The Unofficial h2g2 Christmas Party 2004

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Its that time of year again, and plans for the social extravaganza of the year need to be made, buried in the bottom draw of a locked filing cabinat in a disused warehouse, lost, found, lost again, buried for a month in a swamp and finally recycled as paper beer glasses

We’re a friendly bunch of people on H2G2, and every year we have two meets in London, one in the summer rain
and one at Christmas
and, this year will be no different. Though, as a result of the recent ‘reorganization’ of H2G2 staff, it seems a little unfair to drop all the responsibility on organising on to the probably overweilmed desktops of the Italics. So somehow, probably involving bribery, corruption and a certain offer of beer, I have some been given ‘partial’ responsibility.


The date for this years meet is the 10 January 2004 and if you can attend please
Sign up here!
The time looks like being about 2 PM for the 'afternoon event', and probably a bit earlier than this for those of a more 'I'm going to sit on my arse and drink beer' bunch, who will be meeting up Midday-ish onwards in the Shakespeare's Head pub (located on Kingsway just round the corner from Holborn
Station). The evening will be kicking off at 6 PM onwards.


Keeping with tradition, there will be an afternoon event, which younger and older researchers can attend alike.

The afternoon event will be a trip round the Science musseum, and people will be meeting up in the Museum café
(ground floor, next to the Mill Engine)
at 2 PM.

A self-service restaurant, the café is open every day, 10.00 to 17.30. Sandwiches, salads, home made cakes, hot and cold drinks are served all day; hot
food is available 12.00 to 15.00.


Find out who is attending this social extravaganza

Evening event

Those researchers for whom the science musseum seems too much like not sitting down and drinking beer, a few of us will be found in our customary positions in a local Taven in London drinking a few fermented vegetable products. currently this is now set as being the Shakespeare's Head pup, which is on Kingsway just round the corner from Holborn
Station. Some very thirsty individuals will be found here from about 12.30/1 PM onwards.

for the evening event we will be attending the Penderel's Oak (cunningly not too far from the Shakespears head),
283-288, High Holborn

As a demonstration of foresight and forethought of aleness, the evening event has been provisionally booked in to start from around 6 PM, and will involve 'lord high quizzmaster Esq', dilivering a most magnificent quizz at some point in the evening, with (if we can aqure them), some H2G2 goodies to give away

Is there anything else I need to know?

If you haven't attended a meet-up before or even if you have been to every single one, we have collected a few guidelines
together to make sure we all have a safe and happy time.


Though recently rock groups not rain have plagued the summer meets
Though, keeping with tradition the Christmas meets are typically in January
The stress of the responsibility is overwhelming, and I imagine I'll only be able to recover by recieving lots of free beer

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