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Are you a Sub-editor?

Welcome to 'Subbies' Mess Hall!

Here at Subbies, over a plate of piping hot gravy and haggis, you can discuss problems or queries concerning an Entry you're subbing for the Edited Guide. Why is it called the a 'Mess Hall'? Because here, you can make as much mess as you like, then clean it up before it hits the 'fan'!

Do You Want Peas With That?

As a Sub-editor, you may feel you've got an Entry to polish up for the Edited Guide that you're not all that comfortable with. If you need a second opinion and the Help Pages or Guidelines don't explain it, or you can't quite follow what the author was on about, then this is the place to come and talk to other h2g2 Researchers! You might find there's someone who knows more about the subject matter than you and can help you out with it. There may be a more experienced Sub-editor who could point you in the right direction. Don't be shy in asking for a helping hand. We're all here to make the Edited Guide the best of the best!

Can I See Your ID Please?

Not a Sub-editor? It doesn't matter, you're more than welcome to help yourself to some fish 'n' chips. Your expertise in another field may just help clear up something for someone else! Whether you're an average h2g2 Researcher, or a Scout, Guru, ACE, Field Researcher, UnderGuide Volunteer, Post Reporter or even Staff - your knowledge may be integral!

Eat In or Take Away?

Help can be found in a variety of places all over h2g2. There's a little bit of everything;

Don't Forget

h2g2 is a community. Talk to each other! Just remember no-one likes flaming or trolling, so be aware of the House Rules.

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