The Manchester Marrow!!!!

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An unlikely-looking group of people taking part in a pub quiz

It's that time of year again

The Manchester Museum and Marrow

The Science of Star Trek Exhibition is on at the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology. Your Committee thought it may be of interest to some members!! (Non-members will be very welcome and will qualify for membership of the FCAMSASC). The cost for the exhibition is £4.50, but concessions are available (£3.00) so don't forget your student card/bus pass/little piece of plastic that never really gets you into anywhere free.

A little light refreshment may be appropriate afterwards, and that can/will be arranged, maybe even another easy, little quiz. The Peverill of the Peak has been suggested and is being investigated by duly appointed members of the Committee - it's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Up for it?

Add your name in the Beam Me Up thread below to join in the Manchester Marrow

If you're coming from out of town, email [email protected] for a list of affordable accomodation.

When and Where?

Saturday 31st August, meet up on the benches outside the Museum at 2 pm.

An alien drinking cocktails

Intrepid Researchers are:

Just who is questing for the truth, boldly splitting infinitives, and seeking membership of the Flat Cap and Muffler Club and good beer?

As usual, we have some attendees in spirit and I don't mean vodka (with or without vimto). They are:

    Amy Pawloski on a page torn from the Captains' Diary
    Bagpuss in some form??????
    Amy not having trouble with tribbles

    and we may be honored by the presence of an Italic or two

and there are those who are possible, probable, maybes!

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