H2G2 London Spring meet 2007! Saturday 28th April.

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Over the years, h2g2 researchers (people just like you!) have held a number of get-togethers - usually once a year during the summer and once around Christmas...
However after several conversations started after the H2G2 Summer meet 2006 the collective minds of H2G2 have decided to break with tradition and hold
an autumn meet (as opposed to a Winter meet), and thence a 'spring meet' to replace the 'summer meet'.
It's a great excuse to meet up with fellow h2g2 enthusiasts,
share in a drink or two and discover who is going to fail most astoundingly in the traditional H2G2 Pub Quiz -- it'd be great if you could
come along and join us!

To find out what the rampaging researchers have gotten up to before, have a look at A649299.

Who's going to this 'ere party then?

Head over to
Sign Me up to the H2G2 Spring London Meet 2007!
To sign up, and to find out who is attending, go along to
A16619808. Or just turn up on the day itself - it'd be nice to know in advance who's coming, but feel free to just come along on the day
if you wish - the more the merrier!

When's It Taking Place?

Thanks to H2G2's own resident mathmatition voting for a date was organised, and on the 1ST December, voting closed. The date democratically decided apon is Saturday 28th April!

By a strange piece of luck, the date for the London meet (April 28th 2007), is exactly 8 years after April 28th 1999 and the events of

Where's the Meet-Up Happening?

For ease of transport the meets are always held in a central London location. This year, as for the last meet, the evening event will take place in the Shakespeare's Head- Africa House, 64-68 Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2B 6BG.

The nearest tube is Holborn. This pub is literally just over the road from the tube station, and serves food all day, unfortunately the pub does not allow dogs except for guide/assistance dogs.

Afternoon Activity

U236774 Is again arranging the afternoon activity.

Head over to
this thread
To discuss and vote for the favoured option for the afternoon event, at the moment the Q gardens is looking hot favorite!

For those who would like to do something in the afternoon but do not want to attend the main afternoon
event, some researchers will be found propping up the
bar in probably either the Shakespear's head or the Princess Louise from mid-afternoon onwards!

Is there anything else I need to know?

If you haven't attended a meet-up before or even if you have been to every single one, we have collected a few guidelines
to make sure we all have a safe and happy time.

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