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Hello there. My name is Neal and I'm now 57 years young, (Scorpio) in a relationship with The Doctor. I am male, sometimes paranoic, sensitive and currently festering in London...well, Brentford really.

My 42 is 2 * (3 + 6) + 7 + 7 + 4. Et Voila, 42!

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My speciality is Natural History, especially birds. I love anything relating to it, geography, history and science. I am into reading, particularly Science Faction smiley - ufo and fantasy. smiley - elf I enjoy folk-music smiley - weirdand fiddle-playing. I have two identical Red/Black Bridge Electric violins (see smiley - rainbow (It's a very long story!)and 2 conventional ones. I also enjoy anything to do with Celtic and English Folklore.

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I am currently out of work after my fixed term contract expired. I had been working in the Royal Courts of Justice as a Bankruptcy Clerk for 10 months. I really enjoyed that and miss it. Prior to that I was a 'Partner' working in a Department Store in Chelsea, London. My company also includes a Supermarket chain as well, and is easily recognised by its green livery and catchy strapline. I used to work in the Audio and TV department, so I can help on some technical questions. After that I worked in a unified Call-Centre which the Company called a Customer Enquiries centre, so I can also help on most questions retail-based! I had 24 years service in total, before the position became redundant. (I'd get less for smiley - winkeye murder)


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Solo Entries
IDEntryCreated Photo attributed?
A11133505Broadstairs Pub Crawl, Kent, EnglandJun 6, 2006NO
A13484810Thorley Taverns - A Brief HistoryOct 13, 2006NO
A13980008Ring-necked ParakeetAug 17, 2007NO
A14540447The Canada Goose in the UKAug 17, 2007NO
A15555650Winter Spicy Tomato and Lentil SoupJun 3, 2009NO
A15754160Egyptian GooseAug 17, 2007YES
A17177222Mandarin DuckAug 17, 2007NO
A17231393Red-legged Partridge and RelativesAug 17, 2007NO
A17365755Common Pheasant and RelativesAug 17, 2007YES
A17413634Ruddy DuckAug 17, 2007NO
A19004555Mute SwanAug 17, 2007NO
A19029954Little OwlAug 17, 2007NO
A19032789Collared DoveAug 17, 2007YES
A21989974 ParrotsMay 15, 2007NO
A23934459CITES-Listed ParrotsJun 21, 2007NO
A24145643Ruddy Shelduck Jul 13, 2007NO
A49292760Bridewell PalaceApr 20, 2009YES
A52007041London Cabbies' SheltersJun 3, 2009YES
A80841440English Oak - Quercus roburJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841459Chestnut-leaved oak - Quercus castaneifoliaJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841477Holm oak - Quercus ilexJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841495Lucombe oak - Quercus x hispanica 'lucombeana'July 6, 2011YES
A80841503Turner's oak - Quercus x turneriJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841512Indian horse chestnut - Aesculus indica 'Sidnrey Pearce'July 6, 2011YES
A80841530Sweet chestnut - Castanea sativaJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841549Corsican pine - Pinus nigra laricioJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841576North American tulip tree - Liriodendron tulipiferaJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841602Caucasian elm - Zelkova carpinifoliaJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841611False acacia - Robinia pseudocaciaJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841657Oriental plane - Platanus orientalisJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841666Pagoda tree - Styphnolobium japonicumJuly 6, 2011YES
A80841693Stone pine - Pinus pineaJuly 6, 2011YES
A84729603Gerald the Pornographic Elephant and his 'Groupies'August 1, 2011YES
A87767527The Hooden HorseSeptember 20, 2012YES
Contributed and Assisted Entries
A295418DominoesMay 4, 2000
A295463Maidenhair tree - Ginkgo bilobaMay 2, 2000
A1067834Countryside EtiquetteAug 29, 2003
A13045934Peripheral Oedema (Swelling of the Ankles)Aug 16, 2006
A14018951'After Eight' Chocolate MintsOct 4, 2006
A2027008The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandJan 5, 2004
A2466100How to Practise MusicJun 17, 2004
A30924687How to Use Rubber Gloves ProperlyFeb 15, 2008
A51822902PurpleMay 29, 2009
A87760218June Rhymes with Moon, and Researchers Sing in the Shower>June 25, 2012
A87761587How to Enjoy Visiting Historical SitesJul 31, 2012
A877754431Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, England, UKJul 15, 2012
A285185The RhinocerosJune 25, 2012
Edited Entries that have my photographs attached.
A266726Chemistry of Autumn Colours
A295463Maidenhair tree - Ginkgo biloba
A913548The Ebbelwei-Express
A12339191Air plants
A14455352Hammersmith Bridge
A15754160Egyptian Goose
A17177222Mandarin Duck
A17231393Common Pheasant and Relatives
A1835572Beginner's Guide to Wrapping Presents
A19032789Collared Dove
A19441541Karmann Ghia
A49292760Bridewell Palace
A51607037The Swastika and the Sauvastika
A52007041London Cabbies' Shelters
A80841440English Oak - Quercus robur
A80841459Chestnut-leaved oak - Quercus castaneifolia
A80841477Holm oak - Quercus ilex
A80841495Lucombe oak - Quercus x hispanica 'lucombeana'
A80841503Turner's oak - Quercus x turneri
A80841512Indian horse chestnut - Aesculus indica 'Sidnrey Pearce'
A80841530Sweet chestnut - Castanea sativa
A80841549Corsican pine - Pinus nigra laricio
A80841693Stone pine - Pinus pinea
A80841576North American tulip tree - Liriodendron tulipifera
A80841602Caucasian elm - Zelkova carpinifolia
A80841611False acacia - Robinia pseudocacia
A80841657Oriental plane - Platanus orientalis
A80841666Pagoda tree - Styphnolobium japonicum
A84729603Gerald the Pornographic Elephant and his 'Groupies'
A87767527The Hooden Horse

Quote of the Daysmiley - space-smiley - space'Is where you live likely to be affected by natural disaster' - 27/06/08.

Quote of the Daysmiley - space-smiley - space'Please can I stress the importance of ICEing your phone???'- 07/08/08.

Quote of the Daysmiley - space-smiley - space'Here's to a good Mini-meet.' - 09/04.13.

The Quite Interesting Society

I am also an avid King Arthur fan, smiley - okrunning at approximately 70 books, and increasing. (collected not written...I wish I had the time...)

Keen on the environment smiley - bunnyand all things to do with Natural History. smiley - footprints I regularly visit WWT London Wetland Centre, although I am not a twitcher. smiley - biggrinI do know the difference between a sparrow and a swan, as I've never seen a swan on a bird-table.(ps, London Wetlands comes highly recommended.)

I enjoy films, real ale smiley - ale(surprise, surprise) and conversation. Music tastes are mixed and many, currently enjoying light-classical and folk. Sports interests are International Rugby, Tour de France, and GP, again watching, not participating.

I am also very keen on Cookery, although I don't do as much as I should as I make too much which means waste. I particularly like Curries etc, home-made from the original spices, but have been known to cheat. smiley - winkeye

Please contact me for an exchange of recipes, good, bad or indifferent. Do stop by and try.

I am not greatly keen on chocolate smiley - choc, sweets smiley - toffeeappleor desserts smiley - cheesecake. smiley - yuk but I'll leave some here...smiley - chocsmiley - toffeeapplesmiley - cheesecake all washed down with smiley - bubbly as I'm a friendly chap smiley - smiley

I also have a slight problem with modern music. Getting old? Probably. I enjoy cycling although have only just got a new bike. I am not very sporting, and have a great aversion to Football. (Does darts count as a sport??)

Stop a while and have an smiley - ale or two and a chat

Leave me a message if you need to contact me.

MMF - Keeper of Mustelids, with added P.M.A., is now in a relationship.

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