The Thursday Meetup - Reading May 11th 2002

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Thanks everyone for attending! It was fun.
Here are some of the photo's from the meet:
Pastey's Photos
My Pictures
Munchkins pictures
And Some of the reports from the meet...
Bluebottle's write-up of the MeetMunchkin's veiwpoint of the Meet...

Also a write-up by Uncle Heavy is "possibly" on it's way...

Pre-Meetup Bit

Info on the forthcoming RL Meetup in the South of England

    A short brief on main points:
  • Reading, Berkshire, England
  • Meeting at 1pm at either Reading Station by the Cornish Pasty Shop or The Forbury Gardens.
  • If sunny; Head to the park on the north side of the Thames, and play softball/something fun...
  • If raining; We'll goto "Coffee Republic" in the Oracle, and make different plans...
  • For the evening at around 6pm, we'll head to the Pub and have some food.
Read on for more info:


As most of the communication on this site happens via a keyboard, some researchers think that this is only part of forming connections and friendships with others... and as such they think that it's nice to meet, in the "real world" and have "Real life" meetups.

Therefore this ere' page, is for information ataining to a herin meetup that'll be happening in Reading.


Everyone's invited, but I can't assume responsibility for anyone smiley - winkeye except possibly myself...

Hotels, B'n'B's and my house are availible for people to crash at... although the later is on a nescesity basis only!! smiley - smiley


On Saturday the 11th of May at 1pm (don't worry about getting there late, we'll be around for quite a while... considering how these things usually work out smiley - winkeye)



A town 40 miles west of London, along the M4 and train line from Paddington.Here is a link to Multimap, from there just quick search for the "Forbury Gardens" and it'll show you a map of the station and the Forbury Gardens.
For Rail timetable information click here...


We will be meeting at the Forbury Gardens a 900 year old park near the station and the centre of town. By the Lion (you can't miss it or by the Bandstand. At 1pm and hanging around there for sometime, so don't worry about being late...

To get from Reading Station to the Forbury Gardens, go out of the Station main entrance, and go LEFT towards where the RailAir coaches park, cross the road, and down the hill keeping the "Apex Plaza" (Big Pink building) on your left. Head towards a big roundabout (not a painted one) and go right up a small one way road, (you shaold pass a small pub on your right) from there you will see a long brick wall around the park, there's a gate along there somewhere, and the Lion (where we're meeting) is obvious.


Later on at around 6pm we shall move to a nice quiet pub or the like... for a bite to eat and to discuss the usual amount of "Life the Universe and Everything"

Details on evening are being aranged....

Click here for more information on Reading's Pubs


Are we going to be doing???

If you've never been to a real life h2g2 meetup before, DON'T PANIC! We are a friendly bunch and very easy to chat to... usually... smiley - biggrin
So depending on who's coming, and what people want to do... we'll probably find something fun I'm sure. smiley - cool

Attendees (So far)



All comments and suggestions welcome... smiley - biggrin

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