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Hi. This is a campaign to try and get a cheese smiley on H2G2. I have lost count of how many times I have found myself typing cheese and suddenly remembering that the H2G2 artists have somehow forgotten to design a cheese smiley. So if your feel the same way I do or just want to join another random, pointless campaign then please start a conversation at the bottom of this page.

Monterey Jack cheese on a cheeseboardCheeseWHO`S JOINED?1.MegaChedda2.steve-paul19903.Aximili4.laconian5.Roymondo6.Not panicing yet7.Bovril King8.JozCoz9.Cosmicdudeman10.2legs11.Vip12.Kaz13.Miraculous Randomness14.Josh15.TRiG_Ireland16.Rastlin17.Powminator18.Plebis19.eek-a-mouse20.Intern

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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