Welcome to wherever this is......

My space apparently.....
Who am I?smiley -
Where am I?smiley -
What am I doing here?smiley -

Who knows! Your guess is as good as minesmiley - But not to worry, it'll all come out in the great mixed warm wash of life!smiley -

So, welcome to the page of a rank amateur, experience may lead to an improvement in it's appearance, and content -but- don't hold your breath. In time, hopefully, something interesting will appear.smiley -

Meanwhile, sit ye down, relax, and help yourself to your favourite beverage (hot, cold or otherwise). The fridge is pretty well stocked, and the kettle can be popped on in a second. Have some cake or a biscuit or 2 maybe, or would you prefer something else, chocolate or some chilli, or a bit of curry? Or would you prefer to have a wander around and admire the view from my windows? Make yourself at home. Despite the chaos and confusion, I'm friendly, and like to have visitors.

Three shadowy figuresA poster of a film entitled 'Attack of the Killer Dummies'.

A Brief History.......

Born at an early age, and it went down hill from there1. Now older, but, no wiser. Funny that.2

So what can I tell you?

Not a lot to tell really! I like to read Science Fiction, along with Tolkien and whatever takes my fancy, and comic book/cartoons such as Dan Dare, Lobey Dosser, the Far Side. I like various kinds of music, mostly from the 70s and 80s (played loud I fear), this probably gives my age away3 That said, I do also listen to current stuff as well... and Jazz and the Bonzos4 and the brilliant Half Man Half Biscuitsmiley - . And, oh dear, yes, I like Star Trek and the X-Files, amongst other things. I like watching Sci Fi, B-movies and comedies, and I enjoy a good thriller too, and a darn good story. Actually, I just enjoy watching films.smiley -

Forty-Two Bit......

174318...... to 42. (8x7) - (4x3) - (1+1) =42

Will that do you?5

Etc, etc, etc.......

Why does this nice girl like a sailor? That would be telling smiley - I've often said "I think I'll run off with a sailor!", I may just do it one day! smiley - 6

I'm signed up to the Scottish Researchers Group, who like to meet an be social, as well as research. A very social bunch, and well worth knowing!smiley -

I'm a member of the Anti Abba League and of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.! Oh, and I hate Marmite too! Sorry Folks.7 I am also a member of The Campaign to rename Thursday "Thing"!. This is a worthy cause, support it! Any cause that calls Thursday Thing, and renames Monday Sodit gets my vote!smiley - 89 I'll have to learn how to put in links now, mutter, mumble..... smiley -

Errrrr....... I appear to have managed it! smiley - 10 Astounding.... fellow computer illiterates take heart! If I can do it, you can learn too!

If you asking, mine's a Gin and tonic, (or a glass of wine, or a pint, or a nice cup of tea!) Cheers!smiley -

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1Early 1963 model, held together by rust, tension and something else, as yet undefined!2And I haven't improved with age/keeping according to my Dear Old Mum! smiley - 3But who cares?4 I heard the Urban Spaceman, as a 5 year old, when it first came out in 1968, and I was never the same after that....smiley - 5Well, it's all you're getting, I'm mathematically challenged, and it's the best I could do!6Well, I took up with a mountaineer who also sailed, but he ran off with someone else, so, I guess it's back to looking for a sailor.....smiley - 7It's just too horrible to describe! and unfortunately, Orcus's Poll is closed....8My full Title being Zhora, Lover of Mountaineers and Sailors, Purveyor of Tea and Shortbread to The Thingite Army, and Holder of an Emergency Can of Irn Bru9And my Shortbread, Tea, Emergency Can of Irn Bru10Bloomin' miraculous for somone who is basically 1-3 above!


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