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A frozen planet one million miles across. Below the Layer of ice the planet is made up of a network ice of caves.

At sundown the vibrationcaused by the orbit of the planet makes the caves sing like the South Valharnian harmonic choir

The planet orbits a dead sun delegated HY4565/HJK/890, the natives call it Quwagty Varl Tarashada1

Local legend states that the Ultimate Power Crystal lies deep within the ice caves and that the claw of evil will come and take the crystal and wreak havoc in the universe.

Shabadabadon is the last known location of the Chocolate God.

The planet is inhabited by Shabadabadoinans a generally friendly race who have mastered the art of forming Ice Fires.

The main currency of the planet is The Ice Dollar


The planet has no direct Hyperspace Expressway access. To reach Shabadabadon use Hyperspace Expressway junction 122E/R/D12 in the Omega Quadrant and follow the 2133/HT/KJ8874 space way.

Note to All fire breathing creatures, beware your Heat emissions on this Ice planet

Home to the Headquarters of the P.I.I.B.

1The Great Blue Heatless One

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