I have largely disappeared from the website, I am afraid. Not that I don't love h2g2 and what I represents, but I have moved on to other things. But I may well come back to write an entry or two, or to participate in some conversations. It's just that often I find I have nothing to say.

First things first, take note of this quote1 from Friedrich Nietzsche. It might explain something to you if you are mystified by some of my posts in a debate.

It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!

Welcome to my new-look, slimmed down Personal Space2. I am not from Laconia3, by the way. I'm from Wales, actually. Yes, it's a big difference; I'm afraid I chose the name 'Laconian' purely because I like the sound of it. Plus I'm a bit of a hellenophile.

So yes, after clearing that up I can tell you a little about myself. I am eighteen years old. I like a wide range of music - I generally pick stuff I really like the sound of, or stuff I value for its artistic merit. See what I've been listening to here (note that h2g2 has its very own group on I like reading, both fiction and non-fiction, on a large range of subjects. My favourite authors include Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell and Oscar Wilde. I am keen on archery, and own a wooden longbow - thought I don't practice nearly as much as I should. I write occasionally, though it is strictly for entertainment.

I am currently studying Meteorology at Reading University. Here's a good site on climate change, by the way.

On h2g2

I've been a member of Hootoo since 7th April 2005, so I'm no longer a wide-eyed newbie. Like all newbies, I was intimidated by the sheer size of this place at first, but eventually I settled in and came to terms with the fact I'd probably never stop discovering new corners of the site to look at. I have written a few entries for the Edited Guide, and I am very proud to have one whole Entry in the UnderGuide as well.

My email address is ajf_14 at hotmail dot com if you want to contact me outside h2g2. I'm always friendly, so please feel free. Of course, I can be in moods in real life but I can only be friendly in text-based conversation because I actually stop and think about what I am about to say.

Conversations pop up
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A towel - do you know where yours is?

Entries I Might Write When I Get Round To It

If I don't note these down I'll never remember them. If anyone wants to give me hand with any of these just drop me a line. Those with links are in progress.

  • The Spanish Inquisition (realised this is a big topic and so I am leaving it alone for a while. It's not really enough to submit to the Flea Market so I'll see whether I can come back to it. If you want to take what there is off my hands, feel free).
  • The Battle of the Beanfield
  • Chico Mendes
  • The Mighty Boosh
  • University of Reading, UK
  • Ada Lovelace - Enchantress of Numbers
  • Foxgloves
  • Cricket - Some Variations [eg. single-wicket contests]
  • Reading, UK [thinking of several entries - Introduction (Geography), History, Things to do in the day/night...]
  • Lignum Vitae - The Wood of Life
  • Basil D'Oliveira - The Cricketer Who Brought Down Apartheid

Note to self: update this (Owain Glyndwr).

1Hehe, it rhymes.2With added vitamin C!3A region in Greece, of which Sparta used to be the chief city.


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