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The h2g2 Language Thing

This will be the grand base of the H2G2 Language Thing1.

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We are here for people who speak in one language (or more) to talk to those who don't but aim to. Or do, but need practice. Or something like that. All languages are welcome; if there's no Department for your chosen language, pop your head round the door of the Departments Co-ordination Office and ask for one to be opened; if you can spare the time to teach other people a bit of the language, that's even better!smiley - smiley.

If at any time you have any questions or complaints please contact
Kat(Creator and Returned Chief Editor)
Joe C(Editor)


The h2g2 Language Thing - Departments List
DepartmentHead of DepartmentWhere is it?
DutchMax Headroom 4m2A3357957


WLTL=Would Like To Learn

WLTP=Would Like To Practise

WLTT=Would Like To Talk

If you would like to join in and be listed on the front page, use this form:

Anything else we need to know:


All members are expected to post to their selected language departments at least once a month. Whilst this does mean that lurkers are pulled out, it also means we can keep tabs on how many people are in a department, how many are active and whether it is worth keeping the department open.

If you find that you are not on your department's list anymore, it is probably because you have not posted in a long time. Once you start participating again you will be swiftly put back on the list

If you are in the wrong categories, not in one you want to be in, or completely missing please either sign up again, or contact Kat to help the update.


A man practising received pronunciation.
Language Starters
Essential Finnish
The German Class
German Pronunciation
The GerMania Connection
Spanish Pronunciation
GerMania Commection Yahoo! Group
French Pronunciation
The French Language Help Desk
Italian Pronunciation
The Polyglot Plaza
Handy Japanese
French Yahoo! Group
Handy Mandarin
The Nordic Researchers
Dutch - The Language
Crash Course In Welsh
Examples of the Russian language.

Please feel free to leave a message and join us. We hope for more people and more languages all the time! smiley - biggrin

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1We couldn't think of a better name.2Some retained the romantic notion that Kat had merely popped out for a cheese and ham croissant, and would return soon. Her desk was kept tidy ready for her return. This was a good thing as they were, in fact, correct.

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