July Create: A Brush With Fame

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Create July 2016: Brush with Fame

Have you ever dreamed of being famous? Or does the idea give you the shuddering horrors? Has anything you did ever thrust you into the limelight, however briefly?

Have you ever…

  • …been interviewed or performed on television, radio, or the internet?
  • …been in a movie? Even as an extra? Tell us about your 'big scene'.
  • …had a conversation with a famous person, or collaborated with one?
  • …had an unusual experience that brought you welcome (or unwelcome) attention?
  • …had your Youtube go viral, or experienced some other form of unexpected notoriety?

Don't reveal personal details, if you don't want to. (Remember, this is the interwebs.) Use pseudonyms if you choose to protect the guilty, the innocent, and People with Lawyers. Just tell us a cool anecdote. Pictures (even redacted ones) gladly accepted, as well.

There I was, me and Davy Crockett, shoulder to shoulder and backs against the wall…

Trooper Duffy, in F Troop.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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