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h2g2 is unique because the Guide isn't just about reading and writing, it's about discussion too. The h2g2 Community is a bright and busy one, and as well as writing Guide Entries, h2g2's Researchers have created all sorts of wonderful personal diaries, pithy conversations, virtual worlds and collaborative masterpieces.

The h2g2 Community is friendly, fascinating and fun, and here's a whole host of links that will take you to the heart of current activity - simply click on one of the following links:

Everyone can read the Conversations on h2g2, but if you really want to get into h2g2, you should register first, so you can contribute to them.

Where Other Researchers are Talking

There are always loads of Conversations going on, all over h2g2, and here are the places that our Researchers are talking about life, the universe and everything.

  • Ask the Community: The Ask h2g2 and How Do I? pages are where you can find out what your fellow Researchers think on absolutely any topic, or find out the answer to the question that has been annoying you for ages.

  • Read What People Are Writing: Check out our scheme for recommending entries to be included in the Edited Guide - the Peer Review Scheme. Get stuck in!

  • The Aces' Home Page: The Aces are a voluntary team of Researchers who help us meet and greet all the new people who come to h2g2. You'll bump into the Aces all over h2g2, or can go over to them and say 'hi', on the Aces Home Page.

Community Pages

Dive into the World of h2g2

People talk to people all the time on h2g2. Information gets shared, advice is given in areas like Ask h2g2. And from these starting points you can journey further and deeper into the world of h2g2. Dive in, get lost, make new friends and find yourself again, all within one of the most welcoming and entertaining communities on Earth. Or, indeed, off it.

Real-life Events

If you are interested in meeting your fellow Researchers in the flesh and putting faces to the virtual characters you have met, why not see where and when the future community events are taking place?

Read the Upcoming h2g2 Community Events page for details of all future real-life events.

Check out the photos from the h2g2 Community Events of the Past for a nostalgia kick, if you attended, or to see what your h2g2 friends look like, if you didn't!

Please Give us your Feedback.

If you've got any questions or comments - whether it's a suggestion for a new feature, or a query about the technology we use to create the Guide - we want to hear from you.

  • Feedback Forum: The best way to get our attention is to pop over to the Feedback Forum and post your questions and comments in the relevant section. This is also where you can talk about the h2g2 Community in the Community Soapbox.

  • Talking to the h2g2 Team: You can visit the Community Soapbox and post your comments or questions there. If you'd like to talk to someone from the h2g2 Team, you can find them listed on the h2g2 Team Page. The h2g2 Team will do its very best to respond to you. However, they are very busy and in some cases this may take a while. Please be patient!

  • If You're New: There's a special place just for those who are new to h2g2, so if you're new and have any questions or comments to make, make sure you visit the Newcomers' Welcome Page.

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