashunJedi Jade and Thras - Patron Punk JediTypolifi - Grand Nofficer of the 5th Wibble TaskforcePeet - Pedant to the StarsCrazy Man - Wearer Of The Crazy Indiana   "Who's Yer Daddy?" PantsUtter Bewilderment - Thingite PreacherAuralyra - Thingite Ambassador to Fools, Keeper of the   Thingite Greenhouse and Official Spurner of BroccoliBeatnik - Relatively Official Minister of   Anything Saturated with CaffeineDaro Frink - Sub personality of Daro. In charge of   co-ordinating the voices in your headRedz - Thingitty Thing, The Thing Thing's SisterBritish Bulldog - Extreme Orangutan of the Dark SideIneffable - The-Gallivanting-Head-Of-The-Past-Events-Of-   Somewhere-Or-Another, In Disguiseddombrow - Official Thingite Teddy BearRhoMuNuQ - Thingite Link to Psueudophysical RealityAmy Pawloski - Thingite Official Mufflewhump - Official Thingte Kleptomaniac------- The H2G2 Guild of Wizards ------- Alji, wizard of the Red Dragon EuanSagesome bloke SpikeTamTwinklexyrothChurch of Weekendism

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some bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy, pithy name and spent five sleepless nights trying but couldn't think of one

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