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Yes, Everyone's favorite web-footed little gits are back and they've got interstellar travel and have built a HQ on the planet Shabadabadon so they can spread fear, death and Pavlova based obsessions across the galaxy.

Recent Evil Activity

Attacked the bar in the Thingite thread of NoNoNo.

Planted a destructive device in the Thingite thread of NoNoNo.

Began selling Dragonade1.

Made a new series of Horne and Corden.

Redecorated the canteen.

Subjugated the peoples of the Concutratus system.

Began experimenting with Bio-Mechanics.

Planned an attack on the Evil Army.

Stole a large amount of Evil Army weapon plans.

Built the Cheesecake of Death.

Launched the Cheesecake of Death.

Built and activated a Continuity Shield.

Made plans for a Continuity Shield.

Agent Interspark began the Glorious P.I.I.B Webcomic at this secret location.

The further adventures of the PIIB begin to be chronicled here .


smiley - brrSoldier.
smiley - brrsmiley - rocket Space ship crew Member.
smiley - brrsmiley - galaxy Galaxy conqueror.
smiley - brrsmiley - peacesign Negotiator.
smiley - brrsmiley - handcuffs Jail guard.
smiley - brrsmiley - dontpanic Moral Officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - chef Cook.
smiley - brrsmiley - doctor Medical Officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - geekIT officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - jester Entertainment officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - scientist Science officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - senior Senior officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - ski Alpine attack soldier.
smiley - brrsmiley - drumrollDrummer.
smiley - brrsmiley - lurk Member of the stealth squad.
smiley - brrsmiley - planet Planet Destroyer
smiley - brrsmiley - fullmoon Member of the lone wolf squad.
smiley - brrsmiley - tardis A member of The Attack and Retaliative Defence of the Internal Services squad.
smiley - brrsmiley - spork A member of the Close Quarters Attack Squad.
smiley - brrsmiley - drunk Drinks Officer.
smiley - brrsmiley - cheesecake Crew member on the Cheesecake of Death.


Happy Nerd - Drinks Officer.
kipperonthefloor - Science Officer and acting Head.
Menthol Penguin - IT Officer.
Persephone - A head of TARDIS.
Interspark - Captain of the Cheesecake Of Death
Catachresis - Captain Of the Alpine attack Squad.
Dr Anthea - Missing People's agent
Krabatt - Planet Destroyer
Holly Kazuyuki - Soldier
Spikey - Negotiator
Dr J McCrimmon - IT Officer

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