Scottish meet, Edinburgh, 11th May 2002

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Well, that was fun. At least, I'm assured it was. DD's log of the day can be found here. My recollections (short) and the list of attendees is here.

Another summer, another ScotMeet. And why not? Come and see exactly who you've been arguing\flirting\denouncing\worshipping in conversation, and buy them a drink. Never been to a meetup before? Even better, we always need new vict - err, fellow researchers. Don't fancy drinking the day away? That means you get to take the incriminating photos and will remember exactly what everyone else got up to*. Heck, I went to my first meet before I was even signed up here, and the experience didn't put me off. Possibly because I don't remember much of the experience, for some reason *hic*.

Incidentally, if you happen to be down the other end of the country that day, there is a meet happening in Reading at the same time.

It might be an idea to subscribe to this page - makes it easier to make announcements etc.

Of course, the actual meet will be a bit bigger than this, hopefully.

Date: Saturday 11th May

Place: Edinburgh

What are we doing then?

The ideas page is here

Meet at 1pm or thereabouts in the Standing Order, 62-66 George Street (bung "66 George street, Edinburgh" into Multimap to get the location. It's about 500m North West from Waverley Stn, on the junction of George St and Frederick St). Don't be surprised to find the usual reprobates propping up the bar...

Once it looks like everyone has arrived, see what the weather looks like. If it's nice, either go up to the meadows and throw things at each other, or catch the tour bus. If the weather is cruddy* go to somewhere indoorsy (Dynamic earth, SW exhibition, Underground Vaults tour, etc).

Evening, maybe round about 6 or so. Go to pub* - The Holyrood Tavern (9A Holyrood Road. Easiest way to find it is to put EH8 8AE into Multimap).

People who have expressed a vague interest so far

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