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In Australia during the 1940s a small group of subversive writers and artists formed calling themselves 'the Angry Penguins'.

Angry Penguins?

This has absolutely nothing to do with them, or penguins

What IS it about then?

So, you're angry? You feel the need to let off steam? But you don't want to upset someone directly?

Come here and do it!

Had a bad day at work? Partner say something that gave you the screaming irrits? Wanted to Road Rage, thought better of it, but still need to release?

Scream and Shout here!

Annoyed by what someone said? Stubbed your toe decorating and no amount of swearing is doing any good? Just feel like mouthing off about something that really made your blood boil?

What are you waiting for?!

Here is the place to unwind and not have to worry that someone might get upset. If you want to discuss things further feel free though. No-one's stopping you1.

The Last Resort

If all else fails, try Playing With Pingu

Don't Forget

No-one likes flaming or trolling, so be aware of the House Rules.

A miffed penguin storms off in disgust.
1Heaven forbid, especially if you are in full swing!

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