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A beermat showing a whippet dog wearing a cap and scarf surrounded by the text Flat Cap and Muffler Sports and Social Club

When a few of us here ooop North decided to arrange the Great Northern Meet up, we wondered who else would be interested in beer and a few laughs? Wot a daft question!

The Inaugural Meet was held on the 4th August 2001 at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, and that started it all off. The Leeds Radish came next followed neatly by a mini meet in January 2002, The Mashed Potato in May 2002, the The Marrow held in August 2002, and the The Trafford Turnip in December 2002


It was suggested by Bagpuss that we formalise the Flat Cap and Muffler Club and so here we are. To join this illustrious band, simply sign up below, you don't even have to be a reet gud northern researcher, to join, just be willing to travel for some good beer, or even be present on paper like Mark Moxon was at the Spring Onion, and Amy Pawloski at the 1st mini-meet.


There are some photos of past events available courtesy of Croz, Metal Chicken, Phil, Clive the Flying Ostrich and Granny . Click here for the photos taken at the Manchester Mini Meet Mark II, known as The Manchester Mashed Potato The latest photos are of the Curry Crawl and are here. A full report of the recent Committee Trip To Dublin can be found here


Here's a list of the 69 members of the Senior Section so far:

Sporty Socialites includeAmy the AntGranny WeatherwaxPhilCaptain KebabThe AdmiralMetal ChickenLurcherCrozBagpussClive the Flying OstrichPeregrinTinkerbellCakewalkerAmy PawloskiNogbad the VikingAlecTricianSt Emily UltramarineBonnieT140six7's2legsTonto3secondmemoryPug the Mini-PhysicistCatOrmondroydJ'au-aemne(Me)Andy(G)The ThinkerGalaxy BabeSeadogVicki ViragovogonpoetPharmacopieaJeff MuttonGoshoZucchiniClem The ImpalerTurvyThe Great AntThe ThinkerNorthern BoyNumber 6Mr ChristopherZPositive ThinkerCandiRoast - Sister of the more famous MetalCutiechopsLuthienaBonnie ParkerDr Magic MouseThe RoosterThe Rat CatcherJulesKMustard SeedAmy+GreyDeskDaSilvaPaullyFealinmagwitchPhreddeTatty42Ridiculous ChickenMrswobblybumNot him.Not here.rockcheekychimpSeth of RabiYip

By popular demand, The Doctor has been given honorary lifetime membership of t'Club for all his lives.

Junior Section

For all those under 18

and to start the ball rollingFaith, Paper BabyGekoLizardFanAximiliMegecheddaNosebagbear


Every club should have a committee, and we're no different. Granny has been nominated and seconded as Chairman, Metal Chicken as Treasurer and Captain Kebab as Concert Sec. Tinkerbell is our Vice Chairman with special responsibility for Christmas Decorations. At the recent inaugural Committee Meeting, Croz was elected as Official Club Photographer and Archivist and Phil as the man with HIS chair and HIS own tankard. We now have a keeper of the Official Club Blu-Tac, it's The Thinker and an Official Member for the United States of America (that's down to Holyhead, turn right, 'cross Ireland and right again. Keep going till your feet get dry.) and Member for Posters, serviettes, menus etc... It's Amy P - The Paper Lady Nominations for any other Committee members we may need below please. Bagpuss is our friendly Steward, and keeps a reet gud pint.

To join this illustrous club, apply below but please note, 24 hours must elapse before you can play bingo or use the one-armed bandits


A possible trip back in time?


Any members wishing to display - with great pride - the club badge, the guideML code is:

A badge showing a whippet dog wearing a cap and scarf on a yellow background above the initials of the Flat Cap and Muffler Sports and Social Club

<LINK H2G2 = "A732458"><PICTURE BLOB = "B4779521" EMBED = "LEFT" ALT = "A badge showing a whippet dog wearing a cap and scarf on a yellow background above the initials of the Flat Cap and Muffler Sports and Social Club" /></LINK>

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