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Check out the Edited Guide and get a badge for your own solo entries!
While there are many activities on h2g2, the Edited Guide remains at the heart of everything we do here. Therefore, one more change is the introduction of a new range of badges for contributions to the Edited Guide. The badges will be added to the Personal Spaces of Researchers who have contributed 25 solo-written entries to the Edited Guide, with alternative badges for those who have written 50, 75 and 100 entries.
h2g2 Announcements(4 August, 2005: New Features on h2g2)

And with that announcement Researchers who had written 25 or more Entries for the Edited Guide requested on the appropriate page to get their shiny badges. Some Researchers who had not written more than 25 were spurred on to write more, then on up the ladder to the next Solo-Written Edited Entries Badge.

Read The Post to find those Researcher's who have had their very first solo-written Entry in the Edited Guide smiley - thepost.

For this page there will be a Bronze status badge for 25 Solo Edited Entries, Silver for at least 50 Solo-Written Edited Entries, Ruby for at least 75 Solo-Written Edited Entries and Gold for at least 100 for Solo-Written Edited Entries. To find out if you qualify for a badge visit The Solo-Written Edited Guide Entries Home Page.

Multiple Solo-Written Edited Entries Roll of Honour

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25 Solo-Written Edited Entries Badge Holders

smiley - staranhaga
smiley - starAshley Stewart-Noble
smiley - starBob Stafford.
smiley - starBossel
smiley - starCaper Plip
smiley - starDastardly
smiley - starDeke
smiley - starDr E Vibenstein
smiley - starElentari
smiley - starEmmily
smiley - starFarlander
smiley - starFrenchbean
smiley - starGiford
smiley - starj'au-æmne
smiley - starJimster
smiley - starJohn-the-gardener
smiley - starlaconian
smiley - starLeo
smiley - starLooytunes
smiley - starMark Moxon
smiley - starMikey the Humming Mouse
smiley - starMu Beta
smiley - starNiwt
smiley - starResearcher 93445
smiley - starRichard
smiley - starSon of Roj Blake
smiley - starThe Apprentice
smiley - starWitty Ditty
smiley - starWoodpigeon
smiley - starWyatt

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50 Solo-Written Edited Entries Badge Holders

smiley - starBigAl
smiley - starDanny B
smiley - starDr. Hell
smiley - starJust zis Guy
smiley - starMatt James
smiley - starSkankyrich
smiley - starThe_Jon_m

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75 Solo Edited Entries Badge Holders

smiley - starAlexAshman
smiley - starEco Worrier

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100 Solo-Written Edited Entries Badge Holders

smiley - starBlueBottle
smiley - starDemon Drawer
smiley - starGalaxy Babe
smiley - starGnomon
smiley - starJimi X
smiley - starJodan
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Emmily & Galaxy Babe

These badges are so special they're listed on two pages The Solo-Written Edited Guide Entries Badge Holders

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