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Welcome to the Polyglot Plaza!

The sun always shines warmly here, there is always a cooling breeze, and there are plenty of benches and trees inconspicuously scattered about for people to relax on or under. The Plaza stretches from Frink's Drinks and the clubhouse all the way to the millenium redwood.....oldest tree in the world!

The Polyglot Plaza was specifically designed to provide a place for all non-english languages to be used freely -- in the forums below, of course. Any language, alive or dead, real or imaginary is welcome. Compare notes in Spanish. Argue in Latin. Sing Klingon opera. All are welcome.

Requested format:

1. If the language you wish to converse in does not yet have it's own forum subject, please create a new conversation in the forum with the English name of the language as the subject.

2. This is a multi-lingual page. All languages are welcome. Some languages cannot be viewed properly on all computers. Please feel free to use these also. If you come here and can only read gibberish in a post, it is because your computer is not formatted for this language. Upgrade your computer if you would like to see the language clearly, but please do not complain about your own inability to understand. Again, this is not an English site. It is multi-lingual.

3. Enjoy yourself!

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