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You have signed up to be a Community Artist and now need more information? We hope that you find what you are searching for on this page. If you don't please let us know.


As you know we are working on Trello. When h2g2 still belonged to the BBC yahoo forums was used, but this didn't work well. For us Trello is a big improvement. It gives us the chance to share pictures and talk about them in one place.

So, how does it work? First of all you of course have to register on Trello and then send us an email with the address you used at the registration so we can give you access to the volunteer forum. You can then join all threads (or 'cards' as they are called on Trello). Why we have so many columns? To keep things tidy and make it easier to find everything. You may have to scroll further to the right to see all of the columns.

A big advantage is that all cards can be moved from one colum to another, which makes it easy for us to see what is being worked on, what is finished and what needs special attention.

Uploading a picture on Trello: To upload a picture open the card to which you want to upload and then either click the upload button at the right (if no picture has been attached to the thread yet) or at the top of the page above the thumbnails of already attached pictures.

Avatars: You may notice that cards on Trello often have the avatar picture of a member attached. This means that this member will get notified on email about any new posts to this card. In the case of a card with an Entry title it usually means that this member is working on a picture for the Entry.

Color Codes: Almost all cards have colored stripes attached at the top. They indicate the current state of the Entry and the illustration for this Entry.

yellow: general instructions; some advice on what to do in a certain column and announcements

no color: the Entry has been picked from PR but no Sub-Editor is working on it yet and no Artist has attached a picture

green: an Artist has attached a picture, please review!

blue: a Sub-Editor is working on this Entry

orange: needs attention; this Entry should be illustrated very soon

red: urgent; these Entries have top priority because they will be published very soon

The 'To Do' column

Once an Entry has been picked from Peer Review on h2g2 the Guide Editors add a card to the 'To Do' column with this Entry's name and A-number. An Entry that can be found in this column usually has not been picked by an Artist yet, which means that it is still waiting for somebody to start working on a picture for it. Especially cards with red or orange stripes should be picked as soon as possible.

If you can make a picture for one of the Entries please say so in the card. You can also move your avatar picture on it and move the card to the 'Assigned to Artist' column if you like.

Assigned to Artist

Entries with cards in this column have been picked by an Artist and are being worked on. Please comment on any cards with attached pictures if you have advice or critique for the Artist. When working on a picture yourself keep an eye on the card of the relevant Entry as there may be comments or finishing your picture may become 'urgent' at some stage, which means you have to finish your work as soon as possible.

Pictures for Old Entries

Making pictures for old Entries is not our priority, we focus on illustrating all new Entries that hit the Front Page. Still you are welcome to post pictures which are suitable for any unillustrated old Entries. If you have a picture you can simply add a new card to the 'Old Entries' column by pressing 'add card' at the bottom of the frame of this column. Name the card with A-number and title of the Entry so we can easily find it. After this you can post your picture (sometimes you may need to close and open the card again before the uploader works).

Other Columns

All other columns are only relevant for the Editors unless they are special columns added to work on specific projects.

'Copyright holder's permission needed' is used for the case that a picture has not been made by a h2g2 Community Artist and is also not open source. The picture is cropped and an email is sent to the copyright holder, asking for permission to use the picture as illustration for the Entry.

'Needing Additional Sizes' is the columns where many cards end up before a picture (and Entry) gets on the Front Page. AsĀ  the Front Page images have a different size than images attached to an Entry we have to crop and upload them separately and a card in this column reminds the Editors to do this.

'Ready for Uploading' is the column where a card is moved once the picture is finished. The picture can now be uploaded to the h2g2 picture library by the Editors.

'Ready for Publishing' means that the picture has been uploaded and is now waiting for the Entry to be published on the Front Page. Once this has happend the relevant card is archived.

What happens once your work has been approved

When one of your illustrations has been picked one of the Editors will upload it to the h2g2 picture library where all of our pictures are stored. Once it has been uploaded the Guild Editors can add the picture to the Entry and use it on the Front Page.

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