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Here's a list of past Community Events - revel in the nostalgia! And don't forget to see if there are any Upcoming h2g2 Community Events near you!

Reports of various meets over the years, can be read in the archive for
the h2g2 Meet stories and articles which have appeared in The Post

H2G2 London autum/winter meet 2010

It might be cold outside but we've found a warm pub for another London Meet

H2G2 London May meet 2010

It was time for another London meet

Hull meet 25/6 July 2009

Hull still proving a popular and frequent meet location for h2g2 Researchers.

The 9Th May 2009 "rebellian in a pint glass" International HooToo non-seasonal meet.

Another year, another London meet the title seems to get longer each year..

the h2g2 Birmingham Mini-Meet - Saturday 25 April, 2009

A Birmingham meet was seen as a fitting celibration of the 10th birthday of h2g2.

GLAUCOMA 2 - The Pathia Strikes Back

Following the runaway success of the SRG's inaugural curry night last year, those with strong stomachs enbarked on a return Curry night/meet, on the 7th Febuary 2009.

Hull Meet-up: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23, November 2008

Hull is a popular destination for h2g2 meet-ups.

German Meet-up: Saturday 9 August, 2008

This summer meet-up was held in Düsseldorf and organised around the German Meet-up page.

Hull Meet-up: Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 July, 2008

Attendees for this summer meet-up reached double figures, as evidenced at the Hull Meet-up page.

Towel Day, Edinburgh: Saturday, 10 May, 2008

The life of Douglas Adams was celebrated on Towel Day by the ever-sociable Scottish Researchers Group.

h2g2 Spring Meet-up, London: Saturday, 26 April, 2008

A date was finally decided for the London Spring Meet.

GLAUCOMA, Glasgow: 2 February, 2008

Spicy food enthusiasts gathered for the inaugural GLAUCOMA, which roughly means 'Glasgow Curry Crawl'.

h2g2 Leeds Winter Meet-up: 1 December, 2007

Following the huge success of the Rhubarb meander, Researchers gathered at this northern meet-up at the Scarborough Hotel.

Glasgow Hallowe'en Meet: Saturday, 27 October, 2007

Party animals the Scottish Researchers Group hadn't had a meet-up in Glasgow for over a year, but attempted to remedy that by gathering on 27 October.

h2g2 London Autumn Meet-up: Saturday, 20 October, 2007

The big autumn h2g2 get-together took place in London.

German Mini-meet, Cologne, 25 August, 2007

Researchers from h2g2's strong German community interested in having a guten tag gathered at this thread.

Swedish Meet-Up, Lund, 22 June, 2007

It was midsummer madness! The Nordic Researchers met up in Lund on 22 June, which is, of course, midsummer. Those interested should visit this thread.

Towel Day, Edinburgh, 12 May, 2007

The northern hordes of Researchers, more commonly known as the Scottish Researchers Group meet up and toast Douglas Noel Adams this month. To join in visit the meet-up page.

The h2g2 London Spring 2007 Meet-Up, 28 April, 2007

A date's been finalised for the London meet-up! It'll be on 28 April, 2007, exactly eight years after h2g2 was featured on Tomorrow's World - effectively our eighth birthday! Sign up now at the meet-up page!

Thanet Beer Festival, 6-7 April, 2007

Margate Winter Gardens will be host to this mini-meet - for more information and to sign up visit the meet-up page.

The h2g2 Autumn London Meet-up: 21 October, 2006

Following conversations at the h2g2 Summer Meet 2006, collective minds decided that there should be a break with tradition and subsequent meets should take place in Spring and Autumn.

28 February, 2004

Another month, another Scottish Meet-up. The Scottish Researchers' Group are meeting in Edinburgh at the Standing Order, and are bowling (to finally decide the Scottish champion). Get yourself there!

21st February, 2004

After the blinding success of the last one, another Oxford mini-meet is on the cards. Why not join them?

10 January, 2004

The unoffical London Winter/January 2004 Christmas meet - with a title guaranteed to cover all bases, the 'social extravaganza of the year' was bound to be a roaring success - and it was.

4 October, 2003

The superbly-titled Bradford Broccoli, "the latest in the ongoing vegetable-titled adventures" of the Flat Cap and Muffler Sports and Social Club - Affiliated was a roaring success.

27-28 September, 2003

h2g2 is a truly international Community, as testified by the Dutch Researchers Club who had an autumnal annual meet-up.

19-21 September, 2003

The AT'03 (the third meet-up at Alton Towers) was a great success.

6 September, 2003

The not-quite-end-of-summer Scottish meetup took place in a pub. They initially thought that they will be able to leave the pub for a trip to the beach, but there appears to be no mention of that in the log.

25-27 July, 2003

Paris was the venue for the first meet up in France. Most of the Researchers seem to be travelling into France from other countries, so a few miles didn't put anyone off.

25-27 July, 2003

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Meet meet was a lot of fun. Try not to breathe on us. smiley - winkeye

27-29 June, 2003

The Glastonbury Festival sold out very quickly. Did you join the other Researchers attending the festival?

28 June, 2003

The h2g2 Official Summer Party was held on this date. Bright sunshine, fun, games, and a few beers. Love was in the air!

21 June, 2003

Amy's Asparagus was held by the Flat Cap and Muffler Club to celebrate the pubs being open. Well, what more do you need?

14-22 June, 2003

The second annual South West England Meet celebrated the solstice in Cornwall with a week on a campsite.

3 May, 2003

The first meet-up in South-West Wales was arranged for Cardiff. An evening in the pub to polish off a leisurely site-seeing afternoon was ideal for a May Bank Holiday weekend. Where you there?

5 April, 2003

ScReAM! loud enough and they'll hear you. The latest meet-up in Scotland managed to lose only one Researcher, but everyone else was too busy snogging to send out a search party.

29 March, 2003

Birmingham was the focus of some Researcher attention as a meet-up was held in the function room at the local Hogshead. Someone won the pub quiz, someone lost, but the wings made up for it all.

8 March, 2003

The 25th Anniversary Totally Unofficial Mini-Meet held in London in two different pubs. They raised a glass to absent friends, and a good time was had by all.

8 February, 2003

The Manchester Curry Crawl was attended by those with strong stomachs. Those with sensitive noses didn't hang around for long.

25 January, 2003

For your delight and entertainment we held an official meet-up in London. It was held at the Penderel's Oak on High Holborn. There was a walking tour of the Fleet Street area, with the alternative games in the pub going down quite nicely too. Were you at the most important party of the season?

28 December, 2002

The most recent meet-up in Scotland was in Glasgow, The Counting House (2 St Vincent place) to be precise. If you'd like to sign up to attend (think carefully), then unfortunately you're too late.

7 December, 2002

The Flat Cap mob were at it again, they had a Christmas meet-up. You can find the details of the latest Manchester meet-up at the (strangely named) Turnip.

23 November, 2002

A good Head of Steam, was built up over the evening. The pub smelt, but as usual, our Researchers cared nothing for anything but the taste of the beer.

The Carlisle Castle Hotel in Newtown (rather unwisely) was the venue for the latest Sydney meet-up. Join in the conversation to discover why it was the smallest so far.

2 November, 2002

If you were any where near Oxford then you could have joined the early Christmas festivities. You should have been at the dampest meet-up so far.

25 October, 2002

If you were at the Point in Milton Keynes, UK at high noon, then you might have encountered a very small group of Researchers.

26 October, 2002

Somewhere in Scotland, it lurked. The Scottish meet-up went something like this.

18 September, 2002

Freiburg provided the location for the meet-up in South Germany. Drinks, food, and then drinks again was the order of the evening. You can find out what happened here.

13-15 September, 2002

For a weekend of thrills and spills, the Alton Towers second annual meet-up was the place to be.

31 August, 2002

The Manchester Marrow beamed into the Museum of Science and Technology before finding a quiet pub to hold a pub quiz.

2-4 August, 2002

The Pennsylvania Meet-up turned into an audition for Convoy. The Paper Lady arrived in the flesh, Zak the Duck arrived in style, and a flannel arrived in a bag.

20 July, 2002

The h2g2 Official Summer Party was held in Central London. Researchers and the Editorial team flocked to the party of the season.

12 July, 2002

Some of our Australian Researchers got together in Melbourne. There was talk of go-karting and possibly a pub. There was even talk of a casino.

22 June, 2002

The Eden Project (in the South West of England) hosted a meet up. Lots of sunshine and swimming in the sea, this was the itinerary.

23 June, 2002

The Hampshire Meet-up was small but sweet. The pub quiz team won, a success!

31 May 2002

The Dutch mini-meet at the end of May. It went with a bang!

11 May, 2002

The latest Scottish Meet in Edinburgh. From the journal of an attendee 'Another weekend, another meet - there were homosexual happenings, orgies, many casualties...and a muppet sending someone on the wrong train home.'

The Thursday Meetup was held in Reading. A frantic game of rounders, followed by a medicinal and recuperative visit to the local public house.

3 May, 2002

The latest meet in Manchester, the Mini-Meet mark II was a roaring success. So succesful that they spent the evening planning the next one.

13 April, 2002

The Australian Researchers stopped talking about cricket long enough to organise another meet-up. A good time was had by all. You can find the details, between the cricket commentary, here.

30 March, 2002

The Danish town of Esbjerg was the venue for the first ever Scandanavian meet-up. Most of the Researchers appear to have arrived home unscathed.

March 15-17, 2002

The Mixed Nuts met in Denver, Colorado. If you were in the South Western United States you might have noticed some boisterous Researchers. You can find the details here.

16 February, 2002

The first New York City meet-up was so good, they had another one! Why not find out more?

26 January, 2002

The Official London h2g2 Winter Party - Rupert's Birthday Party! Organised by the Editorial team, it was a big event!

24 November, 2001

Christmas was celebrated a month early among our Scottish Researchers at the Scottish xMas Extravaganza Glasgow.

23 November, 2001

The Manchester Mini Meet-up managed to mass members majestically. Marvellous!

10 November, 2001

The North Eastern US Researchers had a meet-up in Manhattan.

26-28 October, 2001

The Dutch Meet 2001 attracted vistors from all over Europe.

29-30 September, 2001

They came, they saw, they got very wet! Find out about the Alton Towers weekend.

15 September, 2001

'Strewth mate! The Aussie Researchers met down under for a few tinnies. Why not find out what transpired in Sydney and Melbourne...

25 August, 2001

They came, they saw, they radished. Find out all about the Leeds Meet-up.

11 August, 2001

The Swanny River Meet was a heady mix of Laserquest, ice-cream and tomfoolery ...

4 August, 2001

Whippets were optional at the Spring Onion in Manchester.

21 July, 2001

The Next Scottish Meet-up is now a Past Scottish Meet-up, and brilliant it was too.

7 July, 2001

The h2g2 Real-time Summer Party was great fun. It was held in Central London, with the afternoon being spent at the BBC Experience, followed by a quick trip to a convivial pub...

24 February, 2001

Edinburgh was the venue for the Second h2g2 Scottish Gathering.

January 7, 2001

Denver, Colorado, USA

16 December, 2000

Stockholm, Sweden

9-10 December, 2000

Southern Germany.

8 December, 2000

Sydney, Australia.

25 November, 2000

The huge h2g2 Christmas Party was held in London. Check out the Community Team Photos and read the hilarious captions posted for the h2g2 photo Caption Competition.

17 November, 2000

New York City, New York, USA.

30 September, 2000

The Netherlands, in Alphen aan den Rijn, near Amsterdam.

5 August, 2000

Edinburgh was the venue for the Scottish Researchers Meet-up. However, through a long series of events, not all of them actually managed to meet up!

13 May, 2000

To celebrate h2g2's First Birthday, 43 Researchers partied in Hyde Park, with a game of softball, before retiring to the pub through one of the heaviest rain showers of the summer. We dried out, eventually...

11-12 March, 2000

Peta and Mark led a contingent of Brits over to the other side of the pond to party in Miami with some of h2g2's American Researchers. I am sorry, did I say party? Of course I meant research guide entries.

11 December, 1999

The Christmas Event saw Mark take on all comers at ten-pin bowling. Peta organised the drinking until way past our bedtimes.

19 July, 1999

The first community meet up - a frankly dangerous rounders match on Clapham Common - was a roaring success for all involved. Take a look at the pictures and relive old memories if you attended.

Thanks to Peta who originally created this page.

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