Minutes of the First Meeting of the FCAMSASC

2 Conversations

Meeting held 3rd May 2001


Granny Weatherwax - Chairman

Tinkerbell - Vice - "I wuz driving, Peregrine was navigating"

Captain Kebab - Concert Secretary

Metal Chicken - Treasurer

In Attendance:

Croz -"Just hold still a minute"

Dandy Highwayman - Stood and Delivered

Peregrine - "Where's Wilmslow?"

Phil - That's MY chair"

3SM - "Where's the bar?"


Geoff Taylor




On Paper:

Amy +

Amy Pawloski - and by telephone

Clive The Flying Ostrich

The meeting convened at 19:30 in the Salisbury, ale was drunk, and a quorum was reached with the arrival of Metal Chicken and Phil, a brief pause followed as ale was purchased and drunk.

Nominations were announced as follows,

Croz - Official Club Photographer and Archivist

Phil - Man with HIS Chair and HIS own Tankard

These nomination were seconded and passed unanimously, ale was drunk.

The matter of the next Meet up was raised by the Chairman who detailed a plan for the daytime and Captain Kebab, in his capacity as man who knows where everything is was delegated to form a proposal for the evening. It was decided that UMIST would again be approached for accomodation for delegates not resident in Manchester and the possibility of accomodation offering a baby-sitting service be investigated, ale was purchased and drunk.

At this point a 'breakaway' group was formed in order to phone Amy P but the group was unsuccessful at this point.

A motion to move to the Lass o Gowrie was proposed and passed enthusiatically and thanks to 3SM, contact was duly made with Amy P. As this occurred whilst crossing Oxford Road, walking down by the side of the BBC and due to the fact that Amy's lunch hour was almost over, a full conversation was not possible.

Once the Lass was reached, there was a break whilst ale was purchased at which point the paper attendees found a slot machine and proceeded to monopolise it, ale was drunk.

At this juncture, the Vice and Peregrine arrived after a mystery tour of Manchester and suburbs, and after group photographs had been taken - the thanks of the Committee were given to the odd man in the corner by the Chairman - ale was drunk and it was proposed that an action group be formed to ensure the attendance of at least one of the Italics at the proposed meet, tactics yet to be announced, ale was drunk.

A round table discussion followed, mainly focused (almost), on the name for the proposed Meet. After much discussion it was decided that the Manchester Marrow was appropriate - it was acknowledged that a Marrow is not strictly a vegetable but that vegism formed no part of the Club's agenda, ale was drunk and last orders called.

As Phil and Metal Chicken had to catch their transport, the meeting was brought to a close with the Chairman thanking everyone for attending, ale had been drunk.

Comments, errata and amendments below please.

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