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The Researchers at h2g2 are a friendly crowd. Soon after h2g2's conception in 1999, they arranged their first meet-up and showed what a sociable bunch they could be.

Since then, Researchers have organised a number of social events, which have taken place at lots of venues around the world (check out the list of Great h2g2 Community Events of the Past for the low-down). And, yes, they've all been great fun...

So, are you interested in meeting some of your fellow Researchers? Go on, you'll enjoy it - really! Check the list below to find out when and where the next planned events are. Come along and meet everyone!

After a while of not being able to be updated, this page is again able to be edited and updated, so:

if you are planning an h2g2 event or party anywhere in the world, please let us know in a conversation thread below and we'll add a link to your event's page.

NOTE: We advise that you read our Guidelines for Attending an Internet Party before attending any of the parties.

London mini meet, London UK

Plans are underway to hold a London mini meet, on the meet, on the 27th September, 2014, A possible guest appearance by nighthoover, beer, daytime events, and other activities are promised, with cultural possibilities too. Head over to the
London mini meet 27th September 2014 page to find out more, and sign up.

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